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When it comes to being treated differently and in a more exclusive manner, the word VIP is often bandied around, however it is a word that is often never fully understood. VIP is a popular saying, and some of us even love calling ourselves VIPs, but do we actually know what this abbreviation means? You might not know it, but financial trading has a VIP zone, too. To be more specific what we are talking about is not a single unreachable zone. On the contrary – there are dozens of VIP zones and you are able to join them too. What we are talking about is VIP Forex brokers. Perhaps you may have heard of them and the extras and privileges that they offer? Well, today, you will find out more about VIP Forex brokers and discover whether being a member of a VIP Forex broker is actually worth it.

What Is It Like to Be With a VIP Forex Broker?

As you no doubt know, the abbreviation VIP stands for “very important person”, and it usually refers to someone who is rich or talented. Being a VIP Forex broker member is similar to this, as in most cases, a trader who signs up to a VIP Forex website is both rich and talented. However, it is also possible for an inexperienced trader to join a VIP broker as long as he can pay. So what does this mean? In short, a VIP Forex broker is one which requires a bigger first minimum deposit amount, and in another difference from standard platforms, the traders who join a VIP trading site will invest more funds when compared to regular investors. All of this means that VIP brokers are simply high deposit Forex brokers, and it is solely the high deposit that marks traders out as a VIP audience. This means that even if a trader is not particularly skilled, he can still become an official VIP trading member simply by investing a bigger deposit. However, there is more to it than that. Eventually, if a trader cannot cannot cover the cost of his own investments, he will have to leave the site and return to being a regular trader on a standard trading website.

What Do You Get From VIP Forex Brokers?

VIPs should get more if they pay more, right? And profits are not included in this. You only make profits if you are a skilled investor. However if you pay more to the broker, the broker is supposed to reward you, and make you feel like a real VIP. High deposit Forex brokers have excellent benefits for their customers, and here you can find out just what exactly you can get from a VIP forex broker if you decide to leave the standard trading platforms and become a VIP.

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– Personal account manager
This is the top and most popular feature that a trader that is officially registered with a VIP Forex broker will receive. So what is a personal account manager? You can also choose this option when you use a standard broker, however you will need to pay for it. However, when you are registered with a VIP Forex broker, you get this service for free. In general, a personal account manager is a professional trader, who trades from your personal account on your behalf when you are unavailable to do so. This is an excellent opportunity, because most brokers, especially VIP Forex brokers, will never risk their reputation and so always hire incredibly talented personal account managers with lots of experience in the field.

– More and bigger bonuses
Those who invest bigger deposits will get bigger and better bonuses, too. VIP Forex brokers reward their traders with a better variety of bonuses that can usually not be found on traditional trading platforms. Here is one example: deposit bonuses are always 100% and the refer a friend program makes it possible for you to invest a standard deposit thanks to a friend.

– VIP Forex brokers are also generous with information
In a world where trading and money are involved, information is one of the most powerful resources that will gain you more funds and and help to make your trading more profitable. This is what any VIP Forex trading system will offer you as a VIP client. This information includes financial news in real time and analysis from professionals in the field. Access to this information and news helps to inform your trades more effectively, which of course, makes you closer to becoming rich.

– Specially tailored VIP tools for advanced traders
Of course, these kinds of tools are actually more suitable for beginners in the field, but for some reason VIP Forex brokers have decided to offer them to VIP traders. Auto signals and hedging tools are the most common extras that a VIP customer of a financial trading platform can get. The signals are mainly designed to be automatic traders – like personal account managers – while hedging, as you might already know, is probably one of the most successful and promising approaches to trading.

– Higher level of safety

XTrade Forex BrokerXTrade Forex Broker

This particular feature that VIP Forex traders receive is mainly linked to financial transactions. Of course, it does not mean that if you are not registered with a VIP platform, your money is not safe. However VIP measures enjoy even better security. Generally, their transactions go through a double checking procedure, and money-laundering measures are also better for high deposit Forex brokers.

– Higher trading numbers
This means that you will get better spreads and pips. This leads to the conclusion that if you are a VIP trader, you will get a higher payout ratio. Please bear in mind though that you are still exposed to risk and therefore, your profits will only be bigger if you are a talented enough trader, and not because of higher indicators in the financial trading tables.
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VIP Forex Broker or VIP Account in Forex Broker

VIP accountFor those of you who are not yet clear on the subject, we have been talking about specially tailored high deposit Forex brokers. However, there is another way that you can get the VIP extras that we have just listed. You can stay with your current trading platform instead of using a VIP trading website but still have a financial personal manager or bigger bonuses. Simply put, you just switch to another account type with your current broker. The conditions will remain the same, with the only difference being that the VIP account is situated in a location that standard traders are able to access, while VIP Forex brokers are are in a location that can only be visited and used by VIPs. However, the features, privileges and the main philosophy of participating in Forex trading is entirely the same. You should of course note that different high deposit Forex brokers have different VIP services, and the different VIP accounts from different brokers will vary too. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be surrounded only by VIP traders, or whether you want to have the option of returning to your standard account on a traditional website. Last, but not least, bear in mind that VIP Forex brokers are not easily found as they are not as numerous as traditional trading sites. As for VIP accounts, almost every standard broker has this as an option alongside their premium, demo or standard account types.
Becoming part of the high deposit Forex broker community requires a lot of responsibility. You need to be prepared to invest and lose lot of money as that is how VIP trading works. If you cannot deal with this or you don`t feel experienced enough, you should wait, or try out a VIP Forex broker account first, so that you have the opportunity to go back to a normal account if you wish. Still, no one can deny that getting all of these extras as a VIP trader sounds appealing, so why not give it a try by visiting a reliable and reputable VIP financial trading platform? Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions first to be sure you know what to expect.

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