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CM Trading review

23 July 2020

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If you’re new to the Forex market it can be a bit daunting when faced with the number of Forex brokers to choose from. CM Trading is also a bit of a newcomer, as it was established in 2011. CM Trading is the brand name of Global Capital Markets Trading Ltd, which is a company based in the Seychelles.
After an initial browse of their website we were pleased to see they have a whole page dedicated to the regulations they comply with, rather than having it written in small print at the bottom of every page. Clients of Global Capital Markets Trading Ltd, via CM Trading Forex Brokers, can sleep soundly in their beds as they are protected under the financial regulation of the Financial Services Board of South Africa.

What CM Trading Forex brokers have to offer

CM Trading operates out of Johannesburg, South Africa, and also has an operating center in the Seychelles. It offers a full trading service for clients across the globe. Many of the services and features on offer can’t be found anywhere else. The learning center is definitely worthy of recognition as it is top class, informative, and extensive. This particular Forex broker is very innovative and provides an enjoyable trading environment, for both new and experienced traders. It also boasts quick order execution from major liquidity providers.
A great innovation of CM Trading is their Copykat platform, which harnesses the power of social media to make Forex trading easy. Using this unique trading platform traders can search and follow other traders on the network.
The regulations in South Africa are very strict and well-organized, much like Europe and the UK, so investors can feel confident their deposits are safe, as they are segregated from operating capital in secure accounts. Here is the place to mention that the broker Xtrade is also regulated by FSB.

CM Trading Forex brokers offer MetaTrader 4

CM Trading uses the very popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) as one of their platforms. It does have to downloaded as a software package, but is nevertheless very easy. The trading platform itself will take a little time to understand, but it’s definitely worth the effort, and many other traders will agree. Through the MT4 trading platform traders can choose from a number of charting options to track market performance of a range of currency pairs. It only takes a click of a button and trades are executed almost instantly, based on real-time information.
There are also platforms for mobile devices, as well as a no-download trading platform called WebTrader. CM Trading CopyKat is also easily accessed through WebTrader.

A range of account types with CM Trading

There are a number of options if you plan on opening an account with CM Trading, all of which have a demo account option.

  • Mini account – Minimum deposit is $250, and leverage is 1:200. There is also a daily market review, weekly market review and CM Trading E-book.
  • Standard account – Minimum deposit is $1000 and leverage is 1:200. There is a regular spread and also the offer of a CMT Debit Card. Added to that there is 1 risk free trade up for grabs, and webinars to introduce new traders to the world of Forex.
  • Equity account – This requires a minimum deposit of $5000 and has a much tighter spread. Leverage is 1:200, and this time there are 2 risk free trades. Further education is available with a webinar to help understand technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Gold account – A minimum deposit of $25000 gets access to competitive spreads, same day withdrawals, 3 risk free trades, 2 trading strategies and even more interesting and informative webinars including one on the psychology of trading.

There is also an Islamic account option.

ScreenshotsCM Trading homeCM Trading accounts

A variety of payment methods are available

Funding an account is easy with CM Trading as it accepts all major credit and debit cards, wire transfers, Skrill, and CashU. Withdrawals are an absolute breeze with many processed within 24 hours, providing all required documentation is in order. CM Trading also offer their own prepaid Mastercard to its clients.
Customer support is outstanding, and is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. There is a live chat option, which is something we always prefer, as well as an email option, and the chance to speak with one of the sixteen international direct phone lines.
The reputation of this fairly new Forex broker is certainly very good, and it’s hardly surprising. It has made its name for many reasons but the biggest by far is its reputation as the best training broker in the industry. The educational material available is better than any others and includes training videos, expert advisors, webinars, fundamental analysis, trading signals and much more.
While CM Trading may be located in a country that for some will seem very far away, it by no means falls behind the competition. They offer a very competitive service and have made it their mission to over something more than all the others. The whole trading experience is very enjoyable, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

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11 comments on “CM Trading Review”

  1. Jon says:
    Rating: .....
    I started trading on CMTrading back in October and so far I have found great success. Most of my success is due to their training videos and Sirix platform, with the CopyKat feature! Withdrawals are processed within 24hours and their MasterCard can be used Worldwide. The one thing I didn't quite liked is that their support is not available during the weekends, but other than that their support is outstanding Recommend it
  2. Florijan says:
    Country & city: South Africa, Pretoria
    Rating: .....
    Great Broker, Number one in South Africa in my honest opinion. Their CopyKat feature if utilized the right way will yield killer profit with minimal risk. The charts offered by CMTrading are useful and without unnecessary gaps. One thing that could be classified as a 'con' is their mid-range minimum deposit of $250
  3. Aleksandar Panev says:
    Country & city: Macedonia
    Rating: .....
    started trading with CMTrading a year ago and I recommend them. I love their fast withdrawals which are processed in the business days. That gives me more confidence because in the business days they are veryfing the money. Also, I will recommend to the emails updates, there are many interesting promotions!
  4. Milencheto says:
    Country & city: Cape Town, South Africa
    Rating: ....
    I am trading with CMTrading for 8 months and I must say that they are better than expected. Recommended broker for anyone that wants simple, informative charts, simple and usable platform and a unique feature - the Sirix platform. Withdrawals are fast and easy. I also got their MasterCard.
  5. Marija says:
    Rating: .....
    CMTrading is my first Live account after switching between demos for almost a year. Their training videos helped me develop my trading skills, and watching more experienced traders through the CopyKat I learned a lot of new things. Top stuff.
  6. Chris says:
    Country & city: South Africa
    Rating: .....
    They offer a lot of different trading options which brings variety on the table. Also, their e-book and their webinars will teach you a lot of things. CMTrading's bonuses and rewards are one of a kind in the FX World, the only broker I've seen to actually try to give back to the community
  7. Kyle Duncan says:
    Country & city: Pretoria, SA
    Rating: ....
    Great broker, the one thing I would add in regard to the other comments is that even tho they don't charge for deposits/withdrawals there might be applicable fees by your Visa/MasterCard provider
  8. Ken Knight says:
    Country & city: Pretoria, South Africa
    Rating: ....
    Most of my experiences with CMTrading were positive, however a brick wall for myself was that their support is not available during the weekend when I am the most active, because I work full time Mon-Fri. However, I managed to get through this issue by setting up a daily trading routine of two hours. The guys at CMTrading were understanding and very helpful. Thank you to you CMTrading, and to you dear reader, and hopefully we will meet at the Sirix platform, the social trading platform of CMTrading
  9. Boyana says:
    Country & city: South Africa
    Rating: .....
    I have been trading for more than 1 year and never have issue with CMTrading. I am very happy with their facility especially Copykat Platform that other brokers do not offer. It really helps since I was beginner in trading world before because it let me to observe how people trade and learn much from those. I recently joined their IB program. They emphasize transparency and giving much interesting offers. CM Trading is a real promising broker that grow fast in Forex Trading world.
  10. Martin says:
    Country & city: South Africa, Pretoria
    Rating: ....
    As a young trader I started out with a couple of brokers before switching to CMTrading. I love their training videos which few months back helped me gain skills that help me make profit today! In addition, on a regular basis I use their Free signals which are spot-on. CMTrading’s Support is top notch, and it is available 24 hours a day, monday-friday! I love CMTrading’s fast withdrawals, which are processed within 24 HOURS! After I got their Master Card it is easier than ever to withdrawal, because their MasterCard can be used WorldWide
  11. Laura Reynolds says:
    Country & city: Pretoria
    Rating: ....
    Great article on CMTrading. The thing that I find the most convenient about CMTrading is their MasterCard being available worldwide! I am a person that travels a lot with my husband, and being able to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide is a major convenience. Shout out to the guys at CMTrading, keep up the good work!