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Alan Penny

25 June 2021

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hftrading mobile

Forex mobile trading is something that enjoys a lot of popularity in the industry. Numerous brokers are focusing more on mobile devices and designing apps that will make the trading experience exciting. HFTrading broker is one of them, whose developers put a lot of effort and energy into creating the app, which has quite a lot of followers.

Before we move to the details and analysis of the mobile app, it is necessary to point out that HFTrading is completely licensed and regulated by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority. All services provided by the entity are completely legal and you are not in danger of getting scammed.

Whether you are a new or experienced trader, HFTrading mobile will not leave you disappointed. This app does not limit you with time and location – you can trade from anywhere without problems. Furthermore, it is supported on both Android and iOS devices.

What Does HFTrading Mobile App Look Like?

HFTrading mobile app is visually attractive, boasts of having good navigation and decent UI/UX. The app just needs a few minutes to be automatically installed on iOS and Android devices. It has synchronized account functions, operational MetaTrader 4, and access to global markets online.

The design of the app is minimalistic. Here you won’t come across non-essential features. At the same time, the mobile app gives you full control over your finances. HFTrading app keeps up with modern trends and constantly updates technology that is built-in within the platform. There are practically no bugs and lags when you are using the app.

The dashboard looks really nice. Sections are laid out next to each other logically. Colors are chosen nicely and when it comes to trading, a proper selection of color palettes is necessary. Downloading and installing the app takes just a few minutes and is automatically updated as soon as the new version is released.

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HFTrading Features

HFTrading deservedly ranks as one of the best brokers and has a comprehensive app that covers everything you will meet on a desktop platform. First of all, when you log in to your personal account, bids and open positions will be automatically synchronized and you will never lose anything. Furthermore, controlling trades is way easier.

The mobile app is efficient and combining daily routine with market goals is possible. Professional analysis will grant you more flexibility and functionality. Finally, the app is completely free to download and requires no commission fees to maintain.

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Available Leverage

Leverage is a tool that usually benefits experienced traders because they know what to do with it. Before we move to available leverage on HFTrading, first we should mention types of accounts that are available: Silver, Gold, Platinum. In each of these accounts, the maximum leverage is 1:200, which will suit both new and experienced traders. Brokers always warn customers about the danger of leverage. While it can certainly bring profits and increase your winnings, it could also cause losses.


The spreads range depends on the type of account. In general, the minimum spread is 1.8. On silver accounts, which are created for new traders start from 3.0, on gold accounts 2.5, and on platinum – 2.1. As the word itself tells us, Gold and Platinum accounts are mainly created for experienced traders, who have years of knowledge in the market and understand complications that arise during trading. There are no separate commission fees and extra charges, though, you need to pay. The mobile app supports everything for free and essentially spreads are considered to be the commission fee.


HFTrading mobile app supports over 300 assets. The most popular products on the website include cryptocurrencies, Forex, Metals, Indices, shares, commodities. Depending on what kind of trader you are, you can choose any of them and start trading. Cryptocurrencies usually have the lowest amount of leverage, while currency pair trading has the highest one. In the mobile app, all assets are laid out in order and it is pretty easy to navigate between them.

Pros & Cons of HFTrading Mobile

HFTrading mobile app is an award-winning platform that has a lot of followers. The majority of clients that are registered on the website pursue trading on their mobile devices. True, the app is efficient and beneficial but alongside the pros and positive sides, there are some cons as well, which we will discuss thoroughly.

HF mobile


Let’s start with the pros. The first one is obvious – the design and user experience of the app. Secondly, we should mention the balanced account. You will never lose anything and the information is automatically synchronized into your device. The app also takes trading to a whole new level.

Full Access to the Platform

As soon as you download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store, you will automatically get access to your account. Just logging into your account is enough to start trading. The information will be automatically transferred. You will always control the trades, get market notifications and customize trades.


When we are talking about the efficiency of the app we mean combining daily routine with your market goals. It is up to you whenever you have time for trading CFDs and actually you schedule everything. Bringing CFD trading to a new level is possible instantly, without problems.

Free Download and Fast Installation

The app is completely free to download and that is a big advantage. Some brokers might require additional money from you to either download or keep the app. HFTrading has none of these issues. Just a simple click and the app will install in a few minutes and you are good to go.

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As for the cons that we can talk about regarding the HFTrading mobile app, there are not too many issues. The only thing is that currently, there seems to be no support for Windows phones and older phones might be a bad idea for a smooth performance.

Absence of Support on Windows Phones

There is a major portion of people in addition to Android and iOS users, who regularly use Windows Phones as well. However, the app is not supported on this device as of now. In the future, there could be improvements in this regard.

It is generally a good idea to have the latest version of your operating system because that’s how the app works. At the same time, the app might be lagging on older devices, so constantly updating your mobile is advised.

FAQ on HFTrading Mobile App

How can I download the HFTrading App?

HFTrading mobile app is simple to download. If you have an iPhone, head to the App Store, search for HFTrading mobile app, click get and wait for the download to be completed. It will install automatically and appear on your screen.

The same principle applies to Android phones. Go to the Play Store, search for the app and install it. Visiting the official website of HFTrading broker is an idea too.

Does HFTrading Mobile consume a lot of data?

Depending on the activity you are doing inside the app, HFTrading might require a lot of mobile data. If you are not connected to the Wi-Fi network make sure that your mobile device is on 4G because it will provide the maximum performance.

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