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Financial trading online is a preferred activity to the traditional physical trading in stock exchange  agencies. It is indeed more convenient and more pleasant, for many reasons. However, we need to confess that the main benefits an online trader gets in comparison to a standard trading agent are the rewards and gifts a broker usually offers to them. These rewards consist of cool options for easy account management and amazing ways to simplify your overall trading activity, as well as attractive bonuses. The bonuses are by far the best parts of the online Forex brokers’ offerings, and they are the best rewards you receive as customers of concrete brokers. But when we say rewards, you need to know that this term can refer to something else. Actually, Forex rewards are the main topic we are going to discuss now – what they look like and why it is so worthwhile trying them out.

What are Forex rewards in today’s online financial trading activity?

forex rewardsEven though we believe that Forex bonus are kinds of rewards, there are also specific Forex bonuses that are called rewards, but are quite different than the others – for instance,  no-deposit bonuses or rebate bonuses. Rewards bonuses are actually parts of a Forex broker’s wider programme. These are not the loyalty programmes that brokers provide to their top customers and their most regular clients. This is a system that lets you win rewards alongside your overall activity on the website. This means everything – from making a single trade to opening a live account after switching from demo mode. The system lets you gather points for each of your actions, so when you complete a particular action, you will receive a certain number of points. These are points rather than money, however, and they cannot be used for making trades. Moreover, different actions bring you different numbers of points according to the particular system of Forex rewards. In the main, brokers reward you with a large number of points during your first actions on the website, in order to encourage you to remain on it. Thus you will probably  receive a large number of points for making a registration on the page, for opening an account, for the transaction of your primary deposit, and for your first trades. Later, when you start winning from these trades, you will be able to receive more points due to your winning. However, some brokers are generous enough to provide you with a large number of Forex rewards for your trades in general (regardless of the fact that you haven’t won from them).

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Different types of Forex rewards

Of course, each broker has its own rules and terms and conditions, as well as specific requirements for its programmes or systems for Forex rewards. Usually, these programmes are free to enter and are open to all customers – not only to experienced users or beginners. However, we can distinguish between the Forex rewards depending on the final prize and the final outcomes you can receive thanks to your gathered points. Here are the different types of Forex reward programmes, and the rewards after the exchange of the points for real gifts:

Forex rewards for cash

These Forex rewards are the best rewards you can get, due to the fact that when you do something on the broker’s page – choose a trading type, switch from one account type to another, etc. – you will eventually get real cash for them. Of course, these brokers number very few, and most trading platforms choose different systems for their Forex rewards. However, if you find a broker who is ready to give you cash for points from Forex rewards, stick with it by all means. You will be able to save some money and to reduce your expenses for deposits. Eventually, you will have more investments for making trades, which is a great alternative for increasing your outcomes.

Forex rewards for knowledge

These rewards exchange points for resources of knowledge. They are very suitable for beginners in financial trading, who need to acquire more practice and more skills to increase their chances of successful activity. When you gather enough points from the Forex rewards, you will be provided with free eBooks for trading, webinar entries, tickets for live conferences of Forex pros and experts, free trials and lectures to participate in and to gain more and more knowledge from. Do not underestimate these Forex rewards, because knowledge is power, and in Forex knowledge is money that you can eventually double, when you become a great trader.

Forex rewards for gifts

It is very popular and common for brokers to hold contests or to provide bonuses in the form of physical items such as mobile devices. This has its own explanation based on an ulterior motive: Brokers actually want to gain more mobile customers to build the popularity of their new mobile facilities and platforms. Due to these gift bonuses, you will be able to find some decent Forex rewards, whereby points can be exchanged for mobile devices such as modern smartphones, cool iPods and amazing tablets – usually with  an already-installed mobile platform for this broker’s page.

Forex rewards are not so common today, but if you come across them on a broker’s page, you would do well to try them out. These bonuses may really surprise you with great alternative chances of more winnings, and also some great gifts!

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