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Kerford Investments review

22 July 2020

This broker was not featured in our 2023 Broker Review Audit. This is because, in the past 12 months, it has failed to pass our initial screening process and is not recommended by our team of experts. As such some of the information found here may be out of date.

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Finding the best broker to work with when you want to invest in the trading of foreign currencies, contracts for difference, or indices, can be somewhat confusing. Especially for those who are new to such forms of investment. For many ordinary people, trading in the financial markets has become a very popular pastime. Which is possibly one of the reasons why there are now so many brokers to choose from. There are brokers who have been working in the industry for more than a decade, and some who have little more history than just a few months. So how is a novice trader supposed to find the best one? A good place to start is by reading some of our broker reviews. And here on this page we’ll be looking at Kerford Investments (UK) Ltd.









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Is Kerford Investments (UK) Ltd a licensed broker?

When looking for a broker, it’s important to uncover those who are licensed and regulated, as this will provide you with the most protection. Kerford Investments (UK) Ltd is a provider of online trading services that has its registered offices in London. As such it is licensed and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, a well respected regulatory body all over the world. All companies regulated by the FCA are obliged to meet very stringent standards, such as submitting regular financial reports and allowing detailed annual audits to be undertaken. It also requires regulated service providers to hold their clients money in Tier 1 banks, and for this money to be kept separate from company funds.

What products are available for trading?

Traders choosing Kerford Investments (UK) Ltd have a number of options when it comes to products. First there is Forex trading, of which there are a number of choices, including cross currencies, spot currencies, and currency futures. There are also contracts for difference available for trading, along with trading precious metals such as gold and silver against the US dollar. We spent some time looking at the company website when writing this review, and were a little suspicious that some of the pages were missing information. These included FAQs pages relating to Forex trading and trading CFDs, as well and the pages that should give details of the range of markets. There was, however, a page giving product specifications, where some of the necessary details were provided.

What trading platform have Kerford Investments (UK) chosen to use?

kerfordinvestments homeWe also found the pages relating to the trading platform rather disappointing, there was no information, apart from a few basic sentences of introduction, only a button to click for the download. While there are many novice traders who already know a bit about MT4 and its various versions, it shows a lack of customer support, if a company isn’t prepared to give at least a bit of important information. As far as we can tell, Kerford offer the usual range of MT4 software, as well as a new trading platform called AX1 Trader, which supports Mac and mobile systems. There is also a demo account running with this software that is free to use for 30 days.

There is only one option if you want to open a live trading account

Kerford Investments (UK) Ltd only offer one type of account, if you want to start trading with real money. We’ve already mentioned the demo account, which is possibly the best place to start in this case, as there is so little information available for the new investor. If a new client wants to know more about opening an account, there is a telephone number to ring, which we found a little off putting.

Is customer service something to be proud of?

kerfordinvestments registrationThe quality of a broker’s customer service is a very important consideration, when choosing a Forex broker. After all, they need to be on hand when you need them, whether it is just a simple question, or a problem that needs resolving. And another important aspect of customer service is the provision of training materials. Does Kerford Investment (UK) Ltd measure up to what we would expect from a Forex broker? There is a telephone number, email address, and contact form that can be used to request a call back. But disappointingly there is no live chat option.We were also disappointed with the educational material available. There currently appears to be none.
One last thing worth mentioning, is the warning notice that appears when you enter their official website. It appears they are currently having problems, with fraudulent use of the company name. Which may be one of the reasons there is so little actual information available on their website. It is, however, reassuring they have recognised there is an issue, and want to do everything they can to ensure clients are protected.
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