FXTM Deposit Bonus Review – Every Deposit is Profitable!

Not every Forex broker in the industry can offer their customers bonus opportunities, but FXTM broker is not on the list of such brokers. Established in 2011 FXTM is one of the top brokers in the industry and recently the operator decided to introduce a new deposit bonus giving users a 30% boost of up to 150$ that you can use for trading.

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FXTM Forex broker is currently available in more than 150 countries around the world. There are no certain limitations whatsoever on the distribution of the bonus to different citizens. Though the maximum amount of funds specified by the bonus is equal to $150. Mathematically, you can deposit only $500, which is the largest amount.

The bonus applies only to Cent and Zero accounts. The minimum deposit when users will be eligible for this promotion is equal to $100. Keep in mind that it is a limited-time offer lasting only the 12th of May, 2021.


FXTM Deposit Bonus – Specific Characteristics

The bonus offered by the FXTM Forex broker is one of the best ones you can find around the Internet. You are not limited in your deposits – you can transfer as much money as you want on your balance and every time you will get an extra 30% of your deposit!

To reiterate once again, the maximum amount of extra money is $150, so the max they can deposit to receive this amount is $500. It is necessary to consider because if you deposit $700 for example you will still get $150 and no more.

Zero and Cent accounts might seem obscure to new traders but actually, they are pretty simple to understand. Zero accounts are the ones where there are no differences between ask and bid prices. This is one type that can be used for this bonus. Cent accounts, as the name itself suggest, is an account which is represented in cents. If you have $10, in Cent accounts they will be shown in cents which is 10,000. So it gives no real difference compared to standard accounts.


Get FXTM Bonus – Engage in Forex Trading!

There is little time left to claim this FXTM bonus. The broker offers a 30% boost of up to $150 on your deposits. You are not limited in the transferred money – fill your balance as many times as possible and get this offer from one of the most prominent brokers in the FX industry. All you need to do is just register on the website, deposit a minimum of $100 and begin the trading process. Platforms, extra material, and additional tools are available for you to be more efficient and get profits! What you are waiting for? The bonus is here and all you have to is to claim it!

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