Who is it for?

TradeLocker is perfect for both beginners and expert traders who want clear and timely insights into market movements. Since it’s a new platform, you can sign up to get early access to a demo account. 


  • Advanced features and charting combined on a new platform.
  • Pricing since it’s free for traders to start. 
  • TradeView connection 
  • 500+ Assets 
  • Discord community is very supportive 
  • Support in-app
  • Easy to use 


  • Compared to bigger established Platforms it has lower indicator numbers. 
  • TradeLocker doesn’t allow the use of EAs or any other bots

What do I get with TradeLocker? 

Tradelocker Instruments are very user-friendly. We will go through all 6 interface sections: 

Instruments/Pairs section

In this section you can see all the pairs you can trade. They are easy to find in the drop-down menu or the search bar.


You can find a portfolio in the bottom panel, where you have the full overview of: all open positions, pending positions, trades, history of trades.


At the top bar of your screen you can see your:

  • Balance, Profit/Loss, Equity
  • Margin used, Margin Available, Margin Level (%)

If you click on the currency icon on the far right, you’ll be able to:

  • Enable/disable one-click trading
  • Switch between accounts
  • Log out

Chart customization tools

To customize your chart, find these features in the top left corner:

  • Refresh rate changer
  • Style switcher (choose from Candles, Bars, Line, etc.)
  • Indicators scripts
  • Templates (save and access your own templates)

Chart editing tools at TradeLocker

There are multiple chart-editing tools at TradeLocker. Check out what you can do:

  • Draw trend lines with ease
  • Utilize Gann and Fibonacci tools for precise analysis
  • Add geometric shapes for visual impact
  • Make use of annotation tools for enhanced clarity
  • Spot patterns and trends effortlessly
  • Predict and measure with accuracy
  • Enhance visual appeal with icons
  • Utilize measurement tools for precise analysis
  • Zoom in and out for detailed examination
  • Easily align objects with the magnet tool

Order panel

Easily execute your trades with these features. By tapping on the arrow, you’ll have access to:

  • Set Stop Loss-Take Profit: Safeguard your investments by defining your desired exit points.
  • Order at Market-Pending: Place orders at the current market price or schedule for future execution.

What Brokers Use TradeLocker

TradeLocker is a trading platform that is used by several brokers in the financial industry. 

Top 3 brokers that utilize TradeLocker are: OspreyFX, ThorFX, and Sage FX. 

  • OspreyFX provides its clients with a secure and reliable trading environment, allowing them to trade various financial instruments efficiently.
  • ThorFX is another broker that has integrated TradeLocker into its operations. This partnership allows traders to execute trades quickly and effectively.
  • Sage FX is a trusted broker that is perfect for both beginner and experienced traders. Sage FX ensures that its clients have access to advanced trading features and tools.

A look into TradeLocker competitors

TradeLocker, a trading platform, has several competitors in the market. According to sources, here are some of the top competitors:

  • smartTrade Technologies: smartTrade Technologies is another competitor that offers trading platform solutions similar to TradeLocker.
  • KOT4X is another competitor in the trading platform industry, providing web-based tools and services.


TradeLocker Owners are registered at: Riverna Ltd, Dundrum Business Park, D14 N2F6, Ireland

TradeLocker is Integrated with TradingView 

TradingView is a charting platform that offers robust tools and technical analysis capabilities. By integration with TradeLocker, traders gain direct access to TradingView’s vast library of customizable charts and custom indicators. 

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Support: Can you report bugs? 

Yes. TradeLocker provides support for reporting bugs and solves them promptly. Bugs may occasionally occur, and TradeLocker understands the importance of addressing them swiftly to maintain a smooth trading.


TradeLocker has Multilingual support. Having multilingual support demonstrates TradeLocker’s commitment to provide comprehensive help. 

TradeLocker Pricing

TradeLocker offers a free platform for individual traders, allowing them to access trading tools and resources for free. 

TradeLocker also recognizes the unique requirements of brokers and prop firms. TradeLocker offers brokers and prop firms specialized support and customized prices since they may require additional features.

What happened: MetaTrader delisted from Apple App Store

Apple removed the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 online trading platforms from its App Store. That means iOS-based devices can no longer download the MT4 and MT5 apps from the official App Store.

Although the reasons behind the move are not yet clear, it is believed that the removal of the platforms could be due to several scams reportedly implemented through these platforms.

This is where TradeLocker made his way and replaced these platforms on IOS devices. 


With TradeLocker, traders can access the tools they need for detailed analysis and fast execution on a modern platform. Accessible from web, mobile, and desktop apps, TradeLocker is available anytime, anywhere. Plus, as a stand-alone trading system, brokers have complete control and easy configuration options to tailor it to their needs. 

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