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Price Market review

22 July 2020

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Price Markets is an independant broker, offering foreign exchange and CFD trading services for both retail and institutional clients located all over the world. Its registered address is Cannon Street, London, and Price Markets Prime Brokerage is the trading name of Velocity Trade International (VTI). Launched in 2013, it is licensed and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). It is also regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. It has offices in a number of major cities, including Montreal, Toronto, New York, Sydney, Auckland and Cape Town. In 2014, Price Markets won a prestigious award by International Finance Magazine. It was recognised with the Best New Prime of Prime Broker Award. This award is given to global FX brokers and banks, who stand out in terms of net profitability, market share and contributions to the industry.


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Forex ECN, gold, oil, and indices

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A great range of trading platforms offered by Price Markets

Through the MT4 ECN trading model, retail traders can trade in over 300 global markets, including Forex ECN, gold, oil, and indices. Trading fees are transparent and start as low as $1 per contract (100k). This account is designed only for professional traders and institutions or white labels. For those of you wondering what White Labels are let’s give you an explanation. A white label broker is just a little different than a traditional broker, in that they sell another company’s product or services, acting as an affiliate in order to make profit. This can be done by using a profit sharing model or by charging a hefty commission. So the MT4 ECN trading platform is designed with this type of service provider in mind. Price Markets also runs a number of other trading platforms including:
Liquid X – This is a platform specially for large order execution, particularly for FX Spot and precious metals
Currenex ECN – Again this is more for the advanced type of trader for FX Spot, FX Forwards, FX Swaps, and precious metals
Integral FX – A direct market access system for FX trading and available with a Prime Brokerage account
Hotspot FX ECN – A limit order-driven ECN platform providing full market transparency and a blend of Tier 1,2, and 3 bank and non-bank market makers
ICAP EBS – One of the world’s premier interdealer brokers with an average daily transaction volume of more than $2.3 trillion
Although Price Markets seems to aim its services more at institutional customers, retail clients are able to trade Forex by opening a trading account. And as many of the readers of our reviews are ordinary retail traders we’ll take a look at what’s on offer if you decide to open a trading account.

Opening a trading account with Price Markets

pricemarkets homeOpening a trading account with Price Markets is pretty straight forward as it is done using the MT4 trading platform, which is a very popular platform. It can be used to trade more than 300 global markets. Spreads start as low as 0 pips/gold 10 cents/UK100 0.4 points/DE30 (German) 0.6 points. Standard leverage is 100/200:1, but can be as much as 400:1, or at a level requested. Trades can be as little as 1 micro lot (1,000 units or 0.01 lot). The minimum deposit is $500USD/EUR/GBP. Deposits and withdrawals can be made using the usual methods including credit and debit cards, and a number of other local payment methods, and there are no unwelcome fees. Automated trading robots are more than welcome, but ‘sniping’ or ‘price picking’ are not tolerated. Price Markets is a market maker, and as such will act as the counterparty for all transactions. For those who prefer to trade using a mobile device there is no problem, as there are apps available via the app store, or Google play.

Trading products

pricemarkets trading

  • Commodities – Gold, silver, coffee, cotton, oil, sugar and many more
  • Stocks – Blue-chip stocks from 11 different countries including UK, USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Indices – European, Asian, and US stock indices
  • ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) – Barclays, MSCL, Developed and Emerging Markets
  • Bonds – European and Japanese Bonds, Liquid US

There is free VPS for active traders, which are those with a turnaround of more than 10 standard lots per calendar month. And we shouldn’t forget to mention PAMM for money managers which allows you to manage clients accounts across 600 global markets, all from one account.
It seems that Price Markets are more than happy for new clients to get in touch and ask their questions. There is a telephone number, and email address, as well as a contact form that is simple to complete.
While Price Markets may be a prime brokerage firm there is still a lot to offer the retail trader. Why not try out a demo account first? And if you like what you find then you can start trading with real money.
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