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IronFX is a foreign exchange trading company whose base is Cyprus. IronFX have won some prestigious awards since its inception in 2010. These include the Best Mobile Platform in 2014, and Best Forex Broker. IronFX Global Ltd is authorized and regulated by CySEC, and has various licenses and authorizations for a number of other countries, including Australia, UK, and South Africa. When it announced its official partnership agreement with FC Barcelona, it became another Forex broker that appreciated the value of a sporting connection.
We feel, however, we should also mention a number of very negative reviews we found when undertaking our research for this IronFX Forex brokers review. Much of it seems to center around withdrawals, and as with any kind of customer review, we took them all with a pinch of salt. Our best advice, if you’re interested in trading with IronFX, is start small, preferably with a demo account. Test the waters before you decide to remortgage the house.

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A basic introduction to IronFX Forex brokers










Forex, Spot Metals, Shares, Futures

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IronFX operates several trading platforms, offering more than 200 trading instruments, including Forex, futures, spot metals, and shares. IronFX offers its services to both retail and institutional customers in more than 180 countries across the globe. The company has 8 offices worldwide, and can provide excellent customer support in many different languages.
Customers are able to get seamless access to a variety of trading instruments, and receive stock news and financial surveys. And all the other vital information to make the best choices.

The history behind IronFX

The company was founded in 2010, and is authorized by CySEC. It is based in Cyprus but has offices around the world, including London, and Sydney. In 2013, offices were opened in Australia, and it became officially recognized by the SDIC. At the same time it also received authorization from the FCA in the UK. A further office was opened in South Africa, and it became authorized by the Financial Services Board (South Africa).
Things started to go a little awry, in 2015, when 160 complaints were filed by a number of Chinese affiliates. These were followed by media complaints in Hungary. An investigation was announced by CySEC, but all charges against the firm were settled. A number of lading industry directories were told by IronFX they were leaving regulations. These included CRFIN of Russia, CONSOB of Italy, and BaFIN of Germany. A number of other offices have been closed in countries such as China, and Nigeria.
So things aren’t looking as rosy as they should for IronFX Forex brokers.

A variety of trading platforms from IronFX

There are a number of different trading platforms offered by IronFX Forex brokers. They include:

This is quite a wide range of trading platforms to choose from, and most traders will be able to find one that will suit their needs.

ScreenshotsIronfx homeIronfx Promotions

A wide range of account options for both personal and business traders

For individual investors:

For institutional and business investors:

IronFX offers all the usual payment methods, and their customer support is available in most of the major languages, including Japanese, Chinese, English, and French.
We consider IronFX to be a worthwhile Forex broker, and would recommend our readers give them a try. Start off with small trades, or better still, open a demo account and get a feel for the site and whether it has what you need.

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6 comments on “IronFX Forex Broker Review”

  1. Franceschi says:
    Country & city: France Marseille
    Dear Sir, first of all my english is not fluent and i write this letter with the help of Google. I have opened an account in Ironfx Global Ltd the 13 may 2015 by an internet site wich promise to me a bonus of 40 % of my deposit funds. This bonus has never been at the credit of my account and its absence in my account has distorted the calculation of margin and has resulted in the closure of my account. On May 14, 2015 my account was closed in full trading session, while I was at my computer , without any warning or attempt to contact me and especially regardless of the 40% bonus that was due to me but not shed in my account. If Ironfx paid this bonus in my account, or had at least taken into account in its calculation of margin, my account never should be closed; Brief Ironfx cheated me by not paying me this bonus (or by not taking into account in calculating margin) and closing my account which had € 1,544. Veinement I tried to repair the problem with Ironfx but they would not refund me. On May 19, 2015 i have open a complaint at AMF (France) Ombudsman’s Office, my AMF mediation file number is M150530. AMF Ombudsman’s Office write a first letter to Ironfx on june 16,/2015 but no ironfx’s answer. On July 29th, 2015 AMF Ombudsman’s Office write a second letter to Ironfx but no ironfx’s answer. As Ironfx is regulated by CySEC I turn to the Ombudsman of the CySEC to try to reimbursement of funds that have been scammed me Ironfx.. You can contact the french AMF Ombudsman’s Office mail : ( my AMF mediation file number is M150530 ) to see all my proofs or i can sent to you all my proofs. I would be very grateful to you If you could obliged Ironfx to refund me . I remain at your disposal for any further information. Best regards, Mat
    • says:
      Hi Mat, your complaint has been sent to IronFx representative and our team will investigate the case, once there is an update we will let you know but we need to check the broker's side of the story. Meanwhile if you are looking for awesome broker check out Xtrade broker that are on top of the table above the comments section.
  2. James Davis says:
    Country & city: United Kingdom, Leicester
    Rating: .....
    Been trading with them for two years and I have to say I experience great customer support from first day as I was a new trader and needed help. Personal account manager, every month a new promotion to help you with trading, good spreads and fast execution.
  3. John Harvey says:
    Country & city: Scotland, Glasgow
    Rating: ....
    Brokers under FCA license follow strict policies and to be honest i can see the difference here
  4. SANGARE Souleymane says:
    Country & city: Côte d'Ivoire & ABIDJAN
    Hello sir, Please, I want a company to which I will send them my money and they'll frustifie for me. And after a given period, they me reverse the capital plus interests. On the net, there are so many scams, I want you to tell me about a serious business. I know nothing about trading but I would like to grow the little money I have. Thank you in advance for your help ! SANGARE Souleymane NB: I live in Abidjan in Ivory Coast
  5. Milos says:
    This is a scam and anyone giving a great review to this broker is probably working for them. I have invested over 100 000€ and made nice profits. I cannot withdraw my money. They are scam. IronFx has high spreads and it is impossible to scalp. I have there account for 2 years and they won't let me withdraw my money since I've deposited larger sum of money. Stay away from this broker.