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Each broker we review is judged on the same 10 key areas. We include different instruments and holding positions overnight. We check not only the licenses the broker claims to have for different countries, but whether these licenses are up to date too. We look for specific features such as customizability and trading signals.
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Axiory review

22 July 2021 - Kate Leaman

Our Axiory review confirms that this is a reputable broker with a strong reputation. Founded in 2012 and based in Belize, Axiory allows you to trade forex and CFDs on indices, metals and commodities. Though this may seem like a limited product selection compared to other brokers, fair fees, great trading platforms, and regulation from IFSC make the broker worth your consideration. Continue reading our broker review to discover how Axiory caters to your trading needs.

  • ProTrade over 80 instruments
  • ProChoose between MT4 and cTrader
  • ProWinner of the ‘Most Transparent Broker in 2020 Award' at the International Investor Awards
  • ProWinner of the ‘Excellence in Customer Service Award' at the International Investor Awards
  • ProBest broker for trading with analytical tools
  • ConNot available in the United States

Axiory overall scores

In this review, you can find all the information you need to decide whether Axiory is the right broker for you. Our expert team has thoroughly explored the broker, using a tested methodology and scoring system. This process places importance on the things we know matter most to traders. Below you can see how Axiory scored in each of our high-priority categories.

Commissions & Fees
94 Points
98 Points
Licensing & Safety
97 Points
Customer Service
92 Points
Trading Platforms & Tools
99 Points
93 Points

Axiory fees and commissions

Our review of Axiory found that the broker offers lower fees than many of its competitors. All spreads are floating, and only Nano account holders must pay commissions. There are no inactivity fees, and most deposits and withdrawals are free too. Overall, this makes Axiory perfect for traders of all skills and budgets.

Our experts have reviewed Axiory’s fees based on how they compare with the fees of other reviewed brokers. For each broker, we analyze both trading fees and non-trading fees:

–      Trading fees are charged every time you place a trade. They include spreads, commissions, overnight and rollover fees, and currency conversion fees.

–      Non-trading fees aren’t directly related to trading, but you should consider them as they make up the cost of using a certain broker. They include payment fees and inactivity fees.

Below you will find a snapshot of the fees charged by Axiory. Our experts have created these tables based on the fees applied to a standard account. We consider a standard account to be the one that will appeal to most traders. It is often not the cheapest option but not a premium option, either.

Trading Fees*
Type of Fee Cost
Minimum Spread EURUSD (pips) 1.1
Commission (%) 0%
Commission on Islamic Accounts (%) 5%

*Based on Standard account type.

Non-Trading Fees
Account Fee N
Inactivity Fees N
Deposit Fees N
Withdrawal Fees Y

Axiory trading fees

Axiory offers floating spreads on all account types and, with a Standard or Max account, these are the only fees to consider. With a Nano account you will pay commission fees too, although spreads are tighter to reflect this difference. Overall, this pricing structure allows Axiory to offer lower trading fees than many competitors.

To make calculating the cost of your trades easy, Axiory publishes a list of the average spreads and swaps for each instrument it offers. To give you a good overview of what to expect, we’ve also created the following list of average spreads on forex pairs:

  • EURUSD: 0.2 for Nano, 1.2 for Standard, 1.9 for Max
  • AUDUSD: 1.2, 2.4, 3.5, respectively
  • GBPUSD: 0.5, 1.5, 2.2, respectively
  • ZARJPY: 5.6, 6.6, 7.4, respectively

The following are average spreads for some index CFDs on Axiory:

  • DAX: 1.5 for Nano, 1.8 for Standard, 1.8 for Max
  • FTSE: 2.1, 3.1, 3.7, respectively
  • DOW: 4, 6, 8, respectively
  • NSDQ: 1.1, 1.6, 1.5, respectively

Average spreads for metal CFDs are:

  • XAUUSD: 0.1 for Nano, 0.3 for Standard, 0.37 for Max
  • XAGUSD: 0.011, 0.031, 0.038, respectively
  • XPTUSD: 1.9, 1.9, 2, respectively
  • XPDUSD: 3.9, 3.9, 4, respectively

Finally, the following are example spreads for energy CFDs:

  • NGAS: 0.007 for Nano, 0.007 for Standard, 0.024 for Max
  • CL: 0.04 for all accounts
  • BRENT: 0.05 for all accounts

It is also worth noting that if you have a large account balance or a high trading volume, you can discuss reducing your spread rates with Axiory directly.

Axiory commissions

Standard and Max accounts do not have any commissions. Nano accounts, with their tighter spreads, have commissions of $6 per lot.

Financing/overnight rates

You can view the overnight or swap rates on the specific market pages on Axiory or on the Spreads, Swaps, and Dividends page. The following show some of the average swaps in points:

  • EURUSD: -4.59/0.05 long/short
  • AUDCAD: -1.41/-2.5 long/short
  • GBPUSD: -4.76/-3.5 long/short
  • ZARJPY: 0.632/-1.071 long/short
  • DAX: -0.1/-0.2 long/short
  • NSDQ: -0.85/-0.65 long/short
  • XAUUSD: -5.38/-2.38 long/short
  • XAGUSD: -0.919/-0.35 long/short
  • CL: -1.0204/0.7693 long/short

Non-trading fees

As you review Axiory’s payment methods, you will notice that the broker does not charge for most deposits or withdrawals. However, if you make a deposit or withdrawal of less than $200, there is a $15 for wire transfers and a $10 fee for all other methods. The payment method provider may also charge a fee, which will be passed on to you. Additionally, you must pay the remittance fee in the case of withdrawals via wire transfer.

It is important to note that Axiory does not charge inactivity fees, but the broker reserves the right to close your account after three months of inactivity. As such, you should make it a point to make regular trades if you want to keep your account open.

Axiory safety

Our review of the Axiory forex broker found numerous indications that your funds and information are safe with this broker. Axiory is regulated by the IFSC and is a Financial Commission member, entitling clients to a compensation fund. The broker also offers negative balance protection and transparency and is audited twice each year by a Big Four auditing firm.

ProRegulated by IFSC
ProFinancial Commission Member with client compensation
ProTwice yearly audits
ProDoes not serve U.S. clients

Axiory licenses and regulation

Axiory Global Ltd. is the parent company of Axiory, which is one of its trade names. Axiory Global Ltd. is regulated and authorized by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize with license number 000122/15. It has registration number 127 090. It has its registered address at No. 1 Corner of Hutson Street and Marine Parade, Belize City, Belize.

The website for Axiory is owned by the AXIORY group of companies, which includes Axiory Global Limited and PT International Limited. This company operates the website and has registration number 9668659 with its registered address at Enterprise House, 5 Roundwood Lane, Harpenden, Herts, England, AL5 3BW, London. As that company only operates the website, there is no need for financial regulation.

Is Axiory safe?

Our review methodology considers several factors to ensure that all of our recommended brokers are safe and reputable. Alongside the number and strength of licenses, we also consider:

  • What protection and/or insurance Axiory offers should something go wrong
  • Axiory’s reputation, history, and management

Axiory client protection

To provide additional peace of mind, Axiory clients have access to a client compensation scheme in the unlikely event that the broker files for bankruptcy. If this occurs, a third-party auditing firm will handle the relevant funds.

Client Protection
Legal Entity
Protected Up To
Axiory Global Ltd.
The Financial Commission

All clients of Axiory receive negative balance protection for additional safety of funds. To prevent you from needing to use this feature, Axiory also offers margin calls and stop-outs. The margin call stops you from opening a new position if you drop below 50% of it.

Axiory background and reputation

As you review the Axiory forex broker’s safety, fairness, and transparency measures, you will notice that the broker is transparent. It publishes trading statistics freely on its website. The broker also never manipulates the prices; instead, it gets pricing right from liquidity providers.

All client funds are held in segregated accounts. Those funds are never used in any way other than for your trading account.

Our Axiory review also appreciates that the broker annually files reports for PWC, one of the Big Four accounting firms. These ISRS 4400 reports include confirmation that individual balances are properly calculated and reconcile with the company’s general ledger. Essentially, the auditing reports confirm that Axiory had no miscalculations or misplacements of funds, not even cents.

Opening an account with Axiory

Our Axiory review confirms the broker’s claim that you can open an account in less than 10 minutes, as the process is incredibly straightforward and quick. The process is fully digital, and verification takes place via Jumio. There is also the convenient option of opening a Light Live account with just your proof of address. However, keep in mind that you cannot withdraw more than your initial deposit without upgrading to a fully verified account.

Is Axiory available in your country?

As you review the Axiory forex broker’s availability around the world, you will notice a handful of key regions and countries in which it is not available, including:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The European Union
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran
  • North Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Belize

There may also be restrictions on the services available in certain other countries.

How to open an account at Axiory

As mentioned, Axiory claims you can open an account and start trading within 10 minutes, which our team found accurate. The process of signing up and verifying your account is intuitive and entirely digital.

  • Step 1

    Click “Open Account” in green on the top right corner of the website.

  • Step 2

    Fill out the form with your first and last name, email address, country, phone number, and chosen password. Enter an affiliate code if you have one, agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions and click “Start Trading.”

  • Step 3

    Submit your documents for verification using Jumio and your mobile phone camera or a scanner.

  • Step 4

    Check your email for your login information to get started.

  • Step 5

    Fund your account and start trading.

What you will need to open an account

To open an account with Axiory, you will need to have some key information and two documents. Our Axiory broker review team suggests gathering these documents before you start registration, as this saves time. By using Jumio for client verification, Axiory dramatically reduces the time it takes to start trading, as many competitors take days for account verification.

  • Personal information – You will need to provide your personal information, including your first and last name, birthdate, nationality, email address, phone number, postal address, and an official identification number.
  • Regulatory information – The regulatory information includes the above personal information and the below documentation. You may also be asked to complete a short questionnaire to assess the suitability of Axiory’s products for you.
  • Documentation – To open a full live account, you will need to submit proof of identity and proof of address. If you opt for the Light Live Account, you can skip the proof of address, but remember that you cannot withdraw profits greater than your deposits with that account type. To withdraw those profits, you would need to switch to a Live Trading Account by submitting a proof of address.

The proof of identification documents can be your driver’s license, official ID, or passport. Jumio will ask you to take a clear photo of the document plus a photo of yourself to confirm it is you in the ID.

The proof of residence must be from the last six months and must be issued by a third party in your name. It must have all four corners visible and can be a PDF. Options include tax-related documents, residence permits (with the seal on the same page), bills from credit card companies or banks (with the issuer’s seal visible), telephone receipt (with the issuer’s seal visible), or a public utility receipt.

To open an account with Axiory, you’ll need to provide proof of identity and proof of address. This process allows Axiory to meet KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines. KYC guidelines keep you safe and stop the broker from accidentally facilitating illegal practices such as money laundering.

What is the minimum deposit at Axiory?

The minimum deposit at Axiory is incredibly accessible, as you just need to deposit $10 to open a Max account. Similarly, Nano and Standard accounts have a minimum deposit of $10 as well, which is still highly accessible.

This low deposit requirement helps Axiory appeal to beginners who do not have much to invest or do not want to commit to a large investment without more experience.

Axiory payment methods

As you review the Axiory forex broker’s payment methods, you will notice numerous local and international options. Remember that accounts can have base currencies of USD or EUR. If you deposit in a different currency, you will likely have to pay a currency conversion fee. It is also worth mentioning that Axiory does not charge for deposits or withdrawals, provided they are over $200, but the payment provider may charge a fee. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. Remember that withdrawing more than your deposit requires full account verification.

Payment Methods
Depositing time
Accepted currencies
Depositing fee
Max. deposit
Withdrawal time
Minimum withdrawal
Withdrawal fee
Credit or debit card – Visa, JCB
3 – 10 business days
International wire transfer
3 – 10 business days
3 – 10 business days
Remittance fee
Within 15 minutes following confirmation
1 – 5 business days
Fees possible
Fees possible
Fees possible
Within 15 minutes following confirmation
1 business day

Axiory account types

You can choose from three main types of accounts at Axiory: Nano, Standard, or Max. There are also corporate accounts with exclusive spreads, but those are obviously only available to corporate clients. We encourage you to review Axiory’s demo accounts to practice strategies and hone your skills.

Account Types
Minimum Deposit
Max Leverage
Minimum Order Size
Available Instrument Types
Available Instruments (Number)
Trading Platforms
Automated Trading
Execution Type
0.01 lots
0.2 EURUSD avg
$6 per lot
Forex, energies, precious metals, indices
MetaTrader 4, cTrader
0.01 lots
1.2 EURUSD avg
Forex, energies, precious metals, indices
MetaTrader 4, cTrader
0.01 lots
1:777 EURUSD avg
Forex, energies, precious metals, indices
MetaTrader 4, cTrader

Demo accounts

Our review of the Axiory forex broker strongly suggests you make full use of the broker’s demo accounts. This account is risk-free and provides you with access to real trading conditions. It is a great resource for beginners who want to be familiar with trading before risking real funds. It is also helpful for traders of all experience levels, as it lets you test new strategies without risk.

Axiory’s demo account stands out from those offered by the competition because it does not expire. By contrast, many brokers place time limits on their demo accounts. You can use Axiory’s demo account as long as you want. The broker even lets you open multiple demo accounts, which is convenient for testing several strategies at once or to determine the account type or platform that will best match your trading style.

The demo account is also fully featured, giving you $10,000 in virtual currency and your choice of USD or EUR as well as the choice of account type and trading platform. It includes full use of the indicators, EAs, and other tools, fundamental and technical analysis, and full customer support.

Islamic accounts

Whether you choose to open a Nano, Standard, or Max account, it can be a swap-free Islamic account. To open this account, start by opening a live account and then send a message to the Axiory Support Team. They should make you a new Islamic account within 24 hours.

Keep in mind that to make up for the lack of swap fees on overnight positions with Islamic accounts, Axiory charges commissions on positions that are held open overnight. These commissions are subject to change but at the time of writing are $3, $5, or $8 per lot for forex and $8 per lot for XAGUSD, XAUUSD, and CL.

Axiory trading platforms

There are three main platforms to choose from when trading with Axiory, each of which offers several alternatives. You can use either MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 or cTrader as a downloadable desktop platform, a web-based trader (WebTrader or cTrader Web), or a mobile platform, available for both iOS and Android. As the various formats of MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader have nearly identical features, it is easiest to describe them as three platforms instead of the total of eight that are available, with each having four versions.

Axiory offers three trading platforms. A trading platform is simply a software interface that allows you to place trades. Trading platforms often come with charting, research, and order processing tools.

To ensure that we only recommend high-quality brokers, our reviewers have tried and tested each of Axiory’s trading platforms. When doing so, we considered a range of factors, including how easy to use the platforms are, what features each trading platform offers, and how suited each platform is to different types of traders.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the industry standard for trading forex and CFDs. As mentioned, Axiory offers MT4 for desktop, as a WebTrader, or as a mobile application. The desktop version is available for Windows or Mac, and the mobile app is available for Android or iOS.

MT4 includes Expert Advisors for automated trading. You can also create your own expert advisors using the MQL4 programming language. The desktop version of MT4 also supports using the built-in MQL4 development environment as well as historical price data. Trading with Axiory on MT4 includes 99.99% order execution.

MetaTrader 4 includes more than 50 built-in indicators, including RSI, moving average, and others. You can also review the Axiory extensions for Custom Indicators and Expert Advisors, which take these features to the next level. The Expert Advisor extension includes ready-made EAs and the ability to make your own. The Custom Indicators extension also includes both ready-made ones from Axiory and the ability to make your own using MQL.

You can also benefit from the full range of features that MetaTrader 4 is known for, including a range of order types, a detailed trading history, 24 analytical objects, three chart types, and nine timeframes.


cTrader has been around for about a decade. While it has not quite gained the following of MetaTrader, it is still an industry leader. It is also updated regularly and has a convenient cTrader ID that lets you log into all of your cTrader accounts. As mentioned, you can download it for Windows or Mac, use it in your browser via cTrader Web, or download the mobile app for iOS or Android.

The cTrader mobile application is specific to Axiory, so it is optimized to work with your Axiory account. You can access multiple order types, price alerts, advanced technical analysis tools, symbol watch lists, market sentiment indicators, news, and more. There are five types of charts views, eight chart drawings, and four chart types.

When conducting analysis with cTrader, you will find more than 60 indicators already built into the platform. The cTrader platform also includes cTrader Automate, which is an integrated function that allows automatic trading. This feature used to be called cAlgo, so you may also see it referred to by that name. It now integrates with the cTrader platform.

What is the execution policy at Axiory?

Axiory uses an STP execution model. There is no limit to the open or pending orders you can have with a restriction of 1,000 forex lots per ticket. Axiory prides itself on offering stable infrastructure to help deliver fast trading.

For transparency, you can review Axiory forex broker’s trading statistics right on its website. There are monthly charts available that show the execution time, slippage distribution, and execution time vs. slippage for whichever month you choose to select. You can view the statistics for “overall” or for one of the following nine specific assets: EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, GBPJPY, and USDCAD.

To provide an example, the vast majority of trades in August 2020 took between 150 and 179 milliseconds to execute. In the same month, more than 60% of slippage was positive within 0.1 pips.

Axiory markets and products

Reviewing Axiory broker’s offerings will show you a focus on forex. The broker also offers access to indices, energy commodities, and precious metals in the form of CFDs. While other brokers offer a larger selection of instruments and some offer other instrument types, most beginners and traders who focus on forex will find more than enough to diversify their portfolio.

Instrument Number
Currency Pairs 62
Commodities 5
Precious Metals 4
Indices 0
Stocks and Shares 0
Cryptocurrencies 0
Options 0
ETFs 0

Currency pairs

Trading forex with Axiory gives you access to more than 60 currency pairs, including majors, minors, and exotics. The forex market has an estimated daily trading volume of over $6.6 trillion and is available for trading 24/5. The range of currency pairs at Axiory lets you diversify your portfolio by trading currencies from around the globe, including numerous pairs with AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, USD, NZD, CAD, ZAR, JPY, and more.


Reviewing Axiory’s commodities will show you that the broker currently focuses on offering energy CFDs. The prices of energy are frequently affected by environmental and geopolitical situations, leading to volatility that makes energies popular for short-term trading.

With Axiory, you can trade CL, NGAS, BRENT, CL.i, and BRENT.i. While some brokers offer more commodities, this is enough of a variety to allow for diverse strategies.

Precious metals

Precious metals are commonly viewed as safe havens when there is uncertainty, typically keeping their value even with inflation. Precious metals also have uses in technology and jewelry. Axiory lets you trade CFDs of gold or silver with leverage of up to 1:100 and CFDs of platinum or palladium with leverage of up to 1:20.


Trading index CFDs with Axiory lets you trade indices with leverage. With each index, you trade numerous underlying assets, each of which balances each other out to some extent. The DAX 30, for example, includes 30 companies from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The indices offered by Axiory include those from around the world, such as HK40, DOW, SP, NSDQ, NIKKEI, ASX, FTSE, STOXX50, DAX, and CAC.

Social trading

Axiory does not offer social trading in the traditional sense. However, if your interest in social trading is for the copy trading aspect that allows for automated trading based on expert suggestions, there are some options available.

Trading signals, Expert Advisors, and cTrade Automate all provide this ability. You can use any of these tools to follow the movements and suggestions of professionals or other traders. You can also use these tools to create your own automated trading strategy and decide whether to share it with others.

Axiory research tools

Our review of the Axiory forex broker found numerous tools to help you with your trading. You will find expert analytics and advice, an economic calendar, Autochartist integration, and calculators for margin, currency, pips, swaps, and profits. There is also sentiment analysis built into the cTrader platform. Axiory also has its own proprietary tools, including the Axiory Strike Indicator and integration for Custom Indicators and Expert Advisors.

Axiory Research Tools
News (from top-tier sources) Y
Trading Signals and Indicators Y
Trade Ideas Y
Expert Analysis Y
Autochartist Tools Y
Sentiment Charts Y
Economic Calendar Y


There are several sources for market news from Axiory. You can start by reviewing Axiory forex broker’s website in the Trading Resources section. The Market News section here averages one or two articles a day, with many of the articles focusing on a particular asset.

For more in-depth market news, visit Axiory Intelligence, which has a separate URL but with a direct link from the main Axiory website. Once there, visit the Market News section. This area includes most of the articles from the main website’s Market News section, but it also adds other news and analysis.

You will find Traders Edge: Market Briefings several times a week, which includes videos and articles. These posts succinctly let you know about important changes to the most popular instruments to trade. You will also find posts called Market Alerts that show key changes in the major markets. The Weekly Market Commentary summarizes the events of the previous week as well as the known upcoming events for the current week.

Trading signals and indicators

As mentioned, MetaTrader 4 has more than 50 built-in indicators, while cTrader has more than 60. In addition to this, you can add indicators. You can also install the previously mentioned Custom Indicators on MetaTrader 4, including those provided by Axiory and those you create with MQL.

You should also review Axiory Strike Indicator, a proprietary tool that uses a sophisticated mathematical model to look at historical data and find where trends currently start. This identification gives you a head start compared to other traders. To make it easy to read and use, it is color-coded with red indicating downtrends and blue indicating uptrends.

Although Axiory does not offer anything it explicitly refers to as trading signals, the available Expert Advisors serve a similar purpose.

Trade ideas

Some of the trade ideas from Axiory come from Autochartist, as the program’s automated technical analysis identifies potential trading opportunities for you.

Other trade ideas come in the form of the Expert Advisors. The difference is that Expert Advisors execute the trades for you as well as identify them. You can use Axiory’s ready-made EAs, create them with MQL, or use EAs created by other traders and professionals.

There are also trade ideas mixed into the expert analysis on the Axiory Intelligence page, especially on the Market Alerts and Weekly Market Commentaries.

Expert analysis

For expert analysis, visit the Axiory Intelligence page and look for several types of posts. Market Alerts briefly explain a primary and a secondary view for major instruments, such as gold, EURUSD, CHFJPY, GBPUSD, and DOW.

The Weekly Market Commentary includes some similar information after a quick review of the previous week and a summary of what to expect in the current week.

Axiory also has a Technical Analysis section on its website that is updated on most trading days. It features technical analyses conducted by experts on major instruments, such as GBPUSD and USDJPY. Each analysis is in-depth and includes charts and written descriptions with figures.

Autochartist tools

The Autochartist integration with Axiory comes via a feature for cTrader or a plug-in for MetaTrader, so you can use it with either platform. By offering Autochartist for free with all account types, Axiory adds a great deal of value.

Autochartist is a recognized leader in automatically identifying trading opportunities. It includes six types of Fibonacci patterns to help you find support and resistance lines, chart patterns to find those lines, key levels, volatility analysis, and quality indicators. The last of these lets you check how reliable the information from the other tools is, displaying the information in a user-friendly manner.

Axiory education and training

You will find plenty of educational materials as you review the Axiory broker’s website and the Axiory Intelligence page. Between the Trading Academy on the main website and the Learn to Trade section on the Axiory Intelligence page, there is more than enough information to get beginners started. The only thing to keep in mind is that all the educational content is written without any videos.

Axiory Educational Features
Demo Account Y
Platform Tutorial Videos N
Educational PDFs Y
Live Webinars Y
YouTube Videos N
Trading Academy Y
Trading Glossary Y

Platform tutorial videos

Although there are no platform tutorial videos, Axiory does have detailed platform tutorial articles, complete with numerous screenshots. To view these articles, head to the Trading Academy on the main website and click on the Platforms category. You will find platform tutorials, including comparing cTrader and MetaTrader 4, installing each, using EAs and indicators, backtesting, and more.

Educational PDFs

Instead of educational PDFs, you can review the Axiory forex broker’s extensive selection of articles. If you prefer them as PDFs, you can easily click print and then select save as PDF or save them for later in another way.

On the main website’s Trading Academy, there are dozens of articles divided into categories like Basics, Trading Tools, Platforms, Strategies, Automated Trading, Economic Indicators, Technical Indicators, Trading Terms, Trading Psychology, Risk Management, and Live Trading. Most categories have about half a dozen articles, with a few having less and some having 10 or more.

You can find even more educational articles on the Axiory Intelligence Learn to Trade section. This section of the website has a few dozen articles, with more being posted regularly. Educational articles in this area range from information on specific assets, such as gold, to general advice and education, such as commodity trading mistakes to avoid.

Live webinars

Currently, Axiory does not have webinars, but it will soon feature live trading. There is already a spot on the Axiory Intelligence website dedicated to this. Based on the fact that it appears first in the main navigation bar, it is likely to be a robust feature.

Trading Academy

The Axiory Trading Academy is the previously mentioned set of articles on a range of topics found on the broker’s website. You can find it in the Trading Resources tab. One of the great things about this trading academy is that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of your account type. You can even access it without logging in.

Trading glossary

Instead of a traditional glossary that has all the relevant terms in a single article or PDF, Axiory has a section called Trading Terms within its Trading Academy. This includes detailed articles defining and providing an introduction to the most important forex terms, including forex pairs, indices, commodities, pips, lots, bid and ask prices, and more.

Axiory customer support

Our review of Axiory found that the forex broker offers strong customer support, including multiple methods of contacting support and the ability to do so in several languages. The only thing to keep in mind is that Axiory does not offer 24/7 support, but 24/5 instead.

ProFAQ section
ProRegion-specific support
ProSupport via email, phone, live chat, or contact form
Pro24/5 support

The following are the methods of contacting Axiory customer support:

  • Live chat
  • Contact form
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (UK): +442031502506
  • Representative office address: 1008 Clover Bay, Al Abraaj Street, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Registration address: No.1 Corner of Hutson Street and Marine Parade, Belize City, Belize
  • Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

There are also specific support numbers for Belize, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Chile, and Cyprus. As the broker is still growing, Axiory also encourages clients to contact its team if there is not enough support in their region, as this helps the broker determine where to expand its resources next.

Our Axiory broker review team also appreciates the FAQ section, as it has answers to the most common questions. It would be more useful if it was expanded, though. When we contacted support, we were met with friendly staff and quick responses in a professional manner.

Axiory mobile compatibility

You do not have to worry about mobile compatibility with Axiory as both of the trading platforms offer mobile applications, which are offered for both iOS and Android. This makes it easy to trade on the go.

Additionally, Axiory’s MyAxiory lets you easily access your account from your desktop or smartphone, providing seamless access to everything on the go. You are able to register, open and verify accounts, fund your account, and place trades with ease from your smartphone or tablet.

The Axiory website has also been optimized for mobile and loads all images and information clearly regardless of the device you use.

Axiory – Our verdict

Our review of the Axiory forex broker finds the broker to be a strong option for those interested in trading forex, commodities, precious metals, and indices. Axiory offers account types to appeal to all traders, a quick verification process, commission-free accounts, and an unlimited demo account.

The broker provides safety and security via its IFSC regulation, compensation fund membership, segregated client funds, negative balance protection, and other risk management tools. Axiory lets you trade on one of two industry-leading platforms, with numerous supplementary tools to help with analysis.

Now that you know more about Axiory, open your account and start trading within minutes.

Axiory Final Summary
Minimum Deposit (USD) 10
Licenses IFSC, -.
Max. Leverage 1:777
Client Protection Y
Broker Type STP/NDD
Number of Instruments 80+
Currency Pairs 62
Stocks 0
Cryptocurrencies 0
Proprietary Trading Platform N
MT 4 N
MT 5 N
Mobile Compatible Y
Research Tools Y
Educational Materials Y
Payment Methods Bank transfer, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, BitPay, VLoan and more
24/5 Customer Support Y
Live Chat Y

Axiory information

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Company Trading Names: Axiory Global Limited
  • Licenses: IFSC
  • Headquarter Address: No.1 Corner of Hutson Street and Marine Parade, Belize City, Belize
  • Phone Number: +442031502506
  • Facebook:

Risk Disclaimer: Axiory offers CFD products. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Before trading with this broker, you should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take that high risk.

Our methodology: This review of Axiory has been created using accurate data and unbiased facts. To test the broker, we have used our unique and detailed methodology, which assesses over 200 criteria points in 10 key areas. This guarantees that all of our reviews are fair and extensive.

We update our methodology and reviews regularly. Methodology updates are made so that new broker features and products are taken into consideration. Review updates ensure that all the information we provide is current and correct.

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