The Funded Trader Stops Operations In The Middle of Payout Complaints Scandal

Alan Penny

30 March 2024

2 min read

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Last month, there were massive user complaints that The Funded Trader stopped making payouts, and now it seems they have stopped their business & taken down their website ( 

How Can You Get The Funded Trader Payment

Behind the Scenes of the Sudden Disappearance

According to information shared by, when they took The Funded Trader from its listings in March it happened because of the massively  increasing complaints. Hundreds of traders have been left in limbo, their payout requests denied and their complaints unheard.

In the middle of the migration to two new trading platforms, The Funded Trader claimed that technical issues were causing issues and decided to go for an “internal audit”.

Who Owns The Funded Trader?

Easton Consulting Technologies owns the rights to The Funded Trader. They also own another company that recently went under called the Skilled Funded Traders..

A Statement Without Answers

After freezing the payouts, The Funded Trader posted a statement that didn’t actually relieved the trader at all, the message on their site is: 


The Funded Trader has temporarily paused all operations.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently on the steps to resume our operations and services.

Over the coming week, we will follow up with specifics as we work to resume operations.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty.

The future of TFT is coming.


Will The Traders Ever Get Compensated?

This still remains unanswered, but FunderPro, the Prop Firm from Malta is trying to help the traders from The Funded Trader to get their money. Their team is working and negotiating with The Funded Trader so that the traders can focus on trades and profits. 

How to Get started in 2 Easy Steps: 

  • If you are waiting on the TFT payout, go to FunderPro 
  • Fill their form and send them proof that you are waiting your payouts from TFT
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  • If you Traded with TFT, you can simply switch to FunderPro account
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  • Daily payouts when funded

*Note: This news update is created to give you the latest information on The Funded Trader’s operations halt. Details given here are based on the current state of knowledge and are subject to change as new information becomes available in time.

Written By
Alan Penny

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