FunderPro Review

FunderPro Review

✅ No limits on trading
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✅ New, but already a top-tier firm
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FunderPro is a new, leading prop trading firm based in Malta. Established in February 2023, they help traders handle accounts of up to $200,000. Under the leadership of CEO Gary Mullen, FunderPro sets itself apart by removing complicated trading rules. It provides traders with unlimited time for a swift 2-phase challenge evaluation.

FunderPro Overview

FunderPro offers traders the flexibility to trade on their own terms. There are no time constraints or unnecessary restrictions. Quick overview:

  • Trading Platforms used: TradeLocker, MT4 and MT5
  • Payment Methods: BTC and USD
  • Account Size: $25,000; $50,000; $100,000; $150,000; $200,000.
  • Profit Target: 10% for Stage 1 and 8% for Stage 2.
  • Tradable Instruments: forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies
  • Rules: Max daily loss, Max loss, Minimum trading days, Profit target, consistency rule.
  • Incorporation: FunderPro is a private company founded in February 2023 in Malta. FunderPro office address is: 30/1, Kenilworth Court, Sir Augustus Bartolo Street, Ta’Xbiex XBX1093, Malta. Gary Mullen is CEO.
  • Challenge: 2-phases.
  • FunderPro does not allow news trading. You can close the trading before 2 minutes of high-impact news and re-open trading after 2 minutes
  • Leverage 1:100 – Forex & Crypto, 1:200 – Metals, Indices & Energies
  • Max Drawdown: 10% maximum loss throughout the challenge. 8% maximum daily loss.

Pros of FunderPro:

  • You can scale your balance up to $5,000,000.
  • Keep 80% of your profits with a profit split.
  • Weekly payouts/daily requests for quick access to your earnings: usually within 8h
  • Trading with no time limits.
  • Hold positions overnight and on weekends.

Cons about FunderPro:

  • Profit targets could be a challenge for some traders.
  • Limited reviews and user feedback, making it harder to track records.
  • Entry fee is required to sign up for the challenge.

About FunderPro

FunderPro is a privately-held company based in Malta It was founded in February 2023. With a strong partnership with a reputable liquidity provider, they have direct market access. The FunderPro office is located at 30/1, Kenilworth Court, Sir Augustus Bartolo Street, Ta’Xbiex XBX1093, Malta. Gary Mullen holds the position of CEO at FunderPro.

Funding Program Options

At FunderPro the evaluation process has no time limits. Take your time to meet the requirements and showcase your trading prowess They offer 2 phases and 5 tiers to suit your trading goals. Funding tier starts from $25,000 and goes up to $200,000.

FunderPro Challenge Explained

  • $25k account is: $249 refundable fee
  • $50k account is: $349 refundable fee
  • $100k account is: $549 refundable fee
  • $150k account is: $749 refundable fee
  • $200k account is: $989 refundable fee

The evaluation rules are the same across all 5 funding tiers. In the first phase the profit target is 10%. That means if you’re taking the $25,000 challenge, aim for $2,500 in profits. In the second phase, the target profit drops to 8%. Once you are a funded trader, profit targets no longer apply. For both phases, the minimum number of trading days is 5. Funded traders enjoy even more freedom with no maximum trading day requirements.

Maximum daily drawdown is 5% throughout the evaluation process and as a funded trader. Example: you can’t drop by more than $1,250 per day with the $25,000 account. The maximum overall drawdown is set at 10%. Example: you can’t lose more than $2,500 throughout the evaluation or as a funded trader on a $25,000 account. Leverage is set at 1:100 during the evaluation and funded trader phase. If you prove to have consistently profitable trades, FunderPro rewards you by adding 50%. These funds are added to your trading account every 3 months. With a maximum account limit of $5 million, you can truly scale up your profits.

Consistency Rule

Traders on FunderPro must follow additional rules, including a consistency rule. This rule aims to remove luck as a factor in a trader’s performance. In the second phase of the challenge, traders must make sure that best single-day profits do not exceed 60% of their total profits. FunderPro provides traders with a live STP trading environment. This means that all trades are done electronically, without any manual intervention. The prices used for trading are the actual market prices.

Traders on FunderPro can hold positions over the weekend and withdraw their profits on a weekly basis. With an 80/20 profit split, once you earn over $100, you can request withdrawals once a week. FunderPro only accepts cryptocurrency payments and allows traders to withdraw their profits in cryptocurrencies.

Minimum 5 Trading Days and Requirements

FunderPro, a funded trading program, requires traders to complete a minimum of 5 trading days as part of their evaluation criteria. This means that traders must actively trade for at least 5 days to meet the minimum commitment duration for FunderPro.

The Trader Dashboard

When you buy a challenge, you gain access to your trader dashboard. Here you can analyze your trading history and check tools. The dashboard includes important trading metrics such as:

  • Balance, profit and daily profit/loss
  • Average win/loss
  • Win rate
  • Trade duration
  • Profit Factor
  • Total lots traded

Payment Methods

All payouts are currently made with cryptocurrency in BTC. This is an area which sets Funderpro apart. With most firms, you generally have to wait 28 days to receive payouts. With Funderpro, payouts are made weekly or daily per request. Payouts are typically received within 24-48 hours.The withdrawal process is simple and fast.It usually takes them 8 hours to send funds.

Available tradable markets


Currency pairs, including major currencies like EUR/USD, GBP/USD are available. Plus, minor and exotic pairs like EUR/TRY and GBP/CAD. User-friendly dashboard provides all the tools and indicators you need to analyze market conditions with precision. Take advantage of advanced trading strategies, such as scalping, swing trading, and hedging, to maximize your profits. With a leverage of 1:100, amplifying your earnings has never been easier.


Trade commodities such as gold, silver, and oil. You can access a range of commodity contracts on major exchanges like NYMEX and ICE. Take advantage of a 1:100 leverage to increase your buying power and maximize your commodity trades.
Commodity trading is perfect for experienced traders that look for consistent profits in a dynamic market. The consistency rule helps your risk-reward ratio, allowing for profitable trades.


You have the option to trade various commodities, including gold, silver, and oil. You can also engage in stock trading through FunderPro. Traders can access contracts for difference (CFDs) of stocks traded on major exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX. With a leverage of 1:100, you can make bigger trades with less capital. FunderPro offers a wide selection of popular stocks for trading, including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Stock trading provides effective risk management and the opportunity to profit from market movements.


Take advantage of metal trading with CFDs for popular metals like gold, silver, and copper. Leverage is 1:200 for bigger positions with less capital. Metals trading is perfect for experienced traders looking to capitalize on market volatility and get steady profits. FunderPro dashboard provides tools to help you analyze market conditions and make smart trades.


Trade commodities like gold, silver, and oil, or dive into major indices such as Dow Jones and S&P 500. With 1:200 leverage, you can maximize your buying power and trade with less capital.

Looking for Long-term Trading?

FunderPro offers tradable markets, designed for all traders. With advanced features, analysis tools, and leverage options, your trading experience will be taken to the next level. You don’t have to own assets, you can trade the swings with CFDs and futures on FunderPro. As a trader, you’ll have access to assets without the need for ownership.


FX Majors: from the popular FX Majors to the exotic FX Exotics. Start trading currency pairs like EUR/USD or USD/CHF with spreads as low as 0.5-1.6. FX Crosses: for less liquid currency pairs like AUD/CAD and CHF/JPY. While spreads may be higher, ranging from 1.8 to 4.5, the potential rewards make it worth it. FX Exotics: unique currency pairs like EUR/PLN and EUR/HUF. Keep in mind that these assets have higher spreads, ranging from 1.4 to 47. Indices: such as DAX, US30, or UK100. Spreads are ranging from 1-6 points. Limited commodities including: natural gas, US oil, and UK oil. Spreads as low as 0.06 to 0.45. Cryptocurrency: crypto/USD pairs.

Spreads vary depending on the asset, with some as low as a single point and others reaching tens of points. EU-based and US-based stocks: including popular names like Tesla and Netflix. Spreads are mostly below one point. Precious metals: like copper, gold, silver, and platinum. Spreads ranging from 0.20 to 4.90 points. All spreads on their CFDs are variable and reflect market conditions. FunderPro doesn’t charge commissions on any of tradable assets.

Profit sharing at FunderPro

At Funder Pro, investors have a profit sharing ratio of 80:20. This means that traders get to keep 80% of the profits they make, while Funder Pro gets 20%. For traders participating in the $100k and $200k challenges, there is a scalable plan. The goal is to generate a 10% profit for 3 consecutive months. Once traders get this, they become eligible for a 50% increase. Traders who consistently perform well can additionally earn a 50% increase in their account balance every 3 months. This goes up to $5 million.

Realistic Capital Acquisition with FunderPro

What is the possibility of getting funded by FunderPro and what are the steps?

  1. Research and understand the requirements: Check FunderPro’s funded trader program and the criteria. This includes passing the 2-phase challenge as explained above. Criteria is to have consistent profitable trading and strong risk management skills.
  2. Sign up for a Funded Challenge: This provides an opportunity to show your trading skills and secure funding. The Funded Challenge at FunderPro is paid.
  3. Demonstrate consistent profitability: Consistent profitability is the key to get funded by FunderPro. Consistent profitability involves: effective trading strategies, managing risk, and a positive track record.

Payment Proof and Success Stories: Traders That got Funded

Earnings Report: Analyzing Profit Potential of FunderPro

In order to assess the earnings potential of a prop trading firm, we analyze the profits generated by a typical trader. Here are the details we used in the sample:

  • The trader bought a $100k Challenge.
  • The trader strictly follows all the rules and guidelines.
  • The trader has an average monthly profit of 6%.

By looking at these key factors, we can gain valuable insights into the earnings potential of FunderPro:

MonthStart CapitalProfit/MonthTraders ShareTotal ProfitNotes
Month 1Demo Phase 1000
Month 2Demo Phase 1000Phase 1 Passed
Month 3Demo Phase 2000Phase 2 Passed, Refund
Month 4$100,000$6,000$4,800$4,800Live Account
Month 5$100,000$6,000$4,800$9,600
Month 6$100,000$6,000$4,800$14,400
Month 7$150,000$9,000$7,200$19,200Scaled Up
Month 8$150,000$9,000$7,200$26,400
Month 9$150,000$9,000$7,200$33,600
Month 10$225,000$13,500$10,800$40,800Scaled Up
Month 11$225,000$13,500$10,800$51,600
Month 12$225,000$13,500$10,800$62,400
Month 13$337,500$20,250$16,200$73,200Scaled Up
Month 14$337,500$20,250$16,200$89,400
Month 15$337,500$20,250$16,200$105,600
Month 16$506,250$30,375$24,300$121,800Scaled Up
Month 17$506,250$30,375$24,300$146,100
Month 18$506,250$30,375$24,300$170,400
Month 19$759,375$45,563$36,450$194,700Scaled Up
Month 20$759,375$45,563$36,450$231,150
Month 21$759,375$45,563$36,450$267,600
Month 22$1,139,063$68,344$54,675$304,050Scaled Up
Month 23$1,139,063$68,344$54,675$358,725
Month 24$1,139,063$68,344$54,675$413,400Max Scaling
Month 36$5,000,000$300,000$240,000$2,116,752Max Scaling

Between months 34-36 max funding reached the maximum of $5 million at which point you could be earning $240,000 a month! The FunderPro scaling program seems to be very fast, with 50% of profits made every 3 months, which really speeds things up. Consistent and profitable traders can see exponential growth with FunderPro’s Scaling Plan. Participants of the $100k and $200k challenges who consistently achieve a 10% profit target over 3 months have a chance to increase their account by 50% every 3 months. This can potentially lead to an impressive $5 million in funds.

Funderpro vs FundedNext

FunderPro has claimed the top spot in the list of Forex Prop Firms, surpassing FundedNext. While both companies made it to the top 10, Funderpro secured 1st place while FundedNext ranked 11th. When it comes to comparing the 2 firms, Funderpro takes the lead with a rating of 4.75/5 in terms of features, fees, security, and support.

FunderPro Vs FTMO

According to our analysis, FunderPro is the more reliable option. It is currently ranked number one among the top Forex Prop Firms. Funderpro takes the lead with a rating of 4.75/5 in terms of features, fees, security, and support.

FunderPro vs The FundedTrader

With FundedTrader trading cryptocurrencies is possible only during the challenge. Traders can simulate real trades and practice trading, but we haven’t found any real market scenarios available. So we could only get the gaming approach. With FunderPro it is possible to switch from demo to live accounts once funded. So compared to FundedTrader it seems FunderPro has stronger offers for real profits.

Preferred Broker: OspreyFX

OspreyFX is a forex broker that offers trading services in financial markets. This includes: Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, and Commodities. They provide full STP (Straight Through Processing) execution. Leverage of up to 1:3000 on certain assets. OspreyFX was established in 2019 and is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

FunderPro Trading Platforms

TradeLocker, MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) platforms.

  • TradeLocker is a secure online platform that allows traders to store and manage their trading strategies, indicators, and other trading features. It’s integrated with TradingView.
  • MetaTrader4 (MT4) is a popular and widely-used trading platform that provides access to financial markets. It offers charting tools, indicators, and customizable trading strategies.
  • MetaTrader5 (MT5) is an upgraded version of MT4, offering additional features. Those include: advanced analytical tools, improved execution speeds, and compatibility with a wider range of financial instruments.

Education for Traders

Blogs, Discord and FAQs are available for traders as well as in-app, multilingual support. FunderPro blog section covers all details about their prop trading firm, trading strategies, industry news, and more. You can have all the latest updates about the market, firm’s services and trading activities.

What Users Say About FunderPro

FunderPro’s service receives mixed feedback from users online. Some appreciate the clear reasonable rules, good support and unlimited time for completing challenges. Others seem to complain at the speed of customer support and limited use of cryptocurrencies. One of the most common complaints we found is lack of credit card payment and withdrawal options. The company stated they are working on this.

Do traders need the experience to use FunderPro?

No. Beginners and traders of all levels can use FunderPro. FunderPro offers comprehensive guides and help you grow. They provide educational resources to ensure traders’ success.

Does FunderPro offer white-label services?

Yes. FunderPro offers white-label services to help companies increase their profits. They also provide an affiliate system.

How to get started with FunderPro?

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is: create an account, pass a 2-phase challenge, and start trading with FunderPro. To get started with a FunderPro challenge simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the FunderPro website and find Challenges
  • Pick your challenge amount and click “Get Started” (Use Promo Code: SCARY31)
  • Complete the sign-up form to get your login details
  • Complete payment using one of the payment methods offered
  • Check your email for your trading credentials and begin your challenge.


Users seem to be happy with the support quality, but not speed. We found a few ways you can contact FunderPro support:

  1. 24/7 Customer Support.
  2. In-app option where you get immediate assistance from your Trader’s Portal.
  3. Multi-lingual support available.
  4. You can also contact them via social media.


FunderPro is the new, but already a top-tier firm that offers a range of services to help traders succeed. With multiple evaluation steps and an advanced dashboard, you can develop your trading strategies. The firm prioritizes security and transparent business. FunderPro offers white-label services, an affiliate system, and a blog section with comprehensive information. Their FAQ section addresses all inquiries about services and trading options. FunderPro is the reliable choice for beginners and expert traders alike..

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4.5 Overall Rating

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FunderPro Review