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The news team at TopRatedForexBrokers work around the clock to bring you the latest trading industry updates. Our combined years of experience and wide-ranging areas of specialization ensure that we leave no market unexplored.

We provide you with daily coverage of all the global events that have an impact on the financial world, as well as reporting on data releases and trading movements as they happen. Our market insights help to keep you fully informed on all things forex and more, so that you can perform fundamental analysis with ease.

Industry Expertise at Its Best

We’re a group of finance journalists, day traders, and market analysts with decades of combined professional experience. We stay on top of the markets and research around the clock, allowing us to bring you timely forex-related updates daily.

And that’s not all. We also feature the latest in cryptocurrency, commodity, stock, and index trading news to ensure you get a 360-degree overview of the industry.

Equipped with knowledge of the various markets, we know which trusted sources to tap into to deliver breaking financial news from around the world. Our eagle-eyed trading experts analyse price movements and chart formations on the go, anticipating major trends and giving in-depth insights to guide your next trading decision.

Whatever your trading interests and level of experience, you can rely on our daily coverage to bring you the headlines that matter and help you identify the right time to enter a trade.

Daily Updates and Assessments

At TopRatedForexBrokers, we make sure our coverage reaches a broad spectrum of readers, from followers of all things finance to beginner and expert traders. To do this, we offer both news and carefully constructed market analysis.

Our daily news updates focus on current international geopolitical affairs and economic trends, looking specifically at how they will affect the trading world. We also provide you with a feed of the latest tweets from prominent traders and financial advisors, so that you can get an overview of what’s going on in the industry in real time.

Our in-depth market analysis aims to go one step further. Our trading experts dissect the latest changes across currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, and crypto assets, assessing market sentiment and performing technical analysis too. This enables them to present you with trading tips and forecasts, based on accurate observations.

All of this adds up to a hub of information that you wouldn’t want to trade without. We certainly never visit our trading platform without checking in with our experts first, so why would you? Start reading our news and market analysis today to trade with confidence and awareness.

Meet Our Forex Experts

The TopRatedForexBrokers team boasts over 30 years’ collective experience in the trading market, and there isn’t much we don’t already know about the industry. We have a pool of experts who contribute their invaluable knowledge and insight daily to bring you the latest trade information.

Our eclectic team consists of journalists who have worked for leading news media channels, experienced market analysts, and specialized traders at leading brokerage firms and banks.
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Kate Leaman

Financial journalist, day trader, and mother of two
Industry specialization – Kate has years of expertise in FX and commodities, and more recently crypto trading
Professional background – Her career spans 10+ years as a trade news writer and market analyst across a variety of news and broker sites. She is also an experienced TV & radio reporter and presenter.
Other interests – Kate is a talented voice-over artist with a passion for reading, travel, and yoga
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