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Alan Penny

25 June 2021

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xtb xstation trading

xStation is a unique trading platform for trading in the foreign exchange, commodity, and stock market, with the ability to both full-fledged independent trading and copy transactions of successful managers offered by XTB Forex broker. xStation is a unique and very high-quality development of the liquidity provider known in the financial world.

Whether you are a new or experienced trader you will find an award-winning platform, that is easy to use and provides superior execution speeds, as well as, perfect user experience. The app is easy to use, you can trade wherever you are and choose from over 4000 trading instruments.

Having over 15 years of experience in the Forex industry, XTB broker is a trusted and regulator operator. The provided services are high-quality ones. There are many opportunities and innovations in this platform, let’s take a look at each of them in order and have a look at the main specifics.

What does the xStation Platform Look Like?

xStation platform, as we have already mentioned above, has a simple design. Developers have invested a lot of energy into creating the platform. It has numerous features and details, we can single out. The app can be downloaded directly from the website.

One of the main details that we can point out is the execution of transactions using the Click & Trade function, as well as trading directly from the chart. This is very convenient and a lot of people turn to this feature.

The possibility to customize the display of all trading instruments by asset class (currency pairs, indices, commodities) is noteworthy. Furthermore, More than 700 trading instruments (Forex, metals, indices, commodities, raw materials, bonds, stocks) are available.

More than 20 tools for technical analysis, many popular indicators, and oscillators will not leave anyone disappointed. There are all the most popular tools: resistance, support, Fibonacci levels, trend lines, patterns. It is also possible to overlay charts of different currency pairs on one chart, take a screenshot, etc.

In many ways, the xStation platform has advantages over its competitors. XTB broker in its turn regularly encourages its users to try out the platform in order to make the trading process more attractive.

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xStation Platform Features

The xStation platform available on XTB has plenty of useful features for customers. Firstly, the platform is distinguished from the other ones with analytical tools in your pocket. Selecting various instruments for trading is another good feature of the platform. The platform has a nice design and visuals, with everything explained clearly. Installing the app is not difficult and all the features will be available as soon as you enter the platform.

xstation trading

Available Leverage

Leverage increases the chances of maximizing profits during trading. Any move on the market can guarantee larger incomes than traditional trading. The leverage is similar to a loan, but it should be pointed out that leverage is a double-edged sword that can both benefit and bring damages during the trading process. Leverages allow traders to use only a part of their capital.

Their maximum amount of leverage for both Standard and Islamic accounts is 1:500. It is an amount that will give hand mostly to experienced traders, who have knowledge in trading, but rookies can also use this rate.


On XTB you will come across floating spreads. In Standard and Pro accounts, you will meet spreads that start from 0.9 and 0 pips respectively. Spreads is the difference between the bid and ask price. For example, if you buy EUR/USD pair for $50,00 and sell it later for $49,25 the spread will be 75 pips. Spreads are commission fees for the broker. There are no additional charges for having the platform.

Pros of The xStation Platform

xStation trading platform on XTB comes with different benefits. xStation has, without exaggeration, many advantages that other platforms of this type do not have. Most of the time, Web platforms are slow and laggy. There are no such flaws in the product of the financial company XTB.

Among the significant advantages, we can point out:

  • Fast, mobile work of the xStation platform;
  • More than 1000 trading instruments, shares of world companies;
  • Trade anywhere in the world on any device – even a smartwatch;
  • The ability to counter-copy unprofitable trades;
  • The ability to set stop losses (Stop Loss) when copying trades;
  • The ability to independently close copied deals at any time.

In fact, the investment component of the xStation trading platform for traders can act as an auxiliary tool for signals and correct decisions. If you know how to trade on your own in Forex, then you can not only rely on the impeccable success of the signal provider and wait for the closure of trades from its side.

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The number of advantages and opportunities that prevail on the xStation platform will make any person think about the possible cooperation and testing of this trading platform both for trading and for copying transactions.

Cons of xStation platform

Every client can find their flaws in any product, and xStation is no exception. For example, you cannot see how much the trader opened this deal and what the size of this trader’s deposit is. Of course, at first glance, there is nothing wrong with that, we can set the opening of all transactions copied from the trader with the minimum lot, but the fact is that if a trader has a deposit of several million, then he can afford to open an order and leave it hanging at a loss for a long time without fixing the deal. In this case, if the provider’s deposit is large, then it will allow him to wait out the working drawdown, and if the client who copied this transaction has a deposit of 100-500 dollars, then the transaction can simply be closed due to the lack of a deposit.

Thus, if we knew the approximate deposit of the signal provider on xStation and the volume with which it opens trades, we would better be able to analyze and assume what potential working drawdowns the trader expects and could project this relative to the size of his own deposit.

The Bottom Line

xStation platform for trading is a perfect tool for every trader – especially for the experienced ones. This program does not have major problems and bugs. The speed of the platform is noteworthy, as well as the huge number of indicators and tools for technical analysis. The presence of various tools to limit possible losses for the investor (Stop Loss when copying and copying with minimal lots) is decent. All this in general makes the platform very attractive for both novice traders and investors. It can rightfully be called a social platform for traders, since it is available to everyone and always thanks to the ability to open on any device.


What advantages does xStation offer?

The trading process in xStation is thought out by the platform developers to the smallest detail. Here is a shortlist of xStation’s advantages:

  • The ability to combine transactions into one complex portfolio.
  • The ability to plot several quotes of different currency pairs on one chart.
  • Controlling Stop Loss and TakeProfit with the mouse.
  • A lot of statistical information on the current portfolio.
  • High speed of work.

Can you copy signals on xStation?

Investing becomes easier with the xStation platform. The developers have implemented the investment functionality by copying signals. There is a possibility of mirroring the transactions of managers, that is, trading in the opposite direction from the trader’s strategy. Copying is effective and a lot of traders use this feature to increase their profits.

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