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StrategyQuant EA Review

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StrategyQuant EA Review

Our StrategyQuant review covers a company that is based in Prague, Czech Republic, whose focus is on the development of fintech software, as well as being a tech company. Its main area of focus is to create products for traders that incorporate machine learning and allow people to automate their trading.

It utilizes the latest developments in the research and algorithmic trading spaces to optimize its StrategyQuant EA. Its team has several years of financial experience and incorporates this knowledge into its final product.

With hands-on customization delivered through clean coding, StrategyQuant X can easily be adapted to your trading requirements to produce new strategies and monitor market patterns. Keep reading this review to discover all the unique aspects that make this a superior trading bot.


  • ProVery easy to use
  • ProA lot of customization options
  • ProAccess to your respective bot’s source code
  • ProSupported by many popular trading platforms
  • ProThree different packages
  • ProA 14-day free trial


  • ConA bit more expensive than similar offerings

StrategyQuant trading strategyStrategyQuant trading strategy

The StrategyQuant EA software allows you to automate your trading and tweak your strategy and approach as you see fit. You are given the ability to create a unique trading bot for Forex trading.

This gives you a lot of different options, whether you want to create a completely new bot or use an existing framework for the StrategyQuant EA and adjust it as necessary to meet your trading rules.

This process is very quick and easy to do as there is no need to do any programming to utilize the software. All you need to do is drag and click on the platform to create an automated strategy. As of now, the main trading platforms that the StrategyQuant EA will be compatible with are MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Multicharts and TradeStation. This will cover most of the bases for people as these trading platforms are widely used by many top-rated forex brokers.

StrategyQuant works across several trading instruments including futures, crypto, equities, and currency pairs. Depending on your requirements and input, the software can analyze these markets for entry and exit conditions, order types, and price levels. When properly used, StrategyQuant can reduce trading errors, increase productivity, and otherwise improve your trading capabilities.

StrategyQuant backtesting dataStrategyQuant backtesting data

After you have created your desired StrategyQuant trading bot, either from scratch or by altering an existing model, you will then be able to completely backtest this automatic trading strategy by using the StrategyQuant robot software.

The backtesting environments are designed to match your trading platform of choice and can review thousands of strategies per hour. Coupled with other testing features such as overfitting options and analysis, StrategyQuant grants you the freedom to perfect your trading strategies through experimentation and alteration.

After doing so, you can judge the results and see what areas may need to be altered or changed to create even better results. You will be handed the source code for the specific StrategyQuant EA that you create also, which can be used by you as you please.

StrategyQuant plans and pricesStrategyQuant plans and prices

You can test out the StrategyQuant EA offering for free during an initial two-week trial. This allows you complete access to all the software’s features. You can also contact the support team via email or Skype if you have any issues during your trial period.

There is also a course available that teaches you how to start making trading bots quickly and easily. You can then decide if StrategyQuant is a good fit before committing to fully purchasing a package.

If you wish to proceed and purchase a package, there are a few different choices. The Starter package is the entry option and it will cost $1,290. This comes with lifetime access to the software and the ability to get updates and support for the first year.

The Professional package is the most popular option and it will cost you $1,490. You get the benefits of the Starter package, as well as other features such as additional data, advanced robustness testing and an optimizer.

The third and final option is called the ultimate package. This will cost you $2,900 and contains lifetime support and updates, as well as additional features such as educational videos and a lifetime data subscription. This is an ideal fit for traders who have a lot of experience.

For all three packages, you can pay the total price upfront or spread the cost over three months for a slightly higher total sum.

Who should use StrategyQuant?Who should use StrategyQuant?

Our StrategyQuant Robot Review team discovered that there are three different types of StrategyQuant EA packages. With these three options available there is something for traders of any level of experience. It is recommended that you have some experience with trading forex markets before you try to use trading bots, although StrategyQuant offers excellent educational tools to assist you in using their software.

The StrategyQuant platform is intuitive, but you still need some knowledge about how markets and trading strategies work when it comes time to optimize your trading bot. As you receive the source code for these bots, the StrategyQuant EA can be a good fit for people looking to start a forex bot service or those who engage in forex scalping.

StrategyQuant download and setupStrategyQuant download and setup

The StrategyQuant EA is extremely easy and straightforward when you get started. The platform is clean and easy to figure out. There is no need to worry about any form of coding, as the user interface is designed in a simplistic way that requires no previous coding experience to use. The system requirements for the latest version of the software, StrategyQuant X, is a 1.2 GHz process, 2 GB RAM, 500 MB of hard disk space, and any version of Windows from XP or higher.

StrategyQuant X provides you two different options to download the latest version of their software, an executable file or a ZIP archive. Simply open the executable file and follow the instructions on-screen or open the ZIP archive and move the files to a new folder to install. They also keep older versions of their software available for download, including one which is compatible with a 32-bit operating system.

If you have never tried to create such a trading bot before you should run into little to no issues as the program comes with a step by step walkthrough to create a demo strategy. This demo highlights the location of major labels and filters associated with creating successful trading strategies, as well as how to transfer your strategies to your platform of choice.

StrategyQuant X mobile compatibilityStrategyQuant X mobile compatibility

You will have mobile compatibility when using the StrategyQuant X forex robot with a supported trading platform. For example, brokers using MetaTrader 4 will usually provide a mobile app version of this platform on their website. Therefore, mobile compatibility will be fine as long as your chosen platform and broker also offers a mobile version. This will allow you to enjoy all the features of StrategyQuant on the go as if you were using the desktop version.

StrategyQuant – Our verdictStrategyQuant – Our verdict

Overall, the StrategyQuant robot is a great fit for any type of trader. There are plenty of different packages to choose from, each suiting different skill levels and requirements. You can have a lot of customizability over how you set up your trading bot, providing you with the freedom to pursue independent trading goals.

You can also easily share your strategies with other people and adjust them as needed. The software comes with ample testing environments and plugins which will make adapting your automated strategies a seamless process.

Sign up with StrategyQuant X to enjoy their two week-free trail and start making improvements on your trading strategies today.

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