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FXPro review

22 July 2020

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FXPro is an incredibly popular and a leading Forex broker that has consistently outperformed its rivals by acquiring a significant share of the retail FX trading market. FXPro was conceived by a group of financial experts whose top priority was to bring Forex trading to the masses. FXPro is very consistent when it comes to investing in new platforms and developing innovative technologies that aim to create a safe and secure trading environment.
FXPro began its operations in 2006 and had initially based its operations out of Russia. However, there is a widespread misconception in the markets about the reliability of brokers situated in Russia, which forced the company to move into new geographic locations to improve trader trust. Over the past few years, FXPro expanded its presence to different parts of the world and is currently an established FX broker in several regions including mainland Europe, Africa, and Asia.










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Essential Facts About FXPro Regulation & Security Of Funds

FXPro is a properly regulated Forex broker, and owing to their global presence, FXPro regulation is presided over by regulatory organizations such as the FCA, the CySEC, and the FSB. FXPro was also a part of the ASIC regulation until recent times. However, newer regulatory protocols enforced by the ASIC on retail FX trading has prompted the broker to wind up its Australian operations. Nevertheless, FXPro does accept clients from Australia, New Zealand, and all parts of the world, except traders from US and Iran. Therefore, if you are a trader from the US, you will not be able to open an account at FXPro or any of its white label subsidiaries.
Since FXPro is a regulated member of the FCA, the broker is required to become a compulsory participant under the FSCS scheme, which oversees the security and protection of client funds if the broker declares bankruptcy or faces liquidation. FXPro keeps all customer funds in segregated accounts, and the funds are split up between some of the big banks in the industry, including Bank of America, Barclays Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland. FCA and CySEC regulation also requires the broker to submit period financial reports through certified independent third party auditors. Therefore, FXPro has covered all eventualities to ensure that traders are offered complete peace of mind and security while investing their hard earned money with FXPro.

Opening An Account & Choosing The Best FXPro Trading Platform

fxpro homeTraders are offered the option of opening an account at FXPro by choosing a preferred FXPro platform. The broker has several FXPro platforms that are oriented for different types of traders and investors. FXPro accounts start from a minimum initial deposit of $500, which is the broker recommended amount. Nevertheless, traders can make a smaller deposit of $250 or even $100 under exceptional circumstances. To make a smaller deposit than the recommended $500, traders should contact customer support to facilitate the discounted payment.
As an FXPro client, you are offered the choice between three different types of accounts. The standard FXPro MT4 and FXPro MT5 accounts are STP accounts that have a variable spread structure with no commissions. The MT4 account offers access to a wide range of financial instruments including currency pairs, metals, shares, and indices, while the MT5 account only provides access to FX and futures. The maximum FXPro leverage for both accounts is 1:500; therefore, traders must be careful about preserving their equity while using the maximum available margin. The FXPro spreads for these basic accounts are available from 1.4 pips, but re-quotes and market volatility can affect the spreads for each instrument.
The third type of account is the FXPro cTrader account, which is an ECN platform with low spreads and better execution standards. All cTrader accounts come with a commission per traded lot, and there are restrictions on the available leverage as well. Both the MT5 as well as cTrader accounts guarantee no re-quotes, which can induce slippage, which is less in the case of the cTrader ECN account. cTrader is another third party platform similar to the MT4 and MT5, but cTrader is considered to offer more features and advanced charting functionalities than the Meta Trader platform.
There is also an investment option known as the FXPro SuperTrader account, which is essentially a social copy trader account that helps traders to invest their money in the market by copying other professional and successful traders. SuperTrader is an excellent option if you are not prepared to tackle the risk of on-hand Forex trading.
fxpro mobile toolsFXPro mobile traders can download the respective mobile apps for cTrader, MT4, and MT5 platforms for both iOS as well as Android devices. Since the broker offers two different platforms for their traders, the company hasn’t developed any proprietary trading platform. Even the FXPro mobile trading platforms are excellent tools for trading on the move, which helps FXPro to channel their resources towards improving the overall trading experience.
The $500 minimum deposit is the standard across all types of accounts, which is a great feature, considering that even ECN account holders can open an account for a relatively smaller investment capital. One-price rule for all trading accounts does have some inherent drawbacks such as the unavailability of a micro account, which is incredibly popular among smaller retail traders. FXPro should consider granting access for smaller traders by designing a micro account option with lower initial investment barrier, which should help the company cater to a significantly large number of retail traders.

Is The FXPro Customer Service Department Effective?

FXPro has managed to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by dedicating a responsible team of customer service representatives towards addressing customer complaints in a friendly and professional manner. FXPro understands the need for catering to their clients’ exact requirements, especially because FX trading and brokerage services involve the transaction of one of the most precious commodities in the world, money.
FXPro is a trusted and reliable broker that always goes beyond their ways to ensure that their traders are treated fairly and with respect. Open an FXPro demo account to get familiar with the inner workings of the company, before opening a live account and investing your money in the markets.
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8 comments on “FXPro Review”

  1. Robbie says:
    Country & city: Dublin
    Rating: .....
    I'm trading with FXPRO for the last 2 years, traded over 150 positions on cTrader and I don't want to change the broker. I think, it's quite hard to find better conditions. Here everything is stable, fast client service and execution and I never had problems with the withdrawals.
  2. Alexander says:
    Country & city: Russia
    Rating: .....
    I think FxPro have many trading advantages, if to compare with most of the brokers. First of all, it is famous, old and reliable company that regulated by FCA. I’m very satisfied with quality of customer service they provide. Trading conditions also comfortable for me.
  3. Ruud says:
    Country & city: Rotterdam
    Rating: .....
    Quite old and reliable regulated broker with HQ in the UK. Good choice for traders that are looking for a quality broker with no gimmicks. FxPro offers very competitive conditions and few effective and stable trading platforms. And they do not offer unrealistic bonuses. I think this is a good point that indicates the honesty and transparency of the company to its customers.
  4. Jermain says:
    Country & city: Germany, Frankfurt
    Rating: .....
    Nice broker with fast execution. MetaTrader 4 and Ctrader are really great. I traded with both. UI is very convenient and good thought-out. There are light slippages, but all brokers have it. Deposit/withdrawals are always by the rules. I recommend this broker for all kind of traders, because there are no limits on trading styles. And I hadn’t problems with fxpro in my own practice.
  5. Nelson says:
    Country & city: Turkey, Ankara
    Rating: .....
    I trade with FxPro not the first year and still almost completely satisfied with all the services and functionality. I think this company is one of the top european brokers. Not every one of them can provide so high quality cooperation and uncompromised stability. Don’t want to change broker and ruin my perfectly working trading machine.
  6. Daniel says:
    Country & city: Sweden, Uppsala
    Rating: .....
    Оn my first sight - very nice broker. They have several types of international licences and provide good account protection. Verification process is quite serious. Execution on the Ctrader is quite good. Good support team and informative website. Fast and easy withdrawals within a few hours. Cooperate with them not for a long time, but very pleased for that time. Success to everybody! Trade well!
  7. Piere says:
    Country & city: France, Paris
    Rating: .....
    Yes, i do have some experience with FxPro. I started 15 months ago with their demo account to try all the possible features here. After that changed to real account. Since that time i've been trading with FxpRo and still don't have any serious problems. A lot of advantages - scalping is possible, order execution in milliseconds, negative balance protection, no withdrawals delays. So im satisfied with FxPro service.
  8. Vadim says:
    Country & city: Ukraine, Kharkiv
    Rating: .....
    I have just opened a live account with fxpro. I have been using them for about 2,5 months on a demo account and it is the best demo I have ever used. Very convenient UI with a lot of tools and speedy execution. Also, I like the quality of customer support. Very friendly and professional. I hope my live trading will be also successful.