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Kate Leaman
Kate Leaman

25 June 2021

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With the expectation that trading can gradually migrate to modern gadgets without being tied to a specific place, most well-known and reputable brokers try to provide clients with all the necessary conditions for the convenience of trading with devices and create their own mobile applications. These developments differ in different formats and functional components, so sometimes you have to use 2-3 mobile applications at the same time in order to choose the most suitable set of functions for trading.

Licensed, regulated, and an official partner of AC Milan, Roinvesting FX broker is no exception. The broker offers a fully-fledged mobile app that you can download either from the App Store or Play Store. It is based on modern technology offering numerous advantages and can be accessed from any part of the world. In addition to being easily usable, the mobile application offers trading with different instruments, including cryptocurrencies. For novice investors, Roinvesting provides free trading training from scratch. It’s easy to start making money on the broker’s website, open a brokerage account, install the application, complete the training and fund your account. It is easy to become a successful trader with Roinvesting. Let’s have a detailed look at the app below.

What Does Roinvesting Mobile App Look Like?

After downloading the app, immediately you will notice a bunch of different features, good design and a brilliant user experience. It feels from the first moment that developers have put a lot of energy into creating the app.

In the application, you can connect a service that allows you to trade on the recommendations of professionals. Prompt deposit and withdrawal of money and the appealing spreads make the service one of the best for trading. The Roinvesting mobile application for trading is considered one of the best. Now you do not need a trading platform to start trading, download the application and follow the quotes from the screen of your tablet or smartphone.

Inside the app, sections are connected with each other very logically. There are no non-essential buttons, that in the majority of cases are used as fillers. Colors are chosen perfectly so even if you are trading at night, your experience will not be hindered. Moreover, the app supports over 350 trading instruments including cryptos. With the Roinvesting mobile application, it will be easier for novice investors to understand the basics of Forex trading. A simple interface will help you create a personal portfolio, monitor quotes online, and conduct analysis.

Roinvesting Mobile Trading Features

The Roinvesting mobile app has a large number of tools, thanks to which it is possible to implement both short-term financial transactions and develop a long-term strategy. For maximum benefit, it is better to use technical indicators and analysis tools to analyze the situation in the market and determine the best moment for a deal.

Also when registering in the application, Roinvesting provides the opportunity to choose demo access. Within a limited period of time, you can study the functionality of the application in test mode. You can also set up a new account in just a few minutes without problems.

Available Leverage

Before we move to leverage, we should note that there are three accounts available on Roinvesting. For everyone, they promise hedging, accuracy to the last decimal place, as well as the ability to open the Islamic version. The leverage depends on the selected asset. For work on Forex, its minimum size is 1:30, and on professional accounts, it reaches 1: 500. As it demonstrates, 1:30 leverage is more profitable for traders who are just starting on the Forex market, while high leverage is used by traders with years of experience. Because of the fact that leverage can also induce losses, it is better to first understand the basics of its usage.


The official website of Roinvesting has a section of costs and fees, which sets out the terms of collection of payments. Customers will be charged a commission:

  • For swaps,
  • For spreads.

They are debited automatically from the trader’s account and are calculated using complex formulas. The section contains detailed tables for calculating commissions, including for different types of assets. The fees are different for general and professional customers. The tables are long and layered, but require careful reading to avoid unpleasant surprises. Spreads on Roinvesting can be as low as 0.7 pips and it differs depending on the currency pair.


There are over 350 assets available in the following categories on Roinvesting:

  • Currency pairs,
  • Crypto pairs,
  • Shares,
  • Precious metals,
  • Energy,
  • Commodities.

It is offered to work through one of the most popular MT4 platforms in the world. You can trade these instruments in your mobile app without problems. The diversity of assets provide numerous benefits to customers and it is always a good idea for the broker to have as many trading instruments as possible.

Pros & Cons of Roinvesting Mobile

When we talk about Roinvesting mobile we can immediately notice that the app has a lot of advantages over traditional trading. First of all, you have a compact mobile phone which you can take everywhere with you and access the platform from any part of the world. While there are numerous advantages, we will also talk about the cons.

roinvesting app


The pros of the app can be seen instantly. Different charts, technical indicators and analysis tools, Forex signals, history of trades, news on financial markets, and complete control over your trading account will not leave you disappointed. Let’s explore each of them carefully.

Analysis Tools

Over 20 analysis tools are available inside the app. For novice investors, Roinvesting maintains an information portal, which describes in detail the first steps, theoretical aspects, and analyzes practical cases. You will get an analysis of market movements which will help you to conduct trades accurately.

One-Click Trading

One-click trading service on Roinvesting allows you to carry out trading operations with the least number of steps – in one click!

This service will be appreciated by traders whose strategy is aimed at making a large number of transactions. It is enough to enter the parameters, and you can open and close orders with one click.

History of Trades

You can always check the past transactions and history of your trades and determine how you performed during a particular period. It is really important because you will be able to understand your flows and avoid mistakes in the future.


Not too many cons are present inside the Roinvesting mobile app. The first thing is that it is not as fast as a desktop MetaTrader 4 platform, which runs rapidly on laptops and personal computers. Of course, the performance is still good, but not as decent as on computers.

Multitasking Problems

Even with the latest model mobile devices, it is difficult to compare mobile apps with computers in terms of multitasking. You can open several tasks and windows on your computer, while mobile devices do not grant this opportunity. This is one of the main weaknesses of the Roinvesting mobile app.


Roinvesting mobile app is good because it offers smooth performance but once again it is not on par with computer platforms. Even the average computer can beat mobile devices with the execution speed of transactions.

FAQ on Roinvesting Mobile App

How can I download Roinvesting Mobile App?

Downloading the Roinvesting mobile app is possible either from the Play Store or App Store. If you are a user of Android devices you should choose the form, if not – the latter. The program installs automatically on your device and will instantly appear on the screen as soon as the installation is finished.

Does Roinvesting Mobile consume a lot of data?

No, Roinvesitng mobile app does not consume a lot of data. Creators of the app took care of this matter in advance. The app will run smoothly and in order to get the best experience, it is recommended to connect your device to a 4G network, if you are not using Wi-Fi.

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