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Alan Penny

25 June 2021

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roinvesting education center

Without getting a decent education and knowledge, it is impossible to succeed in FX trading. Only after reading, understanding the concepts, and watching various video tutorials, will you find out how everything functions in the financial market. Improving trading skills is a daily task of every trader,

With the emergence of Forex brokers, especially in recent years, they started to pay more attention to this segment, in order to help their customers understand trading and get more information. Roinvesting FX broker is no exception. The company offers an education center, which can be useful for any type of trader.

The education center section is very comprehensive. Here you will find tutorials on Forex trading, information on new training programs, as well as announcements of webinars and you can also collect the most up-to-date data on the latest events in the education center that will allow you to further improve your profitable trading skills.

How Does Roinvesting Education Center Look?

Roinvesting Education Center is very comprehensive and flexible. The specific page is divided into 6 subsections:

  • Trading Articles;
  • Earnings Reports Season;
  • Assets Hub;
  • Trading Signals;
  • Economic Calendar;
  • Trading Courses.

You can access each of these instruments on the website. They provide valuable information and the core of achieving success in Forex trading lies in getting a decent education that you can incorporate. We will have a look at each of these subcategories in detail and what they offer to customers.

Trading Articles

Trading articles on Roinvesting will help you understand how the investment works. Written pieces are available on different topics, terms, financial issues, and processes. With Roinvesting you can access all this information on the website, checking the latest editorials and articles, all written by professionals. When you read a news piece that is written by someone competent, you will be able to earn more profits.

Earnings Reports Season

Earnings report season is a period when companies publish their financial performance. It is necessary to pay attention to reports because they provide valuable information about how companies perform during a particular period of time. We will explain in more detail what earning reports are.

The Earnings report is the main report of the enterprise, which shows how effectively and efficiently the company is operating. The report contains information about the company’s revenue, costs, and profits. The analysis of the earnings report reveals the structure of the company’s income and expenses, which allows them to control them in the context of articles, types (areas) of activity, product groups, and managers. For example, it is possible to draw conclusions about the advisability of developing or terminating any areas of activity, changing the product line, introducing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators – a key indicator of the result of an activity, the degree of achievement, and the cost of obtaining a result) for managers, departments. The report on income and expenses for each enterprise has its own specifics and analytics, but in general, it always follows the general standards.

Assets Hub

Assets Hub is probably the most comprehensive and detailed explanation of various trading instruments. As Roinvesting describes, in this category you will understand what indices, stocks, commodities, Forex, and cryptocurrencies are and how they operate. They are presented and explained nicely. At the same time, you can learn more about CFD trading, spreads, and leverage. In short, Assets Hub is a detailed explanation of various assets.

Trading Signals

Forex trading signals are signals that are supplied by more experienced and professional traders and suggest how and when to take certain actions (for example, buy euros or sell yen). As practice shows, at least 20% of all market signals are accurate, and this, you see, is already a lot for someone who does not want to make any efforts at all and analyze the market on their own.

Signals can be sent to a trader in various ways: for example, via SMS, email, and even Skype. It all depends on how the trader is more comfortable. As a rule, signals are designed for intraday trading and are received once a day.

Trading Signals is another subcategory in the Education Center. It is necessary to deliver well-timed ideas and trading analytics that are based on central banks and other crucial financial events. Signals are really helpful during trading because they basically tell you when to open a position and when not. However, customers of Roinvesting should be aware that signals do not always guarantee success, but for sure they increase the chances of winning trades.

Economic Calendar

Before opening a position in the Forex market, it is always good to check the economic calendar for any news to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A trader’s economic calendar is basic for working with fundamental indicators. The economic calendar is also actively used by amateurs of technical analysis because the release of important news is always a movement that changes the situation on the market. Therefore, any trading day of a speculator should begin with viewing the economic calendar and adjusting his trade to important news.

The economic calendar on Roinvesting offers a variety of indices and indicators that reflect the state of the economy of a particular country or group of countries. Economic indicators are most often published weekly, monthly or quarterly. The market is always waiting for the release of important economic indicators and definitely reacts to them – for example, if the forecast does not coincide with the released indicator, the currency may fall sharply in price.

Economic events have a direct impact on the rate of a particular currency (currency pair). Economic indicators also refer to economic factors. Examples of economic factors include the results of the meeting of the G8 and the Central Banks (Central Bank), the foreign exchange intervention of the Central Bank, the speech of the head of government.

Trading Courses

With trading courses, available on Roinvesting, A beginner trader will learn the basics of Forex trading, and on the basis of this data, over time, he or she will be able to develop an individual trading strategy. The study material is presented in a compact and simple form. After completing the express course, the participant will easily understand how the market works. A person will learn how to make the job easier by turning to robot advisors or indicators. Courses are offered online – all that is needed from a trader is to carefully study information from experienced traders, watch videos, and read articles. Training does not take much time, but after completing the course, a person will significantly increase the level of knowledge about the work of the financial market, and will soon be able to trade with a positive result.

The Bottom Line

With modern technology and comprehensive guides, Roinvesting is one of the best brokers, offering its customers a wide variety of educational materials. While the material is primarily directed towards beginner traders, experienced investors can also learn something new, as the information provided is beneficial. It is also worth mentioning that in a very short period you will understand the basic concepts and embark on a trader’s path.


What does Roinvesting Education Center consist of?

Roinvesting education center consists of the following subcategories: Trading Articles, Earning Reports Season, Assets Hub, Trading Signals, Economic Calendar, Trading Courses. Each of the provided sections is explained in detail. As soon as you register with Roinvesting, you will automatically get access to these features.

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