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FreshForex review

23 July 2020

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Whether you need a new place to crash to make your financial trades, or you are a beginner in Forex market, you will have to be patient and attentive till you find the right choice to make. Choosing a Forex broker, of course, is never easy or should be fast. On the contrary – finely take a look at many options, consider different reviews, compare and test till you can be 101% sure that you have come upon the right financial trading platform. Speaking of reviews and proper Forex websites, a Forex broker page review is about to be presented by our well-trained and professionally educated team. Check out our detailed and comprehensive top-notched FreshForex review now. See if this is that kind of a broker you have been recently looking for!

FreshForex Broker – Preliminary First View of the Broker



Up to $5000






Forex, Metals, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, CFDs

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FreshForex is a typical Forex broker that has been on the market for more than 10 years. With more than a decade of rich experience, this platform has been considered to be equally suitable for both – beginners in the field and more advanced traders, who need more options and features to choose from and to enjoy. FreshForex is owned by a reputable and well-known company that has been also part of the financial services world for many years – Ristal Capital. This is a typical big Russian company with significant influence on Forex world in its country. However, FreshForex is also very popular among the whole European Union and recently – the world – too, because it has succeeded to prove its finest reputation and reliability. Mainly, the trustworthy nature behind FreshForex website comes from the main broker`s regulation – strict program that is provided by Russian national financial regulator CRFIN. But if you think that personal data protection and financial transparency is an easy thing to be hold only by a single agency, you are wrong. And FreshForex chiefs understand this at a full value. This is why the broker has an additional regulation body that handles the disputes and the penalties in case of omissions – KROUFR is that extra regulating support.

FreshForex – Financial Trading Features

FreshForex is a customer-friendly website with numerous trading features. It is especially simple to be used and helpful to beginners, because it has a whole education center with free lessons and tutorials to offer. The broker offers the three main currencies for account management – EUR, USD and RRB. It has personal manager option, good opportunities for urgent telephone trading, as well as fine environment for scalping and hedging. There are stocks, commodities, foreign currency pairs and indices to make trades with. The payout is averagely high – above 87%. The spreads are various, but the USD/EUR pip is really satisfying. The margin call level is about 15% and the automated trading system is always allowed to be offered.

FreshForex Account Types

What is typical for FreshForex broker is that it has numerous types of trading accounts. See them all now:

  • Islamic account for all Muslim traders from all over the world, if their countries allow Forex activity
  • Demo account for people, who need to test the platform in advance or their personal skills and new knowledge
  • Standard account type with small minimum deposit requirement and fast registration
  • ECN account with spreads from 0 pips
  • Partner account for all traders, who prefer to make trades together and to share the risk

FreshForex Payment Methods

The first thing you need to do on the website is to make a registration, where the main question you`ll be asked is how you`ll manage your finances. Or what the payment methods at the website are. They are offered for both – withdrawals and deposits:

  • credit and debit card
  • China UnionPay
  • OkPay
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney
  • Wallet one
  • Skrill Moneybookers
  • FasaPay
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Cash Point

FreshForex Trading Platform

Trading on FreshForex website is very easy and pleasant because of its great trading platform. The website is using MetaTrader 4 – the real leader among all of the web-based platforms in the world. Also, the broker does have a mobile version, so if you want to make trades on the go, simply use your mobile device browser to type the name of the website and to make trades anywhere and anytime.

FreshForex Customer Support Services

Do not hesitate to ask a question, name an inquiry or get additional information from FreshForex kind and polite customer support representatives. The customer support of this broker is available for you 5 days per week (without weekends) and from 10 to 19 o-clock local Russian time. Communication is via e-mail, phone call or online live chat. Feel free to use one of these languages: Russian, English, German, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and many more.

ScreenshotsFreshforex homeFreshforex promotions

FreshForex Bonus System

Last, but not least, find out the special offers and promotions FreshForex is generous enough to offer to its audience now. See the currently available bonuses at the website:

  • 50% Forex Rebate Bonus on any $5 trade
  • 36% pet annum promotion that offers you the most exclusive interest rates
  • Change your current broker and switch to FreshForex and you will get a welcome bonus of 50% of your first deposit. The more you deposit, the more you will get as a bonus!
  • 35% deposit bonus on each of your next deposits
  • Double deposit bonus with special rules you should check out on the website! Read them once you have an official Forex trading account and have the best bonus ever!

FreshForex is a fantastic opportunity to receive cool bonuses, to be invited in a really client-friendly Forex environment and to share your experience with traders like from all over the world. The broker is reliable and interesting, so do not miss it out!
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6 comments on “FreshForex Review”

  1. Eula S says:
    Rating: .
    I’ve been into forex trading for few years now. I can say that I already learned a lot, like a lot! Forex companies doing scam is no longer new to me. I tried to trade with Forexfresh and I can say that they are greedy scams. I tested their company with just $250, JUST $250! And they already showed their true color. Since I deposited just small amount it took them forever to provide me a broker. My broker said that there will be something big that will happen with the market, we came to an argument because I disagree with him. Then we had an agreement that if I will lose the trade that we will open he will have my money refunded. I made another deposit of $1500 because of that agreement, few minutes later he is asking me to make another deposit for another trade that we will open. I asked him if the same agreement applies then he said yes. I deposited another $500. I lost both of those trades and I was asking my stupid broker for the refund then freshforex started making stories. They said that my broker no longer works in their company just 2 days after I lost my trades. I informed them about the agreement that the broker and I had but they said they know nothing about it. I was sending my broker emails and sending chats to their website support. Everyone started ignoring me!!!!! freshforex is a fucking scam! I cannot believe that even a signed agreement from their company will not be honored from them.
  2. Cassey Pionelly says:
    Country & city: Singapore
    Rating: .
    Trading with this broker was the worst experience I ever had. I recently opened an account with them and after depositing my money I lost contact with them. They are not answering my calls and not replying to my emails. Please stay away from Freshforex.
  3. Joan R. says:
    Country & city: Worcester, MA
    Rating: .
    This platform is a complete scam, you'll lose all your money, if you're currently trading with FreshForex. I won't recommed them to anyone. I think most Freshforex is scam. Can one tell me which is good.
    • says:
      Hello Joan! We're very sorry for the bad experience you've had with FreshForex... From our practice and other traders' opinions we can definitely recommend you Xtrade and AvaTrade - brokers that have earned their reputation and built trust among fellow traders.
  4. Judy Sanderson says:
    Country & city: USA
    Rating: .
    I was with FreshForex for about a year. They are scammers and cheaters. When they see we make profit, they will try to give slippages, MT4 Server disconnection and all sort of cheap cheating.
  5. Lewis says:
    Country & city: Los Angels
    Rating: .
    They are fraud nothing else, Not real ECN. If you want to waste money go and try them. The forex trader makes money at high liquidity time, Particularly at any Important news or event. But at same time Your FreshForex MT4 will freeze. And will unfreeze at minimum profit or at maximum losses.... If any one want evidence I will send you do contact me