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Land FX review

22 July 2020

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Land-FX is a Forex broker that has a significant presence in more than 13 different countries around the world including Asia and Mainland Europe. Land-FX is primarily located in New Zealand; however, the company also has its headquarters in UK and US. Land-FX seems to be a conventional FX broker that offers all the usual brokerage services for the average retail traders. We will take a detailed look at the company’s features through this Land-FX review to see if they are indeed a broker to watch out for in the near future.









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Is Land-FX Regulated?

Land-FX is regulated by the FCA in the UK as well as the FSP in New Zealand. Therefore, as far as regulation and reliability of the broker are concerned, traders can safely assume that the company is carefully audited by some of the best regulatory agencies to ensure the safety and security of client funds. However, it is interesting to note that the broker is not regulated by NFA or any of the other European or Asian regulatory agencies, which puts a big question mark on the authenticity of the company’s claims in having a presence in over 13 different countries.

Does Land-FX Accept US Traders?

Another worrying factor about Land-FX is that they don’t accept US traders. Their website explicitly mentions that they don’t cater to clients in US, Iran, North Korea, and other countries that are part of the UN sanctions list. The broker is neither regulated by the NFA nor is a member of the CFTC. However, the company claims to have offices in Los Angeles and New York, which is very strange considering the fact that US traders cannot open an account with Land-FX. Land-FX should become a member of the CFTS and become regulated by the NFA if it aims to be considered as a reliable Forex broker that has a global footprint.

What Are The Land-FX Leverage, Spreads, & Other Basic Account Information?

Land-FX provides three basic account types that are categorized as Standard Account, Corporate Account, and ECN Account. All accounts are available with a maximum leverage of 1:500, with the margin calls set at 50% and stop outs set at 30% margin. The Standard Account is simply a micro account that allows traders to start trading using micro lots with a minimum of $300 initial deposit. The Corporate Account is a regular account that uses mini lots along with a minimum initial deposit of $10,000. ECN accounts are available for an initial deposit of $2000, which involves a turnaround commission of $35 per million traded.
Land-FX spreads are on the medium side, and there isn’t any significant difference between the spreads of its immediate competitors. The average spreads range from 1.5 to 3 pips for the majors; however, ECN spreads are further lower with the average spread on the majors quoted at 0.5 pips. Traders can also enjoy zero spreads on several currency pairs, and their ECN account is an excellent platform for traders looking for tight spreads and lower commissions.
Land-FX offers access to currencies, CFDs, commodities, and indices through a single account. Land-FX has covered a majority of popular financial instruments, which offers great convenience for traders to branch out to different markets. Traders can deposit and withdraw money using multiple methods, including bank transfers, credit card payments, and online payment processors such as UnionPay and Skrill.

Some Key Facts About Land-FX Platforms

Land-FX platforms include the standard MT4 terminal as well as the MT4 MultiTerminal, which allows traders to open and manage multiple accounts at Land-FX. MT4 is the most popular and widely used Forex trading platform. Hence, a majority of traders will not have any difficulty in getting used to the interface. Land-FX excels in offering high-speed connections to their servers, which results in super-fast executions, and all of their orders are executed well within a second.

Trading Using The Land-FX Mobile Interface

Land-FX mobile platforms are once again a licensed version of the MT4 mobile apps designed for both iOS as well as Android. Regular MT4 mobile users will feel at home instantly, but new traders will also find the mobile interface to be easy and convenient.

Screenshotsland fx homeland fx info

Tell Me About The Land-FX Bonus & Customer Service

Land-FX is currently offering a maximum of 10% bonus on initial deposits up to a maximum of $3000. Traders should be careful before choosing a bonus as the broker puts several restrictions into a bonus account that can only be lifted by trading the required number of lots. Land-FX bonus is only available for clients who specifically ask for a bonus, therefore, if you are expecting a bonus on your initial deposit, you should get in touch with their customer service department.
Land-FX customer support is perfect for new as well as existing clients, but there have been a few complaints from a few customers regarding the way the dealing desk operates. However, clients can always get in touch with their account representatives using their 24 hours live chat or through their call center. The company also responds to all emails within a day. Therefore, clients can be rest assured that they can receive undivided attention while dealing with the broker.

Should I Choose Land-FX?

Land-FX is a brokerage that aims to cater to retail traders who have access to a nominal trading capital. However, small retail traders will find it hard to trade with the company due to the minimum $300 initial deposit requirements. Although $300 is considered to be a small investment capital, other mainstream Forex brokers allow clients to start trading with a capital as low as $25. Nevertheless, if you wish to choose a regulated company that has a good and responsive customer service department, Land-FX does make an excellent choice.
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9 comments on “Land FX Review”

  1. Giancarlo says:
    Country & city: UK, London
    Rating: .....
    Two years trading and finally turning profit - time to acknowledge Land-FX for keeping up with my tantrums and paranoia attacks - great job guys, thank you for opportunities to trade comfortably and with proper guidance.
  2. Jeremy Hommels says:
    Country & city: Spain, Barcelona
    Rating: .....
    Despite the lack of cfd's on on key indecies, stock, commodities land-fx is still my first choice to trader currency pairs and gold. The logic behind my loyalty is simple - Land-FX hasn't let me down since i joined them a year and a half ago, and some of my friends seen some really nasty behaviour occurring in the industry. Then there's trading condiitons for FX pairs, which are very affordable given their possible licenses and sponsorship costs Finally, the FCA regulatory status is smth i would not even change if i was offered a winning strategy, but under condition of switching to unregulated company, My point is, if you want to trader fx pairs only land-fx could be your choice. If you seek cfd's on exotic pairs, look for more established brokers with higher products range and possibly higher prices.
  3. Oliver Jones says:
    Country & city: UK, London
    Rating: .....
    With too many cross currencies and efficient trade execution, I always feel happy to be with Land-FX. Moreover, their deposit-withdrawal speed and customer-oriented staff is too good.
  4. Federico Anderson says:
    Country & city: New-Zealand, Auckland
    Rating: .....
    I'm glad that one of my friend suggested me Land-FX when I wanted to start trading Forex. They provided me good articles and support to gain confidence in trading.
  5. Robert Shaw says:
    Country & city: UK, Hampshire, Gosport
    Rating: .....
    Your broker’s actual face comes out when you’re facing a problem and push them to solve at the earliest. I had the same instance somewhere before six months and Land-FX was kind enough to perform as an honest service would do.
  6. Sergio Tuskets says:
    Country & city: Spain, Barcelona
    Rating: .....
    The world is going crazy with the whole brexit situation, therefore companies dealing with the situation may sometimes overreact with claims, Land-FX, on the other hand, processed my withdrawals as fast as possible without extra caution.
  7. Alex Daizen says:
    Country & city: Ukraine, Keiv
    Rating: .....
    Welcome back bonus is back! If you are not good with managing your winner/loosers well you'll need it. Just mention it to their CS.
  8. Jeremey Hamember says:
    Country & city: Sweden, Stockholm
    Rating: .....
    Despite a generally conservative stance on trading, i like the addition of ZuluTrade - now innocent copy-traders can make/lose money off my trading activity. Thanks, to land-fx for lending this gig to their platform.
  9. Maruys Ovasyanikus says:
    Country & city: amsterdam, netherlands
    Rating: ....
    Despite the lack of cryptocurrency trading, their fx & cfd offers a solid foundation for trading majors and gold (you gotta be watching gold these days).