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Brokers that offer FasaPay

In 2018, numerous electronic payment gateways are accepted as deposit methods for forex, including FasaPay. With so many e-wallets to choose from however, you may not be sure how to make your selection. What is FasaPay, and how does it fit into the big picture of online payment systems? Is it a good method to choose for forex?

In this article, we will explore the background and features of FasaPay in detail, and explain how you can use it to fund your forex account and make withdrawals. Let’s begin.

Information About FasaPay

The company which owns FasaPay is known as Fasa Centra Solutions Ltd. Its contact information, including a physical address, is located right on its website. The headquarters are in Singapore, and the business has been in operation since 2011. This transparency is fantastic; there are other e-wallet providers which are not so upfront about their operations.

FasaPay caters to both merchants and personal users and offers three tiers of features based on your account status: registered, active or verified. You can only perform a bank transfer to deposit funds or withdraw them from FasaPay if you are verified, so it is worth it to take time to take care of this right after you register. That way you can get right to using FasaPay.

Once you have joined the more than 340,000 members relying on FasaPay in 206 countries (as of the time of this writing), you will be able to use it as a payment gateway for online purchases and funds transfers. The site charges a low fee of 0.5% on transfers.

The majority of other services offered through the website are entirely free. Indeed, you can even deposit from your bank account without paying any site fees. Likewise, you can withdraw to a bank account for free as well (just remember that your bank may charge a fee).

Best forex brokers accepting Fasapay deposits

FXTM is a great choice for both new and experienced traders. This broker offers over 250 instruments, including currency pairs, commodities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. Beginner’s will benefit from FXTM’s range of demo accounts and easy registration process, whilst veteran traders will be impressed by the broker’s fair-trading fees, research tools and analysis. Clients can also rest assured they’re trading with a responsible and reputable broker, as FXTM boasts licenses from top-tier authorities such as CySEC and the UK’s FCA. Join FXTM today to trade with a high-quality broker.Read review ›



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Alpari is a quality STP/ECN broker with a long-standing reputation in the industry. Founded in 1998, Alpari now boasts over 2 million clients across the world. Serious traders flock to the broker thanks to their fair fees and extensive product portfolio. At Alpari, you can trade currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrencies. The broker supports both MT 4 and MT 5 too and offers a variety of account types. Paired with a streamlined registration process, this makes Alpari the perfect broker for all types of traders. Read review ›



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Choose to trade with AvaTrade, and you’ll be choosing an award-winning broker that serves over 300,000 clients. Regulated by 9 different authorities, including the CBI and ASIC, AvaTrade is one of the most reputable and secure brokers around. You can trade over 750 instruments in 8 asset classes. This includes currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The broker also boasts a great learning academy and a proprietary trading platform, making it suitable for all types of traders.Read review ›

HYCM is one of the oldest, and most respected, forex brokers around. As a part of Henyep Markets, this broker has over 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients worldwide. With HYCM you can trade over 300 instruments, enjoy spreads from as low as 0.2 pips and lightning-fast execution times. Available instruments include forex currency pairs, stocks, crypto, commodities, indices and ETFs. This broker also comes with licenses from the FCA and CySEC, you can trade in confidence with HYCM today.Read review ›



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As one of the leading CFD brokers in the industry, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there’s plenty of reasons to start trading with FP Markets. The broker offers three trading platforms and gives you access to over 10,000 assets (including cryptos, equities, futures, forex and stocks). FP Markets also provides tight spreads and low non-trading fees. It’s easy to see why this licensed broker comes highly recommended by our experts, so why not try it out today?Read review ›



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Pepperstone is an international forex broker, regulated by the FCA and ASIC. Boasting over 70,000 traders around the world, you can rest assured this is a reputable broker with great trading opportunities. With Pepperstone you can trade currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. You can also utilize three trading platforms (MT4, MT5 and cTrader), benefit from a generous demo account and improve your trading with educational materials. Read review ›



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HotForex, or HF Markets for EU traders, is an industry-leading forex broker that offers over 100 tradable assets. This includes currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, shares and indices. HotForex also comes complete with a license from the FCASVG, whilst HF Markets is supported by the UK’s FCA and CySEC. All of this adds up to a broker you can trust, and that’s suitable for all different types of traders. If you’re in the EU, trade safely with HF Markets now, or visit HotForex if you’re elsewhere.Read review ›

What Is a FasaPay Broker?

Simply put, a FasaPay broker is a forex trading website which allows you to deposit or withdraw funds through FasaPay. It is quite popular among traders, so there are plenty of brokers which offer it. This means you have a lot of options for where to trade if you decide to use this payment method.

How does it work? Let’s say you wanted to make a deposit. Head to the deposit section of the trading site. There, pick FasaPay as your deposit method. Then put in the amount of money you want to transfer and fill in any additional details the site asks for. You should be sent to your FasaPay account to complete the transaction.

What about when you have won a few trades and it is time to withdraw? Once again, navigate to the banking page. Pick FasaPay as your withdrawal method and provide the relevant account information needed for the site to transfer the funds.

It is important to know that forex sites sometimes require you to withdraw using the method you picked to deposit. Find out whether that is the case with the broker you plan to choose. If it is, make sure you are okay with that in advance.

If that is the setup you are working with, it does mean you have less freedom, but it also tends to streamline your withdrawal process since the site already knows to transfer out to the same account.

FasaPay transfers generally process pretty quickly. In most cases, they should be practically instant. There may be times when there are delays, but if so, you likely should still see your transfer complete inside of a business day.

Why Would You Use a FasaPay Broker?

Why pick FasaPay instead of another deposit method for forex? There are a few key benefits. The first is speed; FasaPay transfers are quite rapid, as just discussed, so you should not need to wait long for your deposit or withdrawal to process.

The next reason is cost-effectiveness. Transfers through this service are affordable, especially if the broker you are using does not tack on added fees.

Privacy and security are additional good reasons to consider this e-wallet. Using a payment gateway allows you to keep your banking details to yourself. FasaPay protects your personal and financial information using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer SSL encryption. The site also employs a dedicated inspection team to manually monitor the system and ensure that it remains fraud-free.

Finally, a gateway like FasaPay is convenient and easy-to-use, not just for forex, but for many of your other online payment transactions as well. Over the years since its inception, this site has gained a reputation for reliability, and has continued to grow in usage among forex traders and other users.

It is also noteworthy that this e-wallet has an interesting referral scheme. If you successfully refer someone to the site, you can receive 10% of their future transfer fees. Although it would likely take some time for this to build up in your account, it might eventually end up paying you more than a one-time referral bonus. This makes for nice opportunity to earn some additional money.

How to Pick a Good FasaPay Broker

As you probably have guessed already, not all FasaPay brokers offer equal quality. In fact, finding a broker which accepts your preferred deposit method should be only one of your criteria for selecting a site for your FX trading.

The best FasaPay brokers will not hit you with additional fees (or if they do, they will not be exorbitant) for depositing or withdrawing using this method. They will handle their end of the processing quickly so that you can enjoy the full benefit of rapid FasaPay transfers.

That is not all you need to consider, however. Equally important is to investigate the other features and tools available to assist you in your trading, as well as the terms which govern the use of the site.

Solid customer service is also of the essence. What if you run into a snag with a transfer? FasaPay’s own customer support team may be able to help you out in many situations, but there may be times when you need to turn to customer service from the trading site itself. When that happens, you want to rest assured knowing that you are dealing with a team that is going to come through for you.


You are now more acquainted with FasaPay. You know what company owns the website, and you are more familiar with the history and background of the service. You know a bit about the fee structure and features, and you are aware of the verification process as well as the security measures taken by the site to protect its customers.

Is FasaPay the best deposit option offered to forex traders? Judging by the transparency of the site, its low fees and its fast transfer times, it probably is one of the better e-wallets which you can use with a forex trading account. It is not the only option out there as there are some other e-wallets which can easily compete.

Before you decide to use FasaPay as your FX deposit method, you should take a look around the website, and consider contacting customer service and asking a few questions. This will help you decide whether it is the right online payment gateway for your needs. If you do decide to sign up, you will find that there are many high-quality brokers which offer it as a method for deposits and withdrawals.

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