How Forex Rebates Work

There`s a loss and a win in financial trading just like in any game or commercial deal. But when you make a strike, or an attempt, you are making a tiny win to gain more experience, to get closer to the final satisfying outcome. We don’t know whether you understand why we are saying all of these things to you, but we’re fully sure that after reading this article, you’ll get it – the whole truth about the winning activity behind Forex trading. So, if you are already curious about what we are talking about, here is a hint from us: Forex rebates. Do you know what they are? Have you ever heard of them? Here is your chance to figure it out! Find out more about Forex rebates now!

What exactly are Forex rebates ?

forex rebateWhen you hear of Forex rebates, some of you might thing that these are kinds of assets. No, they are not! Others will believe that Forex rebates are trading instruments. Ok, you are quite close to the truth, but not exactly. As a matter of fact, Forex rebates are also well known by the name of rebate pips. Does this throw some light on it now? Well, if not, then we will have to explain to you more about Forex rebates, as you may be beginners in the field – not that there’s anything bad about that. Actually, if you’re finding out about the rebate pips now when you’re just a beginner, you’re already a winner – because once you understand what they are, you’ll be happy to find out that there are such things out there among the different global Forex brokers. Forex rebates are actually kinds of bonuses. You can find them in a broker’s promotion or bonus section – or next to “Forex no deposit bonus”, “Forex refer a friend programme”, etc. The thing is that Forex rebates are indeed a bit more complicated, but once you find out how they work you will be thrilled to start using them the right away.

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How do rebate pips work on a Forex broker’s website?

Forex rebates are pips, or parts of one single bonus. They are not several types or kinds of bonuses, but elements of one promotion. The promotion works this way: You receive some cash – either as a % of some amount or as an exact amount of money – due to some particular activity on the website. Depending on the broker’s conditions, these are the types of Forex rebates you can encounter; or in other words, these are the two ways in which rebate pips can work:

  • Forex rebates for a trade – If your Forex rebates are made to correspond to your trades, then they work this way: You have received a bonus of a certain %. Let’s imagine it is 50%. This means that anytime you make a trade on this website, your account will be credited with 50% of your trade stake amount, regardless of whether or not you will eventually win. So you trade 50 USD and you have a 50% Forex rebate. If this was the last money in your Forex broker account and you trade at a loss, you will still have 25 USD due to the rebate pips.
  • Forex rebates for a loss – Traders tend to love these types of rebate pips, because they let them win even if they lose! How can this happen? The terms and conditions of this type of bonus let you return (like a cash-back bonus) a certain amount of your loss. Imagine you are provided with 100% Forex rebates and you trade 50 USD, but this was the last available money in your account, and you lose. You will end up with the same amount you had before making the trade: 50 USD.

What do I have to do to use my Forex rebates?

Here, you will find everything required from you to get the rebate pips. Note that these are only common terms and conditions, and you need to read each broker’s rules for its Forex rebates:

  • You need to have an official registration with a particular broker. You cannot use some other broker’s pip rebates, if you have  not completed their registration form – including the verification section.
  • You must open an official account, which means that you have to have already deposited your primary deposit according to the site’s minimum requirement.
  • You need to make a trade, and only then will the credited amount of your Forex rebates be deposited in your Forex broker e-wallet.

How do you find a decent broker offering such rebates?

It’s not hard at all. Check out your own broker now and you might see that they also offer Forex rebates. Another option you’ve got is to use Google and to search the results by the keywords “Forex rebates” or “rebate pips”. In all cases, do not forget that this is a type of a cashback bonus, so you might find Forex rebates listed under this term as well. The name does not matter; what matters is that you find this winning offer so you can have more cash when you trade and when you lose!

You can find Forex rebates from many brokers – and now you can see that these pips let you win even when you lose! Isn’t that great? Well, it’s true – it’s possible with rebate pips!

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