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21 July 2020

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Belarta is a European Forex broker that is registered as M&L Invest Union Markets Ltd, a company domiciled in Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission (CySEC). CySEC regulated brokers have the freedom to indulge in cross-border sharing of services under the European Economic Area (EEA) passport, which virtually guarantees an open environment for Belarta to offer its brokerage services to investors from all over the European Union.
A Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) is bound by all the rules and regulations that are imposed by the CySEC under the Markets in Financial Instruments Derivatives (MiFID), which serves as a standard regulatory framework for all non-banking financial companies operating in mainland Europe. The top priority of the EEA and the EU MiFID is to protect investors from financial irregularities, and it is a publicly acknowledged fact that European Forex brokers tend to be far superior to any other regulatory agencies in the world. Europe is also more lenient towards adopting new financial products and offers a lot of freedom to traders, which is another reason why Forex brokers from Europe are incredibly popular among modern FX traders.

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Belarta is required to follow the same regulatory principles and policies that are adopted by all brokers regulated under the MiFID and CySEC derivatives. As a CIF firm, Belarta is legally bound by European laws and legislature that makes the company liable for legal and criminal proceedings from any European regulator for alleged infringement of guidelines. Therefore, it is inherently safe to invest in the Forex markets with a Cyprus regulated firm, without worrying about the consequences of broker irregularities or financial malpractice.
All brokers in Cyprus should hold a minimum of €1 million in operating capital, which is segregated from their clients’ investments. Every client fund is moved to a separate bank account at a top-tier bank in Europe, which is protected by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). The ICF is an insurance program that is designed to compensate clients up to €20,000 if a broker is rendered bankrupt. The CySEC performs a periodic audit of the broker’s activities and financial transactions to safeguard the investors against any potential scams.
CySEC is seen as one of the principal regulators in the market and is on a constant drive to innovate and revamp its regulatory policies and guidelines to meet the global standards of regulations. Although organizations such as the FCA of the UK and the NFA of the US are far more advanced in its regulatory oversight, the CySEC is slowly achieving its full potential under the MiFID and EEA initiative.

The Cost Of Belarta Forex Trading

Belarta offers a real ECN/STP account that has tight spreads and the best trading conditions, which are devoid of any conflict of interest between the broker and its clients. The broker does provide direct market access trading through its partnership with the top liquidity providers in the market, which in turn guarantees spreads as low as 0 pips on major currency pairs. There is a small commission per trade, which is a standard feature in ECN accounts, but overall, Belarta does have one of the low-cost trading accounts in the Forex market.
Traders can open a Belarta Forex account for $1000, which may be higher for most retail traders looking for an ECN account. Although we are aware that some brokers require a larger minimum deposit for ECN account offerings, $1000 might not seem like a sufficient amount of trading capital to invest in the Forex market. However, when one compares the value of an ECN account concerning the competition, a $1000 account is certainly higher than ECN brokers that offer $5 ECN accounts.
The maximum Belarta leverage of 1:500 is certainly way too high for a direct market access account, especially for larger account holders that may lose their money if they are not careful about the volatility and slippages that are prominent in ECN trading. Belarta is honest in its approach about slippages, and partial order fills, which are commonplace on ECN accounts. On the positive side, traders do get access to the immense liquidity, and better pricing, which is supported by competitive Belarta spreads that can fluctuate between 0.3 pips to 0.6 pips for major currency pairs during normal market conditions.

Making A Deposit & Belarta Bonus

belarta-home-pageBelarta offers only the wire transfer option for both deposits and withdrawals, which is a significant disadvantage for the broker. Most new traders prefer to make payments via e-wallets, online payment processors, and credit/debit cards, as bank wires are known to have massive delays and can be expensive. Wire transfers are also inherently tedious, especially for traders that make international wire transfers to their trading account. Wire transfers are also ridiculously susceptive to errors in payments, reversals, and other delays, which can make it hard to make a timely payment. It is also not clear as to why Belarta, a Cyprus-based Forex broker, wouldn’t incorporate other payment platforms such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, as most modern online payment options are highly secure and convenient when compared to wire transfers.
Due to the rules of the EU on broker operations, European dealers rarely offer any bonuses on deposits. Therefore, Belarta also refrains from issuing any bonuses or gifts for their clients, which should be better in hindsight, considering that most bonuses come with needless complications that may create a rift between the broker and its clients. On the contrary, affiliates and introducing brokers have a fantastic chance to earn more money by referring traders to Belarta, which should provide substantial compensations for the dedicated affiliate.

Some Thoughtful Insights Into The Belarta Forex Trading Platforms

Traders can choose from three different Belarta trading platforms, the MT4, the ProTrader, and the Belarta Web Trader. The MT4 is quite popular in the market that requires no introduction for the seasoned trader, but for new traders, MT4 might prove to be one of the best trading platforms that are currently available in the market. The MT4 has all the required indicators, charting options, and a ton of open-source or third-party tools and indicators that can enable them to create a personalized trading environment. The MT4 platform is also home to one of the largest array of automated trading bots known as Expert Advisors (EAs), which further enhances the trading experience.
The MT4 is also available as Belarta mobile apps for iOS and Android users, while traders may also use the Web Trader for accessing their accounts on the go. All Belarta clients are offered the MT4 as the standard trading platform, while traders will have to specifically request for unprecedented access to the Web Trader and the ProTrader by getting in touch with the broker’s customer service department. The WebTrader is merely a browser-based version of the MT4, which does help in enjoying most of the features of a desktop trading interface, even on the move.
Belarta may appear to be a good choice of a Forex broker, but as a trader, you should go through other options before making a choice. You can receive an ECN account for a much lower deposit requirement and a better trading environment, and all you need to do is browse through different options before investing. Take a look at our recommended Forex broker alternatives and make an informed choice.

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