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MeritKapital review

22 July 2020

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MeritKapital is not your average brokerage company that offers the traditional Forex trading platforms through the tried and tested Forex brokerage model. Instead, MeritKapital serves as your one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs by providing a diverse range of services such as asset management, financial brokerage, underwriting, and custodian services. MeritKapital Forex brokerage services are delivered via the Direct Market Access platforms or through OTC (Over The Counter) products, which enables the company to either match orders internally, or pass them to a global liquidity provider. MeritKapital transacts its client orders through a hybrid of market maker and direct market access protocols, which does have a slight conflict of interest when compared to regular ECN/STP Forex brokers. MeritKapital is a financial company that is located in Cyprus and London, which brings the company under the stringent regulatory guidelines imposed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). MeritKapital has an excellent presence on the European continent and has the sufficient authorizations to operate in the entire EU through the European Economic Area agreement. Together with a sound management team, MeritKapital does have the financial backing and the market expertise to become a leading financial company in the financial markets.








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A Brief Introduction To MeritKapital Trading Accounts And Services

MeritKapital indulges in a full range of services, with Forex and equities brokerage being an integral part of the company’s overall services portfolio. MeritKapital has a particular affinity towards Ruble and its allied currency pairs, but the company offers all accepted G10 currency pairs through the OTC and cash-settlement execution protocols. Such a trading policy ensures that clients do get access to the best market quotes and instant pricing, but on the downside, MeritKapital has high spreads that may lead to increased cost of trading. MeritKapital offers a standard Forex trading account for all traders that make an initial deposit of $100, which grants access to only a single type of trading account. The maximum MeritKapital leverage is 1:100, but the company does allow a broad range of trading strategies such as scalping and hedging that are banned in countries such as the US. However, the major drawback of trading with the company is the high MeritKapital spreads, which can charge traders as much as 3 to 6 pips on major currency pairs during normal trading conditions. Traders that are looking for the most competitive spreads in the market are sure to avoid trading with MeritKapital, especially due to the pretty ordinary trading conditions.

MeritKapital’s Unique Choice of A Trading Platform

There isn’t any proprietary MeritKapital trading platform, nor does the company offer third-party trading software such as the MT4 or other leading independent platforms. Instead, all clients receive access to the Bloomberg FX GO trading platform, which is an advanced trading terminal used by professional traders and institutional investors. On the one hand, the Bloomberg FX GO trading interface has an excellent set of trading tools and indicators that are used by professional traders, but on the contrary, newbie traders will find it hard to get acclimatized with the advanced trading platform. The Bloomberg FX GO platform is not easy to use as the popular MT4 terminal, but traders can use the platform without any issues after a fair amount of practice and training. Mobile traders can download the MeritKapital mobile apps by visiting their respective app stores for the mobile version of the Bloomberg FX Go interface. Traders are also provided the opportunity of logging into a web trading interface, which has most of the features of the desktop installable interface, albeit with slight differences. Regardless of the obvious differences between the Bloomberg terminal and the other popular trading interfaces in the Forex market, MeritKapital trading accounts should offer consistent and reliable trading performance, notwithstanding the higher trading costs.

Are My Funds Secure With MeritKapital?

meritkapital.jpgMeritKapital is regulated by the FCA and the CySEC, which offers a hefty amount of regulatory conditions for brokers operating in the European financial markets. The CySEC is a major participant in the European financial regulatory commissions, the ECB, and the European MiFID derivatives, which makes it one of the most respected regulatory authorities in the entire world. Up until the recent British referendum, the FCA was a prominent part of the European regulatory framework, which has helped Europe to become one of the premier destinations for Forex traders, global investors, and Forex trading companies. European regulatory guidelines are dedicated in their efforts to protect investors from any broker malpractices or financial scams, which are some of the significant risks posed by a brokerage company to its clients. The FCA and the CySEC work according to a global set of rules and regulatory policies that force companies into adhering to a strict code of conduct that protects the integrity of the traders in the market. Every broker operating in the UK and Cyprus are required to prove that they have the sufficient capital requirements that are necessary to meet their clients’ debt obligations. The FCA and the CySEC have different independent authorities that monitor the financial activities of a regulated firm, to ensure that no company meritkapital newsindulges in any financial malpractice, which is aided by certified third-party audit reports that are to be submitted by regulated Forex brokers on a periodic basis. Once you deposit your trading capital into MeritKapital, the company moves your fund to a secure bank account that is segregated from the broker’s core operating accounts. Segregated accounts help in differentiating clients’ money from the company’s working capital, which in turn helps in refunding money to its customers in the unfortunate event of a broker winding up its business without warning. If a broker is unable to meet its clients’ debts, there are other insurance schemes available from the FCA and the CySEC, which include the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) respectively. The FSCS protect traders for up to £50,000, while the ICF offers protection of up to €20,000 in the case of broker insolvency.

MeritKapital Customer Service & Final Review

MeritKapital is required to have an excellent customer service portal to help customers with their concerns, but the company has introduced a sub-par customer support channel that can be improved on many counts. Although there is a live chat feature, it ‘s hard to contact the department during regular market hours, in which case, you have to send an email and await a response. The official MeritKapital website also does not offer any detailed information about the trading products, which does prevent traders from getting timely information about the company’s products and services. You may be able to enjoy more benefits and better trading services from our recommended Forex brokers that have time and again proved to be some of the best service providers in the market. However, MeritKapital does not have any other security or regulatory issues, should you wish to trade the Forex market or equities with the company.
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