EasyMarkets Web Platform – Is it Better Than Mobile?

Alan Penny

25 June 2021

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EasyMarkets web platform is a simple and easy solution for traders, as the broker offers a versatile and user-friendly environment to its customers. Being one of the best brokers in the FX industry, EasyMarkets is known for its innovations, features, and tools that are directly oriented on improving customers’ overall experience and simplifying the trading process.

From financial calendar to trading signals every feature that EasyMarkets offers to clients is available on the web platform. It is very important for these details to be of the highest quality.

The benefits that you get from the web platform are numerous. First of all, you get easyMarkets free guaranteed stop loss, no slippage, fixed spreads, and no funding or withdrawal fees. These features are really interesting, especially for experienced traders. At the same time, EasyMarkets is a trustworthy and reliable broker meaning that the services it offers have no problems with functionality.

What Does EasyMarkets Web Platform Look Like?

As we have noted above, EasyMarkets web platform is simple, versatile, attractive, and absent of useless features. The latter is particularly important for the web platform because a lot of brokers have details that have no point and traders have problems regarding navigation. Because of that, the platform should be minimalistic, providing the best user experience – especially in trading, when small details can change everything and impact the overall process.

Like the EasyMarkets mobile trading app, the web platform is also designed mostly in white, green, and blue colors. These are the colors that are not too tiring and you can have a look at every detail with the help of nice visuals.

The platform has been in the industry since 2001 so it is not a surprising fact that the developers have cared a lot about the web platform’s structure. With time, everything updates regularly and there are even more additions.

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EasyMarkets Trading Features

The abundance of features for any web platform is instrumental to the success of trading. Without decent features and possibilities, even veteran traders might have problems, let alone beginners. Because of that EasyMarket web platform is a powerful space, where, with the help of various tools and features you are guaranteed to discover some of the best innovations. For example market information is easily available on the web platform in addition to trading charts, trading signals, and financial calendars. Basically, everything that you are going to see on a mobile app will be available on a web platform as well.

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Available Leverage

Before we move to leverage on EasyMarkets, first we should note that there are 3 types of accounts that the users can create on the website: VIP, Premium, and Standard. Each of them has its own characteristics and features. We should note that the maximum leverage available on EasyMarkets broker is 1:400, but it goes on MT4 platforms. Both web and mobile apps have leverage of 1:200 for these 3 accounts. This is a rate that mostly suits beginner traders, but even the experienced ones can receive some benefits from such leverage.


Talking about the spread on every Forex broker’s website this is a commission fee that the latter takes from traders. We should point out that spreads are variable for accounts depending on the currency pairs. The same logic as we have mentioned regarding leverage works here. Fixed spreads for web platforms start from 1.2 pips. If in GBP/USD pair it is 1.7 with USD/JPY it is 1.5.


The web platform allows you to trade with a bunch of assets including CFDs, cryptos, Forex, indices. Depending on the type of asset, each of them has its pros and cons. Traders have different preferences as well, so it should be noted that at some point one asset could be better for trading than the other one. Because of that diversity is essential to have more room for maneuvering.

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Pros & Cons of EasyMarkets Web Platform

EasyMarkets web platform is a unique platform that helps both experienced and rookie traders in the process. We have mostly talked about the advantages of EasyMarkets and what it has to offer the clients, but of course, there are some cons as well. We will review each of them thoroughly, as it is a way to find out more details about the broker and its platform.


EasyMarkets web platform has numerous pros, in addition to the simplicity and design, it provides to traders. Various features and tools only make the trading process easier and interesting. Some of the major pros of the EasyMarkets web platform are deal cancellation, inside the viewer, and freeze rate. Let’s find out more about them.

Deal Cancellation

Everybody makes a mistake and even though mistakes in trading could cost you some money, still everything is fixable. You make a mistake in a web platform deal cancellation will be here to assist you. You can actually undo the mistake. In general, EasyMarkets is the only broker that guarantees the insurance of your trader for an hour for a small fee. Undoing a particular trade will help you reclaim the losses.

Inside Viewer

Forex trading is not only about yourself – quite often it is necessary to observe more experienced people and learn from them – what they are making and how you can improve. This unique tool actually demonstrates how many percent of traders are involved in buying and selling and you get a more comprehensive insight into market sentiments.

Freeze Rate

Freeze rate, as the word itself suggests, is created to freeze a particular trade at a rate and place a trade to that frozen rate. Markets move constantly – they do not stay in one place. With this tool, you can pause a rate and trade at that specific rate – no more or less, which in its nature is pretty interesting and profitable.

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We have already talked about the majority of advantages EasyMarkets offers to traders. However, there are some cons which we should emphasize and technically they are not that severe at the first glance. Some of them are the absence of cent accounts and Forex calculators.

No cent account

Cent accounts are designed for people who are just making their first steps in the Forex industry. As the word “cent” itself suggests, it is oriented towards people who are trading with a low amount of money. Even though the broker has 3 types of accounts, the cent account is absent from the list.

No Forex calculators

Forex calculator is a tool that provides you with the necessary features to develop risk management skills for Forex traders. Position sizing is pivotal to managing risks in Forex trading. The absence of Forex calculators in the web platform is noteworthy and this is another con of the broker.

FAQ on EasyMarkets Web Platform

Is EasyMarkets Web better than MT4?

No, MT4 is better in every way than the web platform. First of all, MetaTrader 4 is a tool created specifically for trading and there are even more features and specifications that will improve your trading process. That does not mean, though, that the web platform is not usable. Both of them have their own places in trading.

What Makes EasyMarkets Web easy?

Simplicity, decent user experience, and the absence of useless features are what make EasyMarkets’ web platform easy to use and get enjoyment from trading. The platform has everything you need, clearly explained and stated so even the ones with zero experience will start trading easily.

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