AvaTradeGo Review – Is it a Good Mobile Trading Platform?

Alan Penny

31 May 2021

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avatrade go review

AvaTradeGo Review – Is it a Good Mobile Trading Platform?

AvaTrade is a global leader in providing consumers with a variety of services, including foreign exchange, indices, commodities. The broker is fully supervised and provides all of the requisite tools for a trader. AvaTrade is active in many countries.AvaTrade broker regulated and has multiple qualifications. They can meet all of your needs and specifications, regardless of the type of trader you are. AvaTrade mobile trading is a definite possibility.

AvaTradeGo is the name of the mobile application of Avatrade Forex Broker. AvaTrade Go was developed to improve the quality and accessibility of the trading process for the customer.

The app simplifies and streamlines the trading process. The user-friendly app is easy to use. The industry dynamics can be observed in real-time as they emerge. Inside the AvaTrade group of traders, one can even see what others are buying and selling.

AvaTrade Go aims to provide you with unique opportunities. You can make your lists and see some real-time prices. Hundreds of instruments, including the world’s top Forex pairs, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and many more, can be traded virtually anytime and anywhere with the app.

What Does AvaTradeGo App Look Like?

According to our AvaTradeGo review, the developers of the AvaTradeGo have done their research and have utilized many features to advantage the AvaTrade FX Broker. The app enables its user to open and close trades momentarily and with ease.

Traders of AvaTrade brokers already know how efficiently and smoothly the website operates. The app is just as great in this regard if not better. After downloading and installing the app there were no technical issues and we were able to use all the features with ease and comfort.

The app itself has a unique design, it’s very minimalistic. The interface is very simple to use and navigating it is easy to do. The app has the same color pallet of light blue and white which makes for a great combination as it’s easy to navigate through.

Are You A Mobile Trader? Visit AvaTrade!

If you trade with mobile on AvaTrade you can make the most of the accounts features l with the low account fees and commissions on the platform.

This is a great app not only for experienced traders but for novice users as well. Who are eager to learn about advanced trading strategies. One can try all of them with this app very smoothly.

avatrade mobile

AvaTradeGo Trading Features

AvaTradeGo offers a one-of-a-kind range of features and benefits. It runs on all major operating systems, including iOS and Android. It is never a problem to use the preferred operating system because it is always available. Another advantage of AvaTradeGO is its multifunctionality. You can trade on several devices; for example, you can open a place on a desktop and close it on your smartphone. What is the AvaTradeGo account type?

There is only one professional trading account type on the app which can be used in multiple ways. One needs to meet certain requirements in order to have a trading account on the AvaTrade forex broker platform. One needs to have a background and experience in the financial sector, one needs to be an active trader and the instrument portfolio of a trader needs to be over 500,000 euros.


Trading Instruments

There are many trading instruments available on the site and to the app as well. The main three categories on each version of the platform are Forex Trading, CFD trading, and cryptocurrencies.

Forex Trading has never been easier and more accessible as it is with AvaTraderGo, They have Major pairs, Minor pairs, and Exotic pairs available on the AvaTrade mobile trading app.

The list of available cryptocurrencies on the app is quite extensive. In total there are 8 different digital currencies available for trade on AvaTradeGo. These currencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Ethreum, Ripple, EOS, and Dash.

CFD trading is very diverse on AvaTraderGo. Notable before unmentioned trading instruments on the app include Stocks, indices, Commodities, ETFs, FXoptions, and Bonds. Overall more than 250 trading instruments are available on the app including the fact that one can trade with the available cryptocurrencies 24/7.


Available Leverage

The available leverage on any Forex broker platform is a defying and important feature of the site. The same goes for AvaTrade. One needs to know everything about this topic before making the decision to start trading with any forex brokers. There is only one AvaTrade mobile trading account type on the platform which is the professional trading account. Professional traders are well aware of the importance of a good leverage ratio. This is why they are always very cautious with their strategies.

The leverage available for traders on AvaTradeGo is 400:1, which means that a thousand dollar profit is generated by a 1% positive price shift in the market.

Spreads Range

Spread range, otherwise known as margin trading, is an important tool that all professional traders use. With AvaTradeGo spread betting trading is available with over 200 instruments including FX, indices, equities, bonds, commodities, and ETFs. The minimum trade size starts from 0.01 per lot, which means that on Forex trading and most other instruments, the spread is ten percent. GBP is the account currency that is perfectly suited for margin trading on this platform which provides tax-free profits. If you trade with mobile on AvaTrade you can use this for your benefit.

Spread betting is a form of trading that is similar to other forms of trading. Instead of purchasing a specific amount or lot size of an available instrument, a spread bettor wagers on the movement of each pip or point of the instrument.

Pros & Cons of AvaTradeGo

A great way to get to know a forex broker and its features is to compile a list of advantages and disadvantages it can provide. We find it extremely useful to do so. In this section of our guide, we will give you the list of pros and cons of AvaTraderGo


The multifunctionality of the platform is a defining feature of the site with its easy acceptability. There are many other features that are beneficial to AvaTrade mobile trading users. These are fast transaction speed, great visual stimuli regarding graphs, and overall an immersive experience with the trading instruments. In fact, the platform has a diverse set of trading tools that are available on both mobile and desktop versions of the site.

Islamic Accounts

Other than the standard professional accounts one can also open an Islamic account on AvaTrade. This account allows those who follow the Riba principles of Sharia law to make trades with a variety of different trading instruments – Forex, commodities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and many more. The Islamic trading account is not charged with daily swaps. The swap fees are completely transferred into regular administration fees on all Forex trading items across the MT4 network.


AvaProtect is an exclusive risk management tool only available for the users of AvaTradeGo.It allows one to recover losses from losing trades. This is a very innovative feature that the AvaTrade mobile trading site possesses.

Investing still carries the risk of losing money, but AvaProtect makes it simple to protect yourself. Trades can be protected and danger can be managed. During a time of low liquidity, this method may be extremely useful.

avatradego overview

Trading Platforms

There are many available trading platforms with AvaTrader forex broker. Mobile Trading is one of the defying features of the site as the AvaTradeGo is very popular among traders. MetaTader4 and MetaTrader5 are available on the platform alongside with WebTrader. All of the trading platforms are optimized for each operating system including IOS, windows, and android.

24/7 Customer Service

AvaTradeGo is accustomed to the same treatment as the desktop version of the platform. Therefore it’s no surprise that mobile app users can have access to the 24/7 customer service that is also multilingual. What is AvaTradeGo if not an incredibly user-oriented platform?

One can get in touch with the incredibly professional customer service team via live chat or a phone call. The site also has a comprehensive FAQ section where one can find answers to general or specific questions alongside other educational materials.

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Perfection doesn’t exist. This is accurate with even slime of the best trading apps. AvaTradeGo has many advantages that we have already mentioned in great detail. However, it doesn’t function without a few faults that can be improved on with late updates of the mobile app. This Forex broker is eager to know the customer response to their products.

Can’t Be Customized

AvaTradeGo is a powerful tool, it’s a great platform for those who want to trade on the go, hence the name of the mobile app itself. Is AvaTradeGo good for mobile traders? Yes, it is, however, we do have to be cautious on how to properly use it. Mobile trading is not for beginners.

It’s important to mention that this app can’t be customized to one’s will. Unlike other available trading platforms on AvaTrade forex broker, one can not add other tools or indicators to this mobile app. What we have already discussed is pretty much what you get with AvaTradeGo.

Smaller Medium

There is no doubt in our mind that AvaTarderGo is an efficient, fast, and innovative platform. However, don’t forget the fact that any financial mobile app should be used with the desktop version of the same platform. Using AvaTraderGo Independently without ever checking out the desktop dashboard can be reckless as one needs to see each activity on a large scale as well. The smaller medium of the AvaTrade mobile trading app can be useful to do one’s trading on the go however it can also be compromising for one’s trades if it’s not used wisely.


The mobile app gives you 24/7 access to the Forex market. This means that the volatility can be off the roofs.

For example, if some invested over a billion dollars in a particular stock. This market will definitely have a strong reaction to this process. AvaTradeGo allows its users to see what other traders of the community are doing, therefore in our hypothetical scenario many traders will be able to see this and some might even begin to buy the upper mentioned stock.

Once the unknown user doubles his wealth, he or she can easily sell that share and withdraw the revenue, causing the share price to plummet at twice the rate.

FAQ on AvaTradeGo

Does AvaTrade have an app?

Yes. AvaTrade mobile trading app is available. The app version of their site can be found on application stores on both IOS and Android devices. Each of the applications was made by some of the best and experienced developers and it shows. The app has critical acclaim among the users and has been awarded by the “Global Forex Awards 2020” for “Best Forex mobile trading app” on the global market.

What is Ava Trade Go?

AvaTradeGo is the name of the IOS and Android application version of the beloved Forex broker platform. Each of the available features on the site is also available in the app as well. The distinction between the desktop and mobile versions is acceptability. One can use the app virtually anywhere anytime.

Does AvaTradeGo consume a lot of data?

According to the customer and AvaTradeGo review of AvaTradeGo, it seems that it doesn’t consume a lot of data. While doing our research on this very topic we have found that this notion to be true. Indeed the mobile app doesn’t consume much data. It’s incredibly sufficient. It won’t even take much storage on your device, on android smartphones it only takes 18MB. If you do experience any problems with data consumption most likely your phone might be outdated. On the Google app store, AvaTradeGo has a 4.4-star review made by over 4000 users. On the Apple store, it’s even higher, with a 4.6 out of a 5. Needless to say, it has a great perception among the users.

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