The Best Forex Brokers in UAE – Which One is the Best

If you are a UAE resident, there are numerous opportunities that you may find useful in order to begin trading in the Forex market. The central bank of the UAE is the primary regulatory authority. Furthermore, there are organizations such as the SCA (Security and Commodities Authority). So, if Brokerage firms wish to be licensed in the UAE, they need to follow the laws of the aforementioned regulating agencies.

Best UAE Forex Brokers – Why We Chose Them

A regulated Forex broker is one that has been registered with a financial organization in their own country and must comply with its stated laws and rules. A license is essentially a request from the country’s most prominent financial experts. Any Currency trading scam worries are automatically removed for any brokerage that has a regulation.

There are several UAE forex brokers that offer various important trading features including the fact that they are highly regulated by the financial regulator Security and Commodities Authority. On top of that, they have other important offerings such as an attractive amount of leverage ratio, good promotions, great customer service, and so forth. Here is the list of one of the greatest Forex brokers in the United Arab Emirates.

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How We Chose The Best UAE Forex Brokers

choosing UAE brokersAs we have already mentioned, there are several important characteristics that every UAE Forex broker company should have in order to be one of the best in the industry and in order for them to have a lot of active traders in the country. Even though the regulatory status is key when it comes to trading in the foreign exchange market, there still are other various essential trading features and services that they need to offer their customers. Here is the list of the major features that every good broker company should have in order to be considered as a successful organization in this financial business. The list includes:

  • Regulation – The goal of regulation is to ensure sustainable and honest corporate practices. usually, regulatory contracts require every foreign currency broker, financial institution, and signal provider to work in strict accordance with the norms and standards established by the Foreign exchange regulators, or their actions may be ruled illegal. These organizations must be registered and regulated in the nation where they operate to guarantee that quality control criteria are fulfilled.
  • Local-currency accounts – Another important thing that every UAE Forex broker should have is a local currency trading account. This is a very important aspect that enables the local traders to open their trading positions and deposit their money with the local currency, without any obstacles.
  • Local payment methods– By allowing customers to pay in their chosen method, a service provider has a chance to improve his overall sales. There are several types of local methods of payment, such as e-wallets, debit cards, coupons, and prepaid and pre-authorized cards.
  • Spread sizes– A low spread indicates that the gap between the bid and ask price is minimal. It is best to trade whenever the level of spreads is low. In general, a low spread means that volatility is on the low level and liquidity is strong. It is especially important for a UAE broker to have a low spread because it automatically means the trader will have to pay less and will be able to generate more money instead.
  • Asset Diversity – this is also a very important factor when it comes to choosing the best broker. This is because a good company is required to offer its customers a lot of trading opportunities, not only Forex but also stocks, indices, commodities, and other important assets as well. when the broker has all those options, it already talks a lot about the company’s quality.
  • Customer Service in the native language– This factor is important because there are several cases when the local traders, who do not know the language other than their native one, have serious problems or misunderstandings about the trading process. So it is sometimes extremely necessary that customer service is in a native language and traders are able to fix all their problems easily.
  • Account type diversity – We all know that there are several types of trading accounts in the Foreign exchange market. They all provide different types of trading features and different important trading alternatives. Therefore, if a good broker offers an account type diversification this will automatically mean that every trader, no matter the beginner or professional one, will be able to choose between their favorable and suitable account type and start trading after that.

How Are Forex Brokers in The UAE Regulated?

While talking about UAE forex brokers it should definitely be mentioned that there are several institutions and organizations that are in charge of regulating this industry in the nation. As we have already noted, The central bank of the UAE is the primary regulatory authority. Furthermore, there are organizations such as the SCA (Security and Commodities Authority). So, if Forex brokers wish to be licensed in the UAE, they must abide by the laws of the abovementioned regulating agencies.

To be authorized by the central bank, the broker company must be run by a local resident. Before submitting papers for evaluation to local governing bodies, all papers must be prepared in the local language. Aside from that, companies must have at least $8 million in capital as well as a $6 million deposit. The needed investment must be deposited in a UAE bank.

On top of that, another thing that should also be mentioned here is the fact that if you are trading Forex in the UAE, you should be aware that in most situations, you will see only swap-free accounts, which indicates that there are no interest rates and hence no money can be earned with the swaps.

How to Start Forex Trading in UAE – Step by Step

If you want to start trading in the Foreign exchange market in the United Arab Emirates, there are few things that you need to know more about this issue. First of all, one of the most essential things is that If they wish to provide services to locals, most of the brokers in the nation are required to have an Islamic Trading Account. This is done for religious reasons in the region. Muslims, due to the Quran, are not permitted to borrow or lend money with the expectation of receiving interest. And, because of the way leverage works in foreign exchange, standard trading accounts typically pay interest to brokerage in order to trade with them. The “interest” component of the trading account is just removed in Islamic accounts, making them halal.

So here are several steps that you should follow if you want to start trading Forex.

Step 1 – Find a Broker

The first and most important step while starting trading in the foreign exchange market is to find a good and appropriate broker company to trade with. This is a very important process because it might define the investors’ trading career and their potential profits in the future.

Step 2 – Compare Brokers

Traders are recommended to compare the bonuses that the potential broker companies offer to their users. The higher the promotion the more incentive the traders will receive to continue opening their trading positions in the future in this financial market.

On top of that, another important trading feature that should also be compared is the spread size. The spread is the difference between the bid and ask prices.

Step 3 – Choose Your Account

Choosing an appropriate trading account is key while starting the trading process. If you are just starting your career, you are recommended to open a demo account which is offered by almost all types of brokers. This is probably the best opportunity for beginner traders who want to test out trading strategies, trading tools and find out how the foreign exchange market works in general.

Step 4 – Subscribe to Educational Material

If you are a beginner trader and just want to take your first step into the Forex market in the United Arab Emirates, the first thing you need to do is to subscribe to educational material related to the financial market you want to trade in. This will be extremely beneficial and helpful for your future trading career as it will have a huge impact on your development.

Step 5 – Start With a Demo Account

A demo account is your first step to trading. Before you master all of the dozens of different trading strategies, it’s recommended you try them out in a simulation to better prepare yourself for actual trading. Demo accounts don’t cost anything and are freely available with almost every broker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on UAE FX Brokers

How to start forex trading in UAE?

First of all, you should find an appropriate Forex broker to trade with. Then you should compare those brokers with each other and find out which is the most suitable for you. After you make a final decision, you will be able to open the trading account and start live trading with them.

Is forex trading legal in UAE?

Yes. It is governed by the Central Bank of UAE as well as the SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority). All brokers in the country need to have a license from these regulatory bodies if they want to accept local customers.

How Profitable is Forex Trading in UAE?

Trading in the UAE is just as profitable as everywhere else. Most traders would say that having a 5% profit rate is the likeliest rate, while anywhere between 7-8% is in the upper echelon.

Which broker is the best for forex trading in UAE?

There are a number of UAE forex brokers that provide a variety of key trading characteristics, including the fact that they are strictly regulated by the financial regulator Security and Commodities Authority. In addition, they have other key offers like a favorable leverage ratio, excellent promos, excellent customer service, and so on.

Do Forex traders pay tax in UAE?

In terms of the taxes, it should be noted that Forex revenues are tax-free for UAE citizens, which is why a lot of high-income individuals working in the United Arab Emirates also trade in the foreign exchange market. However, you should keep in mind that commissions and fees are dependent on the Forex broker company you choose. In some cases, they might charge you with a specific amount of money.

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