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CapitAlpha review

21 July 2020

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It’s not all that often we take the opportunity to review a complete newcomer to the world of Forex trading. But we’ve decided it’s time to start looking at some of the new brokers that are breaking into the industry. CapitAlpha is one we’ve decided to look at, and it is one of the many brokers who have entered the industry this year.
CapitAlpha is the brand name of AJF Financial Services Ltd, and it gained its licence in February 2016. The main offices of AJF Financial Services Ltd are in Limassol, Cyprus, and as such is licensed and registered with CySEC. When you look at the company website it tells you that CapitAlpha was started by a group of former traders and corporate professionals with managerial experience in various Forex companies. And with that sort of experience we’d like to think this particular newcomer is going to be one to watch. The aim of the company is to provide retail and professional investors everything they need to gain access to the currency, energy, equity and commodity markets around the world.









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The excellent trading conditions you can expect from CapitAlpha

capitalpha homeTrading conditions at CapitAlpha are very favourable, with spreads starting at 0.1 pips. There are more than 200 instruments to trade, including commodities, stocks, indices and foreign currency pairs. Trading can be web-based, using a desktop, tablet, or mobile. There are a range of automated trading platforms, with EA and MQL5 compatibility, with the added bonus of negative balance protection. The leverage available depends on the instrument being traded and ranges from 1:400 for major currency pairs, down to 1:10 for stock trading. Lot sizes also depend on the instrument and starts with 100.000 for major currency pairs and ends with 100 for stocks and certain indices.

CapitAlpha have decided to stick with MetaTrader 4

There are so many brokers that decide to use MetaTrader 4 that it came as no surprise to learn that CapitAlpha have decided to do the same. It is the trading platform of choice for a huge number of traders, and it is certain to be a big plus for many new clients. Trading can take place on the online trading platform WebTrader or by using the MT4 platform that can be downloaded from their site.

A good choice of accounts for the new trader

capitalpha promosThere are three different accounts to choose from if you decide to trade with CapitAlpha.

  • Alpha Classic – Minimum deposit is $500, and up to 1:500 fixed leverage is offered. Spreads start as low as 0.2, and there is a $20 commission charged. Customer support is given by an account manager, and there is the option of this being a SWAP free account.
  • Alpha Premium – The minimum deposit for this type of account is $5,000 and there is up to 1:400 floating leverage. Spreads start as low as 0.1 pips, and there is also a commission charge of $15. Signals are provided and scalping is allowed. Customer support is given by an account manager, and there is also the option of private one on one trading guidance. There are also technical analysis reports. Therefore, this account is for the trader who has gained a little more experience.
  • Alpha Ultimate – For the trader who has $45,000 to invest and who has much more trading experience, this should be the account of choice. Floating leverage of up to 1:300 is offered and spreads are as low as 0.1. However, for this account the commission will only be $6. This can also be a SWAP account, and scalping and signals are allowed. In this case customer support is given by a Senior account manager, and there is is the option of a CapitAlpha prepaid card.

CapitAlpha take the education of their clients very seriously

We always take the educational material into account when judging the quality of the broker’s we review. And we weren’t disappointed with CapitAlpha. There are technical analysis tools and an economical calendar available to help the more seasoned trader. And for the newbie there is an eBook, a Forex glossary, trading tips, and an education centre. This area is filled with Forex trading tips, market analysis, strategies, and a whole host of other informative things to read.
Funding an account is simple and a number of methods are supported. These include Mastercard and Visa, Neteller, Skrill, TrustPay and WebMoney, along with a number of other methods.
Football, more precisely the Euro 2016 competition is the focus of the current promotion being offered by CapitAlpha. Simply predict the results of the matches for the chance to win a double ticket for the Euro semi finals.
We found our way around the website very easily, and found CapitAlpha to be a breath of fresh air. You can get in touch via a contact form, or take part in an instant chat. Its early days yet and there may well be some surprises in the future, but so far it seems that this new broker is definitely one to try.

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10 comments on “CapitAlpha Review”

  1. daniel says:
    Rating: .
    Not a good company took card details over the phone, took money out of my bank account and then said they didn't know who I was.
    • says:
      You should ask for chargeback, your bank should help you with that
    • adrian says:
      Country & city: malaga
      Rating: .....
      that´s coz you are dump and that´s no happen to my, like this, they are giving us a security moment to cover the inportant numbers from de card like the back of the card covering the 3 numbers and showing the signature as the payment of the water or light some bills to prove it that you doing the investment about money in you bank is normal is a transfer operation you can have it back when you easily press the botton get back you money and about who you are you, I can give you the right coz a biggers company like this one and they make lots of client what you specting at
  2. Philippe says:
    Country & city: UK
    Rating: .....
    I'm very please with this broker and happy with my choice to trust CapitAlpha. I have checked many brokers in my time as a trader with some of them to be easyforex, 4xp and irongx but with one way or another something was always wrong and had to move. I'm trading with this broker for 4 months now and I'm glad to say that their professionalism and the way they handle all my request was excellent. I suggest it to all the new traders due to there great support and easy to learn platforms.
  3. luigi says:
    Country & city: italyt, Milan
    Very very very bad experience. I felt like I was abandoned to myself, lost a lot of money (for me) and I had not any kind of assistance. The account manager made me open some operations (volume 2) exactly balanced (one in sell and one in buy); after two days I saw that one of these was growing very well, but in the meantime the other was growing negatively in the same measure, of course. Called and sent messages via Skype... no answer and after 4 days I found my operations erased and my account balance reduced to 1/10 of my initial deposit. What can I do, on your opinion, to try to re-have my money? This fact happened a second time. All operations balanced, minimun equity of 35 euros, and after three days they were full erased and my balance zeroed. I call every day via skype, via chat, open a support ticket. Nothing, the tickets have been closed without any reply and all the calls are without an answer. Absolutely don't trust in this broker.
  4. Calvin says:
    Country & city: germany
    Rating: .....
    CAPITALPHA.Its the first time that a brokerage firm gives me full support and assistance on every position that i open.I am working with this company since 1 year and thankfully i am generating over 30% consistantly every month.My initial deposite was 1000$.Withdrawing system is easy and fast,i can withdraw my money in less than 4 hours. Strongly reccomended.
  5. chong says:
    Country & city: malaysia
    Rating: .....
    Working with capitalpha since 10 months. I am very happy with my profits till now. strongly reccomended
  6. SL says:
    Country & city: United Arab Emirates
    Rating: .
    I received a cold call from a UK number, from Catialpha asking me if I knew about the electric car GM was producing... there then followed a convoluted conversation until I asked if this was shares or CFD? The caller kept replying to my questions with other questions; he wouldn't answer any of my questions, but he did try to use trading jargon in our conversation. I asked him 3 times what his offer was (i.e. why was he calling me) but he failed. IMHO this sounded like a boiler room share scam and not a reputable broker.
  7. Philipp says:
    Country & city: UK
    Rating: .....
    Great experience, i can trade anything anytime and i always know that i have someone who can advise me in any direction...A+
  8. Anita says:
    Country & city: Greece
    Rating: .
    A very bad experience as i had invested 200 euros through the persuasive efforts of account managers donald Bloomberg and aaron kingsberg....but after i had deposited i had asked help to earn profits but since i cant be online due to my job i cant do the trading i had trusted mr. kingsberg and had given him my account password so he can trade for me in my absence...but when i checked my trading account the 200 euros had declined to 43 euros....what the fuck ! i had written messages to the company to explain how i lost so much money without me trading and i had just trusted my account manager to trade for me....but i had not received any reply and it shows the company just neglected my account without profits instead i got losses....they had assured me that i will earn profits but the opposite happened....a win win situation becomes a loss loss situation...what a shame ! so its just for promotional purposes and not really helping their clients who had risked their hard earned money to earn extra profits...may God save your souls !