Investing in Forex – The Tested Ways to Invest Your 1000 Dollars in Forex

The impressive expansion of the internet has led to a boom in online trading. Statistics tell us that every day over half a million people join the World Wide Web, with many, attracted to the world of online investing.

For any trader and market participant, this is important news. As financial markets “feed” from their traders’ inputs, it means the market in general changes all the time. It becomes more complicated by the day, with many traders scratching their heads to make a buck. If there’s one corner in online financial trading where a few more retail traders won’t make an impact, that’s the forex (a.k.a. foreign exchange) market.

Many traders believe that success in forex trading is possible only using significant resources. While it is true that a big account does help, there are tested ways to trade with 1000 dollars and profit from the market swings. This article looks at how to invest 1000 dollars in forex and what the pitfalls are for every retail trader that tries to do that. We’ll cover the money management and mindset needed to make a profit when starting forex trading with 1000 dollars.

It is true that such a small amount won’t get you anywhere regarding making millions from forex trading. While it isn’t impossible, it isn’t probable either. Instead, trading with 1000 dollars has other advantages. For instance, the trader will learn live trading and will participate in the same market as the big players. Moreover, the money management rules and principles are similar. Finally, from a small account, in time, the power of compounding may lead to impressive success.

Before asking if this is even possible, the answer is yes. But the ball is in the trader’s court.

How to Invest 1000 Dollars in Forex

Pressure, emotional rollercoaster, irrational market behavior, these are just a few pitfalls to overcome. Can you handle them all? And many other ones?

The broker is the starting point. Not all forex brokers allow you to open and fund a trading account with only a thousand dollars. Some use the minimum amount to deposit to filter its clients.

For instance, a true brokerage house is a trader’s partner in the world of trading. It earns fees and commissions on the back of the trader’s market activity. In return, it facilitates the access to the world’s largest financial market, making it easier for any retail trader to open and close positions side by side with large institutional players.

But trading with a big account is not a guarantee of having success in the market. Nor is it a guarantee that the broker offers the best trading conditions. It is like going into the stock market with small amounts of money. If picking the right penny stock (shares in a company with small market capitalization, trading typically below $5/share), any trader would make a profit if the price/share reaches $100.

Forex trading is a bit different due to the various outside factors influencing the market. And, due to its volatility, the type of traits to reach the same performance differs.

Ways to Trade with 1000 Dollars

The amount shouldn’t matter much. A trader usually has a strategy to buy and sell a market according to some rules. Either technical or fundamental or both, the strategy gives entry and exit levels. For instance, if the trade reaches the take-profit or the stop-loss level, that’s the exit point. Also, if the trader decides to close the position at market, that’s still the exit.

As a side note, many would argue here that closing a trade at market and not letting it go to the stop-loss or take-profit levels isn’t a disciplined approach. However, it all depends on the strategy. Some traders trade time, together with price. Namely, the price must reach a certain level in a limited time. If not, they close the trade when time expires, no matter the level.

Coming back to the strategy, the entry and exit levels are mandatory. Regardless of the reason why traders buy and sell, the approach remains the same regardless if one trades forex with 1000 dollars or with a million. As always, there’s a journey to travel and a plan to follow. The way to find out how to invest 1000 dollars in forex is to take a step by step and realistic approach to what the market may give, and what you, as a trader, can offer in return. It is more about strategy, discipline, and planning than anything. Just like playing chess.

Practice First on a Demo 1000 Dollars Account

Trading on a demo account helps to earn experience. Traders get familiar with the broker’s offering, as well as with the pros and cons of the trading platform and the trading account. Most demo accounts these days simulate the live trading environment so that a trader sees how they perform. Things to look at are the spread variation during critical economic releases (interest rate decisions, non-farm payrolls, CPI – inflation), the commission charged, and so on. All in all, the trader gets the chance to test the account and trading platform and to become familiar with the technical indicators too.

But trading on a demo account has a dual issue. Firstly, the virtual funds offered to you exceed the thousand dollars available to trade in the live environment. Secondly, deep down inside, the trader knows that the funds are just virtual, and nothing real will happen if he/she will not pay attention to the market even for a tiny bit of time. Both lead to mismanaging the trading account, overtrading, taking unnecessary risks and focusing on the potential income rather than on mitigating the risk. Therefore, practicing on a demo account does help but it has its limitations.

Using Micro Lots – The Right Way of Starting Forex Trading with 1000 Dollars

Micro lots are mandatory when trading forex with 1000 dollars. Here’s why. A full lot gives exposure of $10 per pip swing. Just to clarify, a pip is a difference between the buying and selling price. Moreover, it refers to the fourth digit in a currency pair’s quote (in most major pairs).

As such, if a trader sells the EURUSD at 1.16822 and closes the trade (or books the profits) at 1.16453, the pips profit is 36.9 pips. For a full lot traded, that means $369 profit. Not bad, isn’t it? Of course, not! However, that’s too risky for starting forex trading with 1000 dollars.

To avoid having the account cleared with a couple of bad trades, traders use micro lots. Volumes like 0.1, or even 0.01 and 0.05, etc., are suitable for a money management strategy on how to invest 1000 dollars in forex. Using the same example, the trader would make $36.9 with 0.1 lots, and $3.69 with 0.01 lots. The idea is not how fast one makes a profit, but how accurate the trading is.

Most traders forget that trading is a marathon and not a sprint. When in a hurry to make the most each and every day, traders make capital mistakes and ruin the account’s performance.

When trading forex with 1000 dollars, there’s no second chance if the volume of a trade isn’t adjusted to the size of the trading account. Hence, the primordial thing to do is to set the risk of a trade, before thinking of the potential profit.

Proper Money Management – Key to Success when Trading Forex with 1000 Dollars

That’s right, proper money management is key to success in trading financial markets. By defining the risk and the reward the right way, traders stand a chance to build the account up after starting with 1000 dollars. One of the best ways to trade with 1000 dollars is not to risk more than one percent of the trading account on any given trade. Make that as a central rule for any trading strategy!

When compared with other markets, like binary options, the forex market allows for a trade to reach excellent risk-reward ratios. In the binary industry, for example, the reward is always smaller than the risk. Obviously, the chances to win aren’t on the trader’s side. Or, better put, they aren’t that big as when trading forex.

On the currency market, even 1:10 or bigger risk-reward ratios are possible. It means that for every dollar risked, the trader stands to make ten. However, such ratios aren’t realistic. You need a great entry, a market that moves and a lot of patience. Nevertheless, ratios like 1:2 or 1:3 are reasonable for the currency market. And, if one knows the risk, the easiest way to set the take-profit, or the reward, is to use a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 or anything in between.

This is a realistic approach even if the distance needed for the stop-loss order differs in terms of the number of pips. All traders need to do is to transform the pips distance into one percent. Next, adjust the volume for the trade so that the risk remains the same. Finally, set the take-profit level at such a distance that corresponds to a proper risk-reward ratio as defined earlier.

Forex with 1000 Dollars – Do I Really Stand a Chance of Winning?

This is the best advice one can get on how to invest 1000 dollars in forex. In fact, it is the best advice when trading any kind of market, with any trading account size. Ever wondered why? Because the percentages help to mitigate the risk of being wrong. And, at the same time, they allow the trader to start all over again, to learn from mistakes and start from scratch.

Even after a terrible losing streak of seventy-two consecutive trades that don’t show a profit, the trader still has half of the funds available in the trading account. Then again, such a losing streak tells us something is wrong with the trading approach or strategy. There’s no way for the plan to be right and have such a result.

Therefore, trading Forex with 1000 dollars or with a million dollars will have the same outcome of the strategy is that bad: losing half of the trading account. So yes, as a trader, anyone stands a chance of winning with the right approach. Apparently, the bigger the risk-reward ratio, the better for the trading account. But, the starting point should not come from focusing on the reward, but from understanding the risk.


Nowadays major jurisdictions in the world regulate the trading business in such a way that excessive leverage isn’t allowed anymore. This also comes into the trader’s interest, as it makes it more and more difficult to receive a margin call or to lose the entire trading account.

Some traders view excessive regulation as a negative for the industry. In fact, it is just another safety net for the retail trader when participating in the buying and selling of currencies.

Retail trading is just a small part of the overall forex retail business. Despite every day more and more traders open new trading accounts, all retail trading combined only accounts for a little over five percent of the daily turnover. It makes the sector vulnerable to what the big players (central and commercial banks, institutional investors, quant corporations, etc.) do if there isn’t a proper money management system in place. Therefore, one of the best ways to trade with 1000 dollars is always to use proper risk-reward ratios. And, not to risk more than one percent on any given trade.

One should think about the power of compounding. Many retail traders fail to make it in this market because they want too much in a concise time. Instead, how about starting forex trading with 1000 dollars and growing the account to, say, $1500 in a decent period, to build confidence. It builds confidence to try with a bigger size, to invest some more, while keeping the same rules in place: one percent risk per trade and proper risk-reward ratios.

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