Dow Jones News and Calendar Events Review

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Dow Jones News and Calendar Events Review

FXTM is a regulated and authorized online Forex broker, which provides traders with a unique experience and several useful features like combined Dow Jones News and Calendar Events. Through the mentioned feature traders are allowed to get plenty of helpful information and conduct trading-related processes more confidently and efficiently. So, how does the above-mentioned feature work, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and what are the main things to know about it?

Dow Jones News and Calendar Events – How does it work?

Through the Dow Jones News and Calendar Events, traders can stay updated and get all the necessary information about the market movement and price changes. The advisor supplies you with real-time news, news reports, news releases, and calendar events.

FXTM broker has partnered with Acuity, which is an online appointment scheduling software. You can get the above-mentioned feature after downloading one of the most used trading platforms – MetaTrader. It is available both on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

For using the Dow Jones News and Calendar Events you need to register on FXTM and make your own account. For activating the mentioned feature you need to take some steps:

  1. Register on the FXTM;
  2. Install Metatrader;
  3. Download the Acuity Expert Advisor on the same device;
  4. After downloading the Acuity Expert Advisor open the file and set it up;
  5. After setting up click finish and open your MT platform;
  6. Click the Expert Advisor window in MetaTrader and make sure to give it access;
  7. Click the Acuity EA, then press yes and start trading.

After taking all of the above-mentioned steps you are ready to start using Dow Jones News and Calendar Events.

All the features that are provided by Dow Jones are combined in one terminal. You can see the latest news and events by clicking “Market Alerts”. Market Alerts show all of the information that describes customers’ sentiments, they measure their confidence based on past events and help you make more rational decisions.

What’s more, you can get bountiful benefits from news and an economic calendar. Because of the FX market’s volatility and instability, it’s always significant to stay updated and have information about the events that are going to have a drastic impact on the price changes. Through the mentioned feature, traders can get all the things that will help them to foresee the future and predict the changes that are going to take place in the marketplace.

Besides, the mentioned EA, which is developed by Acuity for FXTM users allows traders to get expert opinions about future changes and through that decide whether it worth it to implement certain trade-related actions or not. It should be noted, as well, that customers can filter events by their impact level and decide what kind of information they want to take – information that most supposedly will have a negative impact or the information, which is going to affect the market positively.

One of the main things about the feature is that it furnishes traders with information about live sentiment. Traders can see both Bullish and Bearish movements and see the changes in the people’s sentiments. Depending on that traders can define their next trading move.

When should you use the Dow Jones News and Calendar Events?

There is no meaning in between whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, it’s always beneficial to use the mentioned feature.

If you are an inexperienced trader, you can get a chance of finding out what are the main events and news you need to consider while trading Forex and how can they affect your profits. What’s more, through the EA you can get an unforgettable experience and get all the useful and profitable advice to make your trading successful.


  • ProSupported by MT4 and MT5 Automate analysis
  • ProAutomate determined sentiments
  • ProEasy to use
  • ProVisually designed


  • ConUnable to use on mobile devices
  • ConInstalling process take a little longer time


As the review shows, the Dow Jones News and Calendar Events is easy to use and provides traders with a unique experience. What’s more, it furnishes traders with the ability to get all the significant information about market movements and changes and don’t miss chances, which is significant for successful trading.

The review shows that the mentioned feature is suitable for both newcomers and experienced traders and it’s supported by one of the world-famous trading platforms MetaTrader.

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