Let`s talk about Forex bonus forecast today!

Dear Forex traders, you might have been here on our page for a while, reading and learning everything we post and explain to beginners like you, but do not hurry up with conclusions like “Ok, I am done. I know now everything and I can be a real Forex trading pro”. Remember that learning will continue even after your first trades, your first winning. Things in online financial trading are quite dynamic and there are changes and new additions all the time. If you want to be a real pro, you really need to follow these innovations and changes. Some of them might be ok for you, but others will not. The point is to be fully aware of them – like for the new b onus types, for instance. Today, we will discuss such a new Forex bonus type that has recently become a common part of some of the best brokers` platforms. So you might find this new bonus in your own financial trading platform, too. We are talking about Forex bonus forecast. Let`s learn about it more now and in details!

How does Forex bonus forecast look like?

forecast fx bonusesIt looks like a real contest – you participate in an event, where you compete with other customers, who are also registered in this particular broker and the winner, as we usually say in life, takes it all. The essence behind the Forex bonus forecast that distinguishes it from other types of contests – like sports or music contests – is hidden in the world forecast. Forecast means you need to predict something. And here, in different Forex bonus forecasts your goal to win the contest is to predict the market price of a certain asset during a certain period – like tomorrow, the next week and etc. In most cases, the winner is only one person, who succeeds to be the first to mention the exact price of the asset. However, if the forecast of any customer is not precise, the winner becomes the client with the closest forecast. This leads to the conclusion that the Forex bonus forecast is a typical contest bonus. There are other contests – for instance, demo contests, where customers, who are not yet ready to trade with their real money, make trades with virtual currencies, provided by the broker. The demo customer with the best outcomes gets the bonus. When you win a Forex bonus forecast, though, there are different types of rewards you can win. Some brokers provide money – concrete amount of money, others will give % of the winning according to the preciseness of your forecast and the number of people, who have the same prediction. Few brokers tend to provide physical prizes like iPods and other mobile devices to encourage their audience to make trades via their new mobile platforms.

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How to get a Forex forecast bonus?

There are some requirements for you to participate in the contest for making the prediction of a certain market price for a specific asset. Here they are:
You need to be officially registered in the broker, who provides the specific Forex forecast bonus. You cannot participate in some other broker`s contests, while you are a client of another broker. Please, be aware that the registration should be fully completed – including the verification some brokers usually require.

Try your look and your prediction skills with a good Forex forecast bonus. You might be able to earn even money than from your ordinary financial trading activity. On mandatory, share with us your success. We will keep our fingers crossed for you and for your prediction, guys! Good luck!

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