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Atom8 review

23 July 2020

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Traders who are looking to enter the FX market with a nominal trading amount will be sorely disappointed with the fact that Atom8 is a Forex broker that caters only to traders with a substantial trading capital. Atom8 is the brainchild of an ex-JP Morgan lawyer who launched the company in 2013 with the intention of offering a simplified and transparent brokerage service that adheres to all the ethical standards of modern day trading.
Atom8 boasts of a respectable trader-oriented approach that is entirely different from the several scam brokers that are rampant in the industry. Most of the corrupt brokers enter the market to make profits by taking trades against their clients or siphon money away from unsuspecting investors by withholding payments or by tweaking the platform to display incorrect feeds. Atom8 indeed has several advantages that play in its favor, but there are also a few negatives that limit the company’s ability to cater to a large group of retail FX traders.








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Does The Broker Offer A Proprietary Atom8 Platform?

Traders can choose from several Atom8 trading platforms that include:
atom8 home

  • MT4
  • Atom8 Trader
  • Atom8 Trader Pro
  • Atom8 Web Trader
  • Atom8 Android App
  • Atom8 iOS App

MT4 is the standard interface that is used by a majority of Forex traders, and it isn’t a surprise that the broker has chosen to include the MetaTrader terminal as one of its primary trading platforms. Atom8 has also designed several proprietary Atom8 interfaces that are designed for Windows, Mac, and Web Trader platforms. These desktop based trading terminals offer a superior graphical interface to existing platforms and are easy to learn as well as trade. Traders have unprecedented access to several advanced analytical tools, indicators, charting software, and educational resources to perform extensive market research. The Atom 8 Trader and Atom8 Trader Pro versions are similar to each other in most aspects, apart from the fact that the Atom 8 Trader platform is used for manual trading, while the Atom8 Trader Pro platform is used for automated or algo trading.
A Web Trader is offered for clients who don’t have access to a dedicated computer, and also for those who wish to trade the markets on the move. Moreover, Atom8 mobile trading platforms such as the iOS and Android Atom8 apps are designed purely for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All Atom8 platforms are connected to high-speed servers through secure encryption protocols to ensure that traders can enjoy a fuss-free trading experience.

Atom8 Trading Accounts

Atom8 only provides two different types of trading accounts that are based on the ECN platform. There are no significant differences between the two ECN accounts, and the primary difference being restricted to the commission associated with trading. The Commission-Free account incurs a higher spread, while a Raw Spreads + Commission account offers ultra-tight spreads at the cost of paying a commission per trade. Both accounts have access to all the 52 currency pairs, commodities, and precious metals, and can be opened as either an FX account or a spread betting account. A spread betting account is only available to residents of UK and Ireland.
The minimum initial deposit to start an account is £5,000, which is considered to be a huge amount for an FX brokerage. Of course, the broker justifies its higher cost of entry by offering world-class brokerage services for all types of traders without any difference, but it is certainly a disadvantage for retail traders who have far less money as their trading capital. The good thing about Atom8 is that they treat all of their traders, whether it is an institutional trader or an average retail trader, with equal status and utmost respect.

Atom8 Liquidity Providers, Spreads, & Leverage

atom8 platformsAtom8 spreads are highly competitive, as the broker connects a trader to 20 different liquidity providers to match the best quotes available in the market. The spreads start from 0.6 pips for the Commission-Free accounts, while the average spreads drop down to 0.25 for the Raw Spreads + Commission account. The company has been consistently offering lower spreads, which is indeed ideal for traders in reducing their cost of their trading. The commissions are also manageable, as the broker charges £1.5 per £100,000.
The maximum Atom8 leverage available is restricted to 1:200, although clients can realistically expect a maximum leverage of 1:100. The broker also reduces the leverage to as low as 1:30 when the market closes during the weekends, which can catch out traders who are trading on higher margins. Therefore, overnight traders should be careful about using a high leverage, since changing margin requirements over weekends can cause margin calls, which can result in significant losses.

Who Should Open An Atom8 Forex Account?

Traders who have access to at least £5,000 in trading capital can significantly benefit from better trading conditions that the company provides. Atom8 is certainly one of the better Forex brokers that are committed to treating their clients with honesty and respect. The broker has several trading conditions that are in direct conflict with high-risk trading strategies, but the company remains committed to offering a low-risk trading environment where traders are forced to follow conservative strategies to make money in the FX market.
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2 comments on “Atom8 Review”

  1. Jerry says:
    Country & city: United Kingdom
    Rating: .
    Worst broker I have ever traded with. It was the biggest mistake to open an account here. Told by David Andrews he is a Scam and steals clients money
    • Ian Kogneeto says:
      Country & city: Edinburgh
      Rating: .....
      Why would David Andrews tell you that he is a scam and steals client money? This does not make any sense whatsoever. If he really did tell you this then why did you still go ahead and open the account?!?! I somehow don't think you meant what you wrote. Also, having been a client of Atom8 for around four years now I can tell you quite the opposite of what you said is true, i.e. this is the BEST broker out there bar none and David Andrews is a kind and generous man. *edited by Admin: Please refrain from insulting other traders.