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OspreyFX review

27 August 2021 -

OspreyFX Review

As we were able to find while reviewing OspreyFX, it is a highly reputable Forex broker. OspreyFX is a great example that a company can be registered in offshore jurisdiction but still offer traders a high level of security and safety. Established in 2018, OsrpeyFX has managed to very quickly become popular around the world.

There are over 55 currency pairs available for traders, and in total, the broker offers over 200 trading assets. It offers some of the best trading platforms in the market, MT4 and MT5, and very well-developed educational material.


Established in 2018, OspreyFX is one of the most reputable Forex brokers in the market. The brokerage is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker is an offshore Forex broker, which has managed to become very popular over the past few years.

Although the Forex broker is not regulated by any official government regulatory agency, it still manages to create a safe and secure environment. The main reason for the company not being regulated is that it simply does not need a license. It is established in a country where there is no such requirement for Forex brokers.


The broker is known for its dedication to its services. There are numerous things that the company has done to make sure that it meets the needs of individual traders all over the world. It offers over 55 currency pairs, numerous stock and CFD assets, and very comfortable payment solutions.

It also can be used on numerous devices, which include Windows PCs, Mac, iOS, as well as Android. But, this is not all. There are many other details that we were able to find while reviewing OspreyFX. So, follow our review and learn everything you should know about the OspreyFX Forex broker.

  • ProOver 200 available trading instruments, including Forex and Stocks
  • ProMetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms offered to traders, which are very popular and intuitive
  • ProAmazing customer support team, ready to assist traders 24/7
  • ProNumerous payment methods are available for traders for the maximum comfort
  • ConNot as highly regulated as other reputable Forex brokers in the market

OspreyFX overall scores

In this review, you can find all the information you need to decide whether OspreyFX is the right broker for you. Our expert team has thoroughly explored the broker, using a tested methodology and scoring system. This process places importance on the things we know matter most to traders. Below you can see how OspreyFX scored in each of our high-priority categories.

Commissions & Fees
95 Points
90 Points
Licensing & Safety
85 Points
Customer Service
95 Points
Trading Platforms & Tools
95 Points
85 Points

OspreyFX Fees and commissions

One of the biggest advantages of OspreyFX is that it offers very competitive fees and commissions. There are little to no commissions applied to the deposits made by traders, however, there are some spreads that you should keep in mind.

The spreads are charged by every single broker in the market and this is not something you should consider as a disadvantage whatsoever. There are no deposit fees charged by the Forex broker, no matter which method you choose, whether it is crypto payment methods, credit cards, or others, the broker does not charge any fees.

OspreyFX fees

However, keep in mind that there might be some commissions charged by the payment issuer, so it is always a good idea to double-check the information with the broker you are using.

There are some actual trading fees charged by the broker but all of them are very close to the average that is charged in the market generally. These spreads are charged to make sure the broker is able to continue offering high-quality services to brokers.

Here are the general outlines of the fees charged by OspreyFX:

  • OspreyFX Standard Account has fees from 0.8
  • OspreyFX PRO Account has fees from 0.4
  • OspreyFX VAR account has fees from 1.2
  • OspreyFX Mini account has fees from 1.0

Commissions per lot (100,000 units of currency):

  • For standard account commission per lot is $7.00
  • For PRO account commission per lot is $8.00
  • For the VAR account commission per lot is $0.00
  • For Mini account commission per lot is $1.00

However, as our review of OspreyFX shows, these commissions are subject to change. These changes can happen because of numerous reasons, and it is very important to always stay in touch with the updates on the website of the broker to make sure that you are always up to date with the ongoing changes on the broker.

OspreyFX Safety

One of the most important factors in the Forex trading market is the safety and security of your funds. There are many different ways a broker can guarantee your safety. One of the most common things that the majority of the brokers do is that they are getting licensed by official regulatory agencies.

Regulatory bodies around the world are responsible for coming up with a set of rules that the companies have to follow strictly. However, since OspreyFX is based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, there are no rules in the country that require brokers to get licensed.

OspreyFX offerings

This might seem a bit shady for many traders around the world and they completely have a reason to feel that way. However, while reviewing OspreyFX, we were able to find out that this broker can be trusted by investors and traders all around the world because it does its best to make sure all of the clients are kept safe at all times.

OspreyFX has proved over and over again that it is a broker that can be trusted by clients all around the world. The services of the broker are of very high quality and it does its best to make sure that all of the clients are offered something that they like and enjoy.

Opening an account at OspreyFX

Once you have decided that OspreyFX is a good enough broker for you and the services offered by them match your needs in the market, you can continue by opening a live trading account.

As our review of OspreyFX shows, opening a live account with this broker is not that hard. It should not take you more than a few minutes to do so. The first thing that you should do to register a live account at OspreyFX is to provide the broker with general information about yourself. This includes your name, last name, phone number, location, and so on.

After doing so, the broker requires its clients to get verified. This is needed because the broker very strictly and closely follows the Know Your Customer, KYC, policy. This means that you will be required to provide the broker with a copy of government-issued documents, such as ID and passport.

Then, you will also be required to submit a copy of your utility bill that has been issued over the past 3 months. This is needed for the broker to verify your location. After doing so, your account is all set and you can continue by making deposits and opening and closing positions.

OspreyFX Account types

All of the accounts available on OspreyFX can be accessed within your one trading account. Once you open the trading platform, you will see different symbols that will determine what account you are in. However, if you do not see the Pro VAR, and Mini symbols, you will be required to manually add them to the Market Watch. But, this is a very easy process and should not take a long time to do.

The broker offers numerous different account types which can be a great thing for traders of all different levels of expertise and experience. As our review of OspreyFX indicates, the broker offers mini accounts for those who are just getting started in the market.

OspreyFX account

This account can be a great choice to trade Forex and develop further skills needed for successful Forex trading. Then, there are VAR and Pro accounts, which are a great fit for those who already have some experience in the trading market.

Pro account is a perfect fit for those who believe that the offerings of the standard account simply are not enough. By using this account, you will have access to special services that are designed only for highly-skilled Forex traders.

On the other hand, if you believe that you simply do not have enough skills to risk any of your funds for trading, you can use the demo account offered by the broker. A demo account is one of the best ways of gaining a lot of experience in the Forex trading market without having to risk any of your real-life funds.

OspreyFX review shows that its demo account perfectly resembles the actual trading market, which can be a great thing for traders to further develop their skills. By using this account, you can test out different types of strategies and see how they work for you.

But, there are some cons to using a demo account as well. For example, it is not enough for traders to get used to the emotional side of the trading market. When you are trading Forex with your real money, emotions can influence your positions a lot.

So, it is recommended to slowly move onto using live accounts after trading with a demo account. Because there are so many different account types offered by OspreyFX broker, anyone can find something that fits their personal needs in the market.

OpsreyFX Trading Platforms

When it comes to the Forex trading market, you will spend most of your time using a trading platform. It is a place where you will analyze the market, do your charting, and actually trade assets. Because of this, it is very important to use a trading platform that you feel comfortable with.

OspreyFX MT4

As we found out while reviewing OspreyFX, this Forex broker offers some of the best-known trading platforms in the market. You can use the following platforms to trade at OspreyFX:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

Both of these trading platforms are very well-known in the market. They are created by the same company called MetaQuotes. MT4 was released in 2005 by the company and forever changed the way people view the Forex trading market.

MetaQuotes released MT5 several years after the initial release of MT4. Contrary to popular belief, MT5 is not an update of MT4, rather, it is a trading platform of its own. While these two are very similar to each other, there are some distinct differences between them.

The main difference is that MT4 was created with Forex trading in mind, while MT5 is a perfect fit for trading other assets, such as stocks, indices, CFDs, and others.

Both of the trading platforms come with next-level technical indicators and amazing charting solutions. All of these combined with a very user-friendly interface make both of the trading platforms a great fit for Forex trading.


As we were able to find in this OspreyFX brokerage review, this broker does everything in its power to make sure that every single client finds something that fits their personal needs. The broker offers investors numerous trading assets, these include:

  • Major, Minor, and Exotic currency pairs
  • Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Ether, and others
  • Metals like Copper and Gold
  • Market-leading Indices, including S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100
  • Shares of leading companies including Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.
  • Energies such as Natural Gas and Crude Oil

Because there are so many options available for traders, anyone can easily find something that fits their personal needs. The broker offers leverage up to 1:500, which means that traders can make huge profits even with a minimum deposit.

However, keep in mind that there are a lot of risks associated with using high leverage. As much as leverage can be helpful for making more profits, this can also impact traders in a negative way.

Because of this, it is very important to use leverage with a lot of care. The broker also offers its clientele CFD trading, which means that you can easily profit from any of the markets you want to. CFDs are one of the most popular trading assets, which offers traders the ability to make profits without having to own any of the assets directly.

When trading CFDs, you are basically making profits according to the price movements in the market by speculating how the prices could change.

Trading is not easy. It takes a lot of time for Forex traders to understand how the prices in the market could change. One thing that is very important for Forex traders to do is to learn how to research the market better.

To help traders in their analytical journey, OspreyFX offers numerous trading indicators and research tools. Both of the trading platforms available at OspreyFX are very good when it comes to chart and market analysis. Both of them come with pre-installed technical indicators.

These indicators are using different types of complex algorithms to determine the general trends in the market. They are capable of analyzing the historical data of the market and give you an idea about the way things could change in the near future.

The broker also offers traders regular updates about the markets which can be very useful for those using fundamental analysis.

As we were able to find when we reviewed OspreyFX, we were able to find that this Forex broker works very hard to make sure that their clients have access to the best educational material. The educational material of OspreyFX broker was created by professional traders and includes step-by-step guides to the world of Forex trading, detailed explanations of complex concepts in the Forex trading market, and many other important details.

As for the trading, as we already mentioned above, the broker offers a demo trading account which can be very useful for those who do not have enough skills to trade Forex. With this offering, you can train and get used to the feeling of trading Forex.

One of the biggest advantages of OspreyFX is its customer support team. The team is full of professionals who are ready to provide help to anyone. The customer support team is very quick to respond to any type of problem in a matter of minutes and they are capable of providing very detailed information.

There are numerous ways you can contact the customer support team of OspreyFX. You can use the live chat which can be accessed from any page of the website of the broker, send the customer support team an email, or fill out the contact us form. We tested every single option and were glad to find out that all of them work very well and the representatives of the customer support team are very quick and helpful.

After reviewing every little detail about OspreyFX and its services, we were able to find out that this is a very high-quality Forex broker that offers its clients numerous services that can be very useful for traders of all backgrounds.

The company has worked very hard over the past few years and has managed to offer its clients services like no other. Although the broker is not officially regulated, it is still capable of offering Forex traders safe and secure trading services.

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