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Discover the Best Forex Brokers Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Are you looking for a fast and cheap forex broker depositing method? Many of the best forex brokers in the world now accept bitcoin payments, and they’re highly beneficial too. Bitcoin payments are not subject to international fees, they’re often processed instantly, and you may even be able to grab a bitcoin bonus when you make one.

Bitcoin payments are a budding technology, and not every forex broker is up to speed yet. It’s important to only make bitcoin payments at trusted, established forex brokers that have our experts’ stamp of approval. All of our recommended forex brokers accepting bitcoin payments are licensed by top-tier authorities, have low or no payment fees, and accessible depositing limits.

Check out our list of the best forex brokers which accept bitcoin deposits, then read on to find out:

  • The benefits of using bitcoin to fund your trading account
  • How to make bitcoin deposits and withdrawals at forex brokers
  • Where you can grab a bitcoin Forex bonus

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How we select the best brokers with bitcoin payments

With so many forex brokers now accepting bitcoin as a payment method, how do you know which ones you can trust? Unfortunately, there’s often no telltale sign, but luckily our experts are here to help.

We find the best brokers accepting bitcoin payments by reviewing and testing them extensively. We use our accurate and unbiased methodology to assess how a broker performs in 10 key areas. These areas include licensing and reputation, trading opportunities and, of course, depositing methods and fees. As such, you can rest assured that all of the brokers featured on this page are safe and fair.

When reviewing brokers that accept bitcoin payments, we go that bit further. In addition to using our consistent methodology, we also take a range of bitcoin-specific factors into consideration. These include:

  • Ease of use

Some forex brokers handle bitcoin payments better than others. At some, you’ll need to shift your funds around through an array of wallets, perform excessive security checks, and wait days or even weeks for your currency to land. At others, your bitcoin will be on its way to your forex account in just a few clicks. The easier and quicker the process is, the higher the Forex site will score with our experts.

  • Payment fees

Some forex sites charge no fees whatsoever when you make a bitcoin payment, and others charge at scale. For example, you might be charged 1% or 2% of the overall deposit amount. This could also be accompanied by a fixed fee on top. The lower the payment fee when making a bitcoin payment, the better.

  • Depositing limits

For casual bitcoin investors, deposit limits might not seem like something which will ever hinder them. But if you’re a daily trader or want to make a significant investment with a few zeroes on the end, you need to find a forex site which accepts bitcoin payments but doesn’t have tight controls on deposit limits.

How you define a big investment is subjective, and it’s the same for forex sites. Bitcoin payment caps range significantly, so we shop around to make sure that the deposit limits are convenient for all levels of trader.

  • Bitcoin bonuses

If a Forex site doesn’t offer you a bitcoin bonus, it might not be their fault. It’s illegal to distribute trading bonuses in some jurisdictions, but not all of them. For traders from countries that allow forex bonuses,  we hunt down the brokers that offer the biggest bitcoin bonuses and push them up our rankings.

Why would you choose a Forex broker that accepts bitcoin payments?

Forex brokers that accept bitcoin payments are on the rise, but why? Here, our experts talk you through some of the main benefits of using Forex brokers which allow bitcoin payments:

  • Familiarity – Do you use bitcoin payments regularly? If you’re used to trading bitcoin at other sites, or for real-life purchases, it may be second nature to you. If so, you’ll probably prefer a Forex broker which lets you trade using bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin payments are quick – No matter where in the world you’re sending it, bitcoin payments are reliably fast. This makes it ideal for international traders using offshore accounts.
  • Safe and documented transactions – Bitcoin is an extremely safe payment method. All transfers are stored on the blockchain, a publicly viewable ledger listing the times, dates and destinations of all bitcoin payments.
  • Often fee-free – Bitcoin payments are almost always cheaper than more traditional payment methods such as credit cards and e-wallets. With bitcoin, there’s no central company processing the payment. This means you won’t be subject to account fees nor should the broker charge you for making a deposit or withdrawal.
  • Most secure non-fiat currency – In contrast to other cryptocurrencies and altcoins, Bitcoin has been embraced by both consumers and corporations It’s place in the market is more secured, therefore, as so many people are invested in its future. Moreover, Bitcoin’s security has been proved, the same can’t be said of many emerging altcoins.
  • Not limited by government policies – As Bitcoin is decentralized, its value impacted by the traditional factors that affect fiat currencies, such as political issues. Its decentralized nature also makes it a great choice for traders in countries where government policies affect their trading abilities. In some countries, such as Malaysia, the central bank may restrict trading activity.
  • Having a BTC-based account is perfect for trading BTC/XXX currency pairs – If you want to trade bitcoin currency pairs, having a BTC-based account is obviously beneficial. If a broker accepts deposits in your preferred base currency, you avoid currency exchange fees.

Is bitcoin anonymous?

One of the most commonly referenced benefits of using bitcoin is that it’s anonymous. This is perfect if you want to disassociate from your trading activity, or if you reside in a country where forex trading is a grey area legally.

Unfortunately, however, the anonymity of bitcoin is now slightly more complicated. Whilst, in theory, you can still make bitcoin payments anonymously, most bitcoin exchanges and forex brokers will require some form of identification.

Most forex brokers require you to prove your identity and address before registering for an account so that they can complete KYC (Know Your Customer) checks. KYC checks stop brokers from accidentally facilitating illegal activities, such as money laundering. This already reduces your anonymity, although the broker may not be able to track which bitcoin account a payment came from. In countries like the US, however, regulatory bodies have applied the same KYC policies to bitcoin purchases too.

Overall, bitcoin payments aren’t as anonymous as they once were. Whilst this may be disappointing, depositing with the cryptocurrency is still more beneficial than using traditional currencies, so we wouldn’t call it a dealbreaker.

Are there any disadvantages to making bitcoin payments?

Making bitcoin payments at an established forex site has plenty of plus points, yet there are a few factors you need to be aware of before you start. Here are some of the disadvantages of using bitcoin with a forex broker:

  • Payments are irreversible

Once you make a trade using bitcoin, there’s no undoing it. This means you need to be certain that you want to make a deposit and how much you want to invest. You should also always double-check all details before confirming the payment – if you type in the wrong address, you could lose your money.

  • The value of bitcoin is unstable

Bitcoin’s value is known to fluctuate heavily. While this volatility and liquidity is a huge appeal to most traders, it’s something to consider if you are depositing with the coin.

How to use bitcoin payments with forex brokers

If this page has convinced you that using bitcoin payments at forex brokers is the right choice for you, the next step is to learn how to do so. The good news is that, with our experts’ help, it’s easy and straightforward. Simply follow the step-by-step guides below to deposit or withdraw with bitcoin today:

Bitcoin deposits

  1. Create and fund a bitcoin wallet – To get started you’ll need some bitcoins, and a wallet to store them in. You can either set up a wallet and then buy bitcoin through an exchange, or you can choose a wallet provider that also offers a purchasing platform.
  2. Choose a forex broker – Create an account at one of our top-recommended Forex brokers that accept bitcoin payments and navigate to the depositing page.
  3. View your broker’s bitcoin details – Once you’ve selected bitcoin as your payment method, you’ll be presented with the broker’s wallet details. This will include a wallet address, and you may also see a QR code you can use.
  4. Make a payment – To make the payment, you’ll need to go back to your bitcoin wallet. Here, you can enter the broker’s wallet address and specify how much you wish to deposit. Double-check all information and then confirm the payment. Your funds should be in your trading account within seconds.

Bitcoin withdrawals

  1. Log in to your trading account – To withdraw from a forex broker with bitcoin, you’ll need to follow the same first steps as when you deposited; log in to your trading account and navigate to the payments page.
  2. Select bitcoin withdrawal – From the withdrawals page of your forex broker, select the option of making a bitcoin withdrawal. Here, you’ll need to enter your bitcoin wallet address.
  3. Confirm the withdrawal – Double check your wallet details and your chosen withdrawal amount. If all is correct, confirm the withdrawal.
  4. Withdraw from your bitcoin wallet – If you don’t want to keep your funds in BTC, you’ll need to withdraw your funds from your wallet. This process will vary depending on which wallet your using, but it will usually include confirming a withdrawal amount and inputting your bank details.

How to claim a bitcoin trading bonus at a top forex broker

As mentioned, some forex traders will treat you to a bonus when you sign up. Bonuses vary but can be quite useful. For example, you may receive a no-deposit bitcoin bonus upon registering for the broker. This allows you to try trading with the broker for free. When you make a deposit, you may also receive a depositing bonus, which gives you extra bitcoin to trade with. Other incentives include referral bonuses which are given when a friend signs up to the same broker via your recommendation.

If you spot an appealing trading bonus, check the terms and conditions to make sure bitcoin-funded accounts are eligible. For most bitcoin trading bonuses, you’ll need a BTC-based account. Luckily, you can do this easily by checking out our list of recommended forex brokers that accept bitcoin payments on this page.

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