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Find a Trusted Payoneer Broker

Those who are looking to enhance security and convenience when sending and receiving payments online are turning to e-wallet services like Payoneer. When you trade with a Payoneer forex broker, you can enjoy several benefits when you deposit or withdraw using this payment method.

Ready to learn more about Payoneer forex brokers? On this page, you can view a chart with Payoneer forex brokers we recommend. You can also read on to learn all about the features and benefits of Payoneer. We will teach you how it works when depositing money into your forex account. Let’s begin.

Information About Payoneer

Payoneer is a well-known e-wallet service which can be used to send and receive money online while protecting one’s banking information. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in New York City. It has a strong reputation, and boasts major corporate clients such as Google, Amazon, Upwork, and AirBnB. This speaks highly to the company’s trustworthiness and reliability.

With mass payments being one of their specialty services, individuals may open Payoneer accounts as well and enjoy the same efficiency in payment processing for their personal needs.

Money can be deposited from a bank account into Payoneer, which then can be used to deposit funds into a forex account.

Payoneer also offers a prepaid MasterCard debit card. This can be reloaded with funds as needed for purchases.

On Payoneer, you can make payments for free, which means that you will not be charged to deposit into your FX account. Fees to receive money can range from 1-3%.

Payoneer has staff on hand that speaks multiple languages and offers customer service 24/7. So no matter where you are or when you need help, you should be able to get an agent to address your questions and concerns.

What is a Payoneer Broker?

A forex broker that accepts Payoneer for deposits and/or withdrawals is a Payoneer broker. As Payoneer is one of the world’s most widely-used electronic payment services, quite a few forex brokers are willing to accept payments from this provider.

How does it work? When you want to make a deposit using Payoneer, all you need to do is navigate to your forex broker’s deposit page. Once there, you select Payoneer as the method you wish to use. From there, you are guided through the screens which allow you to make a payment from your Payoneer account. It is simple and straightforward, very much like using any other e-wallet to make a payment.

Be sure to check when you are signing up whether the broker allows you to withdraw using Payoneer, or only permits you to deposit that way. At that rate, find out whether you are required to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals (as is quite common). Make sure that you are comfortable using Payoneer for both if so.

Keep in mind that not all Payoneer brokers are equal—more on that in just a bit. First, let’s talk a little more about the advantages of using Payoneer for deposits and withdrawals.

Why Would You Use a Payoneer Broker?

Why pick Payoneer as your deposit method for forex? There are quite a few benefits. First and foremost is simplicity, convenience, and flexibility. With Payoneer, you get to choose how to pay—whether to use the e-wallet service or a prepaid card. Because there are no fees for your outgoing transfers, depositing through Payoneer should be free (assuming your broker does not tack on fees).

Secondly, using Payoneer is a great way to protect your privacy. Your forex broker will not be storing your banking information. That data stays with Payoneer. This helps to shield your financial information in an era when security is more important than ever.

Another reason to choose a Payoneer broker is trust, reliability, speed, and efficiency of transfers. As you now know, Payoneer’s specialty is processing mass payments for big businesses. Those big businesses can rely on this payment provider for bulk payments, so you know you can depend on them as well.

That bodes well not only for deposits but also for withdrawals. Brokers that process withdrawals through this system should have no problem getting traders paid on time through Payoneer, even if there are a lot of withdrawal requests within a short timeframe and other methods are bogged down by all the requests.

Finally, the international, 24/7 support which you can enjoy with Payoneer is another excellent reason to choose this method for forex deposits and withdrawals. If you ever need assistance, someone will always be standing by ready to help with whatever you need.

How to Pick a Good Payoneer Broker

Selecting a high-quality Payoneer broker means choosing a broker that offers the same excellent features and benefits which you would look for regardless of the payment method you are using. But it also means picking a broker which will work well with Payoneer.

That means in terms of general features, you need to be picking a broker which not only accepts Payoneer, but operates with transparency and reliability. Look for a high-quality trading interface, acceptable lot sizes, the tools, indicators, and alerts that you need, and first-class support.

As for features specific to Payoneer, you should head over to the banking page to see transfer times and fees. Remember, there is a fee for incoming payments through Payoneer, so hopefully you can find a broker which does not add withdrawals fees.

Transfer times for Payoneer are a bit complicated. In general, it takes around two business days to process transfers. Payoneer users can in some cases change this by paying additional fees. This makes it possible to receive payments within two hours.

So you will want to look at two things with respect to your Payoneer broker. First, you will want to find out how quickly they process deposits through Payoneer. Can you expect your deposits to take a couple of days to arrive in your broker account, or will they appear within the same day?

Next, you will want to look at the withdrawal processing times—and you will want to find out whether you have the option of selecting instant loading for broker withdrawals to your Payoneer account. If you do, you may be able to receive your withdrawals within hours. In other situations, you may have to wait a couple of days for transfers to be completed.


These days, e-wallet services are all over the web. With dozens of options, it can be hard to know what to choose for your forex deposits and withdrawals. If you are looking for a service with a rock-solid reputation and which is trusted by businesses you trust, you cannot go wrong with Payoneer.

Once you have accounts with Payoneer and a forex broker that accepts Payoneer for deposits, you will be able to protect your banking information while quickly and reliably sending money between your accounts. You may even be given the flexibility to choose between whether you want higher fees and faster transfers, or whether you want to save money on fees while accepting slower transfers.

If you are ready to start trading FX with Payoneer for deposits, take a look at the chart on this page comparing Payoneer forex brokers. These are all sites that have passed our rigorous quality tests. Each allows you to choose Payoneer as your deposit method, and each should meet and exceed your expectations for ease-of-use, trading tools, customer service, and other requirements. If you still have questions, continue on to our FAQ below.


Q: Is Payoneer a safe, trusted e-wallet?

A: Absolutely. In fact, we can feel quite confident recommending Payoneer as a deposit method. Payoneer has around 4 million users in more than 200 countries. Companies like Amazon, Upwork, Fiverr, and DailyMotion use Payoneer to send out mass payments.

Just imagine what a mess it would be for a major company like Amazon to lean on an e-wallet it could not trust. Payoneer is able to keep up with the massive demand for rapid payments which big businesses need to process to thousands of customers, freelancers and affiliates. It can keep up with your FX deposit needs as well.

Q: Is Payoneer free to use?

A: Payoneer is free to join, and you can make deposits using Payoneer free of charge as well. There are fees for withdrawals, ranging between 1-3%. A number of factors impact how much you pay. Remember, you may even have the option of paying more for faster transfers if you desire.

Q: How fast are Payoneer payments?

A: Payoneer payments typically transfer in two business days or less. For a higher fee, it is possible to get paid within two hours.

Q: How can I get started with a Payoneer forex broker?

A: It’s easy! First, make sure you have a Payoneer account and that you have deposited some money into it. Then, just look for a broker that accepts this payment method. A great starting point is the chart on this page. These vetted brokers offer fast and affordable deposits and withdrawals through Payoneer, and provide you with plenty of other great features and benefits as well.

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