FXTM broker is one of the global leaders in providing customers with different services including, FX, indices, commodities, and a decent trading environment. The broker is fully regulated and offers every necessary tool that is important for a trader. FXTM is present in numerous countries – it has a large base of customers which is growing gradually. Does not matter which type of trader you are, FXTM broker will suit all your needs and requirements.

It has not been too long since Forextime broker decided to introduce a mobile trading app for its customers to make everything simpler. With the mobile application basically, everything is in your hand – you can increase your trading experience and get the most from the broker. In a modern world, where technologies are rapidly developing and changing it is necessary to keep up with modern trends. FXTM broker decided to undertake this path by offering a completely new approach to trading and the mobile trading platform is clear proof of that. Are you interested to find out more about this application? Let’s delve deeper into it and check what this broker offers to its clients.

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What does FXTM Mobile App look Like?

Of course, you would be interested to know what the app looks like. You hold the market in the palm of your hand. The visual side of any application is really important because that’s how you can get the best user experience. Especially when we are talking about a mobile app that should be exempt from any useless features.

fxtm mobile This is a safe and secure tool that offers 24/5 live currency rates, account information, and the possibility to deposit and withdraw money in no time. Nothing is too complicated and that is something FXTM broker is aiming for – to create an atmosphere and space where traders can fulfill their needs. In the app, you can freely open and close positions, choose any type of trading that is convenient for you.

As for the visual side, it should be pointed out that the application is nicely designed and developers have put a lot of effort and energy to make the app attractive.

FXTM Mobile Trading Features

FXTM Mobile Trading Features

FXTM mobile trading application comes with unique features and benefits to users. First of all, we should mention its availability as you can use it on both Android and iOS devices. For the most part, the owners of iPhone devices cannot fully use all features of various trading apps but FXTM made it possible for customers. Secondly, you can trade on several devices – open a position on your laptop or PC and close it from your mobile. There is no need to download an extra trading platform – everything is embedded in FXTM Trader, so a few clicks are enough to start trading.

Trading Instruments

There are a plethora of trading instruments present on the FXTM mobile trading app. We should start with Forex because that’s what most traders prefer. Here you can access major, minor and exotic currency pairs. Spot metals are also present – trading gold and silver is possible through the application. What’s more, you can share CFDs on 180 major company shares. In short, a wide range of trading instruments will not leave you disappointed. Everything is visible in the trading application so go forward and choose your favorite one!

Available Leverage

Leverage is something that requires a lot of attention when choosing a particular broker. It is considered a double-edged sword for those who do not know how to properly use it. On FXTM broker, in mobile application, you are offered the same conditions as in traditional one. However, depending on the type of account, you are going to choose leverage could vary. For example in Standard accounts, leverage ranges from 1:1000 to 1:25. The same goes for ECN ZERO accounts. If we consider crypto trading, then the maximum leverage here could be 1:10.

Spread Range

Spread is the difference between the bid and ask price. On FXTM Forex broker you will encounter floating spreads starting from 0.1 pips. Once again, which type of account you are going to select in mobile trading spreads will vary. Sometimes they start from 0 pips – sometimes from 1.5.

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Pros & Cons of FXTM Mobile

FXTM Mobile app is an innovative thing that will delight every trader, preferring to carry out orders through mobile phones. However, nothing is only sunshine and rainbows. Alongside obvious advantages also come certain disadvantages. Pros of FXTM Mobile include speed, tools, one-click trading. As for the cons we can point out multitasking and non-customizability.

Pros & Cons of FXTM Mobile


Well, the pros of FXTM Mobile are obvious. First of all its uniqueness of allowing customers to trade from mobile devices is worth mentioning. Secondly, the speed of execution of trades is something noteworthy. It is super fast. Also, every tool you are going to use on your desktop computer will be available here. One-click trading is supported as well.


FXTM Mobile trading is superb in terms of the speed and execution of orders. You can be sure that lagging will not annoy you. FXTM broker keeps up with modern technology and trends, caring about the speed and enjoyment of customers. Traders, especially the ones with great experience, do not love waiting for a long time. A single hindrance in trading could eventually affect the whole process, thus in FXTM mobile trading, you won’t see any disruptions.


FXTM mobile trading supports over 250 tools! From Forex to metals you will find everything on the broker’s website. Mobile trading is no different – every tool available on desktop computers is also supported on mobile devices. Most traders choose trading instruments with good liquidity and sufficient dynamics of price movements, which allows you to make a profit. The trading tool that suits you should, among other things, also complies with your trading strategy and acceptable risk. Finding the right trading tools may require some time and some research, but FXTM broker has every possible instrument that might interest you. All types of trading tools that are most popular among active traders can be discovered.

One-click Trading

One-click trading is supported on FXTM mobile. This feature allows you to open and close trades in just one click, saving precious seconds on the opening of unnecessary windows and clicking confirmations. One-click trading appears to be inherent to MetaTrader platforms.

It is a great gift for any of the scalpers, the duration of the transaction, which can be only a few seconds. Also, trading in one click is convenient for traders who use different strategies, or another option of trading, implying the use of several open orders at the same time. Often when the trend reversal has to close all orders at once and seconds of delay result in points of loss.


With the pros of FXTM mobile trading, there are some flaws that we should thoroughly consider in our review. First of all the problem of multitasking arises. Even though mobile trading is convenient it does not have so many functionalities compared to PC. Furthermore, the mobile app is non-customizable.


The problem of multitasking often arises with users of mobile devices – does not matter which platform we are talking about. FXTM Mobile App without a question is fast, good, and decent but multitasking is not as easy as on Desktop. What we mean by multitasking is opening several windows, or tasks at the same time. On your laptop, you have more space for maneuvering and FXTM mobile is partially limited. When you open the application it is difficult to move from one task to another – you should have one window opened.


FXTM mobile trading app is non-customizable as you can’t download additional indicators and integrate them into the app like you can do with MetaTrader 4 on desktop. You download the app and nothing more – you cannot add anything, or integrate additional tools into the application, which is not the strength of the broker’s mobile application. Yet, trading different tools are possible without problems, but the absence of downloading additional indicators can be annoying.

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FAQ on FXTM Mobile

How can I download FXTM Mobile?

Depending on which device you are using, you should either go to App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to download the FXTM mobile app. This is the same for both new and existing clients. FXTM Mobile app is easy to download, does not require a lot of time, and installs by itself.

Does FXTM have an Android version?

Yes, FXTM supports an Android version of the application. To download the app, go to Google Play and find the product. Usually, Android versions of trading applications are faster so it could even add up and increase your trading process.

Does FXTM Mobile consume a lot of data?

No, FXTM Mobile does not consume a lot of data. Generally, it depends on the mobile phone you are using because new devices are usually faster and require more cellular data.

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