HFTrading V.O.D Review – How Does It Work?

Kate Leaman
Kate Leaman

25 June 2021

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HFT Video on Demand

When a beginner starts Forex trading, there are quite a lot of terms and concepts that he or she should know in order to succeed. Because of that, brokers try to provide rookie traders with all necessary information and material. It could either include books or videos depending on the broker’s choice.

HFTrading also offers educational material to traders. In addition to courses, tutorials, ebooks, and articles you can also choose a specific segment of V.O.D (Video on Demand), where the videos about various topics from beginners to advanced are available. These videos are created in a way that is not required to download them. The online library allows people to watch everything directly on the website. In our guide, we will make a comprehensive review of the HFTrading V.O.D section and what benefits it offers to customers.

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What can you find in the V.O.D section?

As soon as you enter the website of HFTrading broker in the “Education”, you will find the V.O.D section. Here the section is basically divided into 4 categories: Beginners, Advances, Terms, and MetaTrader. Each of these small categories has videos embedded inside, where you can access them. There is no need to download these videos. We will review these subcategories comprehensively below.


In the “Beginners” category there are 6 different videos that you can watch. The first video about trading as an art form will tell you what you need to know, in order to become successful and provide you with main concepts. The next one is about chances and risks. Of course, without taking into account risks that are associated with an investment, it is difficult to master trading. Another interesting video is about emotional trading and the name “Are You an Emotional Trader” already explains itself. Emotions and emotional states, in general, have an instrumental role in trading, so this video will provide some insight.

The next part is about distributing risks. New traders, who are just starting to learn the basics of trading, should know how good capital management can make the difference between successful and failed trades.

Currency pairs are an important part of Forex trading. Basically, it is how trading works – you buy and sell currencies. In the video that talks about currency pairs you will understand how they operate, what is the base and quote currency, etc.

The sixth and final video is about buying and selling. There are particular moments in trading where holding an asset could be a better option. What is the best option to minimize losses when you have a losing trade? This is a video that explains everything thoroughly.


The next section is “Advanced” and according to the title, it is suited to experienced traders with extensive knowledge. The first video talks about passive trading and the 5/15 rule. It will help you to implement the rule in real trading. The next video is a logical follow-up of this video, which talks about aggressive trading and the 10/30 rule. Like in the first case, here you will find out when to use this strategy.

Pip stands for percentage in point. In the following video, you will learn almost everything about pips – how they work, how they are calculated, and what in general higher pips mean for profits.

The next 2 videos are kind of interconnected with each other. The first one talks about market analysis and its types. The fifth video demonstrates market trends and how they are identified, and what they can offer traders.

The final 4 videos, can be said, are more expert-level oriented. Support and resistance, patterns, engulfing, breakaway – these are the topics that will be discussed and covered in these videos. You need to follow them carefully because they are not easy to understand at first glance, but in videos, everything is clearly explained.



The next subcategory is about “Terms”. This section has the lowest amount of videos compared to the other ones, but at the same time is very explanatory in nature. When you embark on a path as a trader you will find a lot about pips and their operation. The video, which is somewhat a follow-up to the previous video in the “Beginners” section, will provide you with clear insight into what pip is and what makes the Japanese yen so unique.

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The next video is about short and long trades. If you want to be an accomplished trader, then knowing these concepts is a must. You can’t really do anything in Forex trading unless these terms are not understood. The tutorial will demonstrate how to differentiate between Short and Long.

The third and final video is about Take Profit Order, which may seem alien at first look, but the video explains every detail clearly. It shows how Take Profit should be used and what are the examples.

These videos are short and on point. With them, you will learn more about trading and the main terms.

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MetaTrader is a trading platform created by MetaQuotes that is a major tool used for trading. It has a lot of features and advantages over traditional platforms. In the “METATRADER” subcategory, you will find 4 different videos about various topics that explain the main concepts thoroughly.

The first video is about opening a new order. MT4 or MT5 platforms both come with numerous features that need to be understood. In the video, you will actually find out how to open an order inside the platform and improve the trading process.

The second one revolves around the terminal window. The latter shows all open trades and the current balance. In addition to other features, this is one of the most-used tools on the platform.

We have already talked about the video which explains how to open a new order. The third video will show how to close an order in MT4 because only after closing a particular order will your profit be realized.

Pending Orders video is a useful tutorial for those, who are interested in placing orders when specific conditions such as buy limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, and Sell stop are met. In short in this section, you will find everything about the platform.

The Bottom Line

Providing educational material to customers from HFTrading is a perfect possibility to master your trading and get more knowledge about various concepts. It needs no further explanation, that without getting information on trading, it is impossible to develop professionally and keep up with successful traders. Only after reading and watching useful information, you will start earning with trading. HFTrading as one of the best brokers provides this opportunity for every trader.


What does HFTrading V.O.D look like?

HFTrading V.O.D is a special feature related to education that HFTrading offers to clients. In this section, you will find videos on various topics from beginner level to advanced. Videos are short and on point with pictures. These videos require no download and are available directly in the library, which can be accessed by clicking a particular video. In every way, this is a feature that will also benefit experienced traders wanting to learn more and deepen their knowledge.

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