Atlantic Securities Review

Atlantic Securities is a Cypriot financial firm that is built around the traditional financial brokerage model that offers both offline and online trading options. A traditional financial brokerage works on the principle of a dealing desk protocol, which utilizes dedicated account managers and dealing desk experts for connecting traders and their orders to the marketplace. Atlantic Securities have an incredible collection of both online and offline dealing desks where investors can either use the help of dedicated local dealers or utilize an online trading terminal to invest in the 90 different financial markets across 21 countries. Atlantic Securities offers a range of exchange-listed products that include stocks, indices, Forex, commodities, options, futures, and bonds through dedicated clearing houses. What this means is that Atlantic Securities acts as a middleman for all orders that are sent directly to the market or liquidity providers, which ensures that traders can get highly transparent pricing and the best market access for unprecedented trading in the global financial markets. Atlantic Securities may be considered to be a bit different from the modern Forex brokerage services that online retail FX traders have come to expect from the market. Therefore, Forex trading is offered as a part of their regular brokerage model, which does have some subtle differences. We will provide you with all the vital information about the broker through this unique and detailed Atlantic Securities broker review.

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Is Atlantic Securities Regulated?

Yes, Atlantic Securities is regulated by the Cypress Securities and Exchanges Commission (CySEC), which brings it under the excellent regulatory umbrella of the European MiFID. CySEC has been seeing a lot of changes in its regulatory policies and operating guidelines to make Cyprus a safe and sound destination for Forex brokers in Europe. Cyprus is one of the recent entrants into the EU and has been working tirelessly with all the leading European regulators to incorporate new policies that are aimed at protecting investors from broker scams and financial frauds. CySEC regulatory upgrades have virtually put every Cypriot Forex broker on the mainstream market, with Cyprus being one of the most attractive investment destinations for financial companies across the world. Cyprus has incredible cost-effective broker set up policies, which are further reinforced by a low tax structure and a business-centric environment. Cyprus is akin to the UK in accepting new and innovative financial products, without restricting their investors on what is an acceptable form of financial investment. Therefore, with a lenient business outlook, tough regulatory stance, and cost-effective investment option, Cyprus continues to be a favorite location for some of the leading Forex brokers in the market. Atlantic Securities also takes advantage of the popularity of CySEC in the retail trading market. Although Atlantic Securities is not a dedicated FX brokerage per se, it does use its unique business model into delivering an innovative angle into the world of Forex trading and investments. Atlantic Securities is required by the CySEC to hold a minimum of €1 million in operating capital, which may be increased by the CySEC according to the client account equity. CySEC tracks all the financial transaction of CySEC regulated brokers in order to ensure that all firms organize themselves according to the regulatory framework issued by the CySEC and the European MiFID.

Is Atlantic Securities Authorized To Serve All European Countries?

Atlantic Securities can offer its brokerage services to all investors across the European Union through the EEA initiative, which allows companies from different European countries to utilize their single regulatory license to operate anywhere in the EU. However, free trade access to the EU also means that Atlantic Securities may face disciplinary action if it is found to indulge in any activities that are deemed illegal in any European member nation. Therefore, Atlantic Securities provides one of the best brokerage services that are regulated and secure against financial malpractices. CySEC has its own version of a Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS from the FCA, UK), known as the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), which protects traders for up to €20,000 in trading capital if a broker winds up its business abruptly. The ICF kicks into action if the broker is unable to pay off its debts to its clients following a bankruptcy or insolvency procedure. To prevent any type of misuse of customer funds, CySEC has instructed its regulated companies to keep client investments in segregated accounts that can be clearly differentiated from the broker’s own account. Keeping client funds in segregated accounts can help in discerning between a broker’s operating capital and their clients’ account equity, which can then make it easy for the CySEC and other regulatory organizations to return the money to its original owners if the broker shuts down its operations.

What Are Atlantic Securities Account Features?

atlanticfsAtlantic Securities is a traditional brokerage; hence, it requires a high initial deposit requirement for clients to be eligible for a trading account. The Atlantic Securities leverage is also lower, especially since the broker offers a wide variety of financial instruments such as stocks, commodities, and indices. However, expect the broker to provide a minimum margin of 1% for Forex currency pairs, while other instruments are limited to a maximum of 1:20 leverage. The fees for trading starts at 0.04% to 0.4% for regular stock markets, while the Forex spreads depend on the market conditions and volatility. Since traders are connected to a liquidity provider and through clearing houses, expect the spreads to be in the range of 1 pip on the main currency pairs. Atlantic Securities accounts can be replenished using the traditional bank wire or credit/debit card deposits, but the broker does not support any other online payment means. Since new retail traders are very particular about their payment options, Atlantic Securities does need to do a lot more in order to cater to the requirements of modern day traders. Atlantic Securities has a very basic website that provides inconclusive information about their brokerage account, which makes it confusing for new traders. Since Atlantic Securities is based on a traditional brokerage model, it will also be atlanticfs marketsdifficult for traders to get their money’s worth due to the high initial deposit requirements. However, the dealing desk may be utilized at any time of the day or night, but online traders receive more preference and reduced cost of trading due to the obvious benefits. The company does make it clear that traders that use their online trading platform do get more advantages and lower cost of trading than regular traders that use the traditional phone-in trading. Atlantic Securities has their own proprietary trading platform that may not be as advanced as the MT4 or the cTrader, which are some of the most popular trading interfaces in the market. The absence of a dedicated mobile trading app is also a negative aspect of the company. Nevertheless, Atlantic Securities clients can trade on the go by contacting the 24 hours dealing desk to place orders and close them throughout a trading week.

Is Atlantic Securities Recommended From A Smaller Trader’s Perspective?

Atlantic Securities might not be suitable for beginner traders, as only large fund managers and professional traders are able to tackle the complex world of global financial markets through a complex brokerage model. On the other hand, CySEC regulation may provide the much-needed stability for trading, but traders should benefit from other options in the market. Browse through our recommended Forex brokers to invest your money and trade the markets the way it is meant to be.

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