Monero Testing Major Support Level

Alan Penny

30 August 2019

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  • Monero testing major support level from previous trading
  • Monero entering value area
  • Central banks continue monetary policy

Monero has pulled back a bit during the trading session on Friday to close down the week but is finding a bit of support just below the $70 level. Monero has been somewhat left in the background as Bitcoin has captured all of the headlines lately. All things being equal it’s likely that the market is going to find some type of support though because we are starting to bounce. Beyond that, this is an area that has previously been supportive, so it makes sense that it should continue to be a market that finds buyers based upon value as Monero is “cheap” at the moment.

Value trade

Monero has been falling for some time, so it has become cheap as mentioned, and as it is an alternative crypto coin, you should keep in mind that it’s going to follow what happens with Bitcoin. Monero is much cheaper to trade than Bitcoin, and therefore much more relatable to the average retail account. This is why the market could bounce, in reaction to Bitcoin in general showing signs of life.

If Bitcoin starts to rally significantly, then Monero should right along with it. The initial target could be $80, but quite frankly with the Bitcoin market likely to go higher, this is most likely going to follow right along. Beyond that it’s very likely that the market could go higher than that if Bitcoin continues to show signs of strength.

The alternate scenario

Monero could break down, and we should keep that in mind. The $60 level underneath would be massive support, so if it were to give way to selling it’s very likely that there would be a bit of a “flush lower” in the Monero market, including the Bitcoin market also. Quite frankly, if Bitcoin breaks down that will drag this market right along with it. In other words, the Bitcoin chart should be your secondary indicator when it comes to trading Monero.

If we do get the break down in this market, the $50 level would be the initial target, but quite frankly it’s just as likely that we could go down to the $40 level as it was a major basing level for the longer-term trend to the upside that we are pulling back from. Overall, this is essentially a “binary trade” meaning that the market will either find this area to bounce from or it won’t. This is very much like the Bitcoin market which is currently testing the $9250 level in the exact same manner. Pay attention to that market and how it reacts to that level, it will be at least half of the reason why Monero would rally or fall. Another thing to keep in mind about Monero is that it tends to move and $10 increments, so keep that in mind when adjusting stop losses and perhaps targeting as well.

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Alan Penny

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