What is myHF Area and What Does it Do?

Alan Penny

31 May 2021

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myHF area

What is myHF Area and What Does it Do?

myHF area is a unique solution and a virtual gateway offered by HotForex broker. This is the feature that differentiates the broker from its competitors. With this unique area, everything is united under one environment which is highly protected and provides all kinds of services to traders.

The main features that myHF area provides its clients include: checking the balance on your account, getting rewards, access to financial transaction history, viewing educational material, discovering useful information and statistics on your trading accounts. It also supports desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

In every way, HotForex broker is perfect for those who are looking for ideal conditions alongside decent services. myHF area makes everything simpler for traders. You can enhance your trading and stay up to date with exclusive tools. Everything that the broker offers is reliable and trustworthy and HotForex itself is a licensed and regulated company.

What Does myHF Area Look Like?

myHF Area is designed in a way that will make every customer feel special. The developers of this feature paid a lot of attention not only to the visual side but also to the user experience of traders. As soon as you open the area a broad array of possibilities will open in front of you – from economic calendars to different tools – everything is present on the website. Basically, every single feature is united under one environment and accessing everything is way simpler than you might imagine.

What’s even more interesting is that the area is fully secured meaning that you do not need to care about your privacy and safety. HotForex broker is known for providing high-quality services in every aspect and myHF area is one of the main proofs of that.

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Tools You Get From myHF Area

What makes myHF area so special is the possibility of accessing different tools from this feature. There are a handful of tools you can get from HotForex’s unique possibilities, some of which are economic calendar, VPS hosting, and Autochartist tool. Of course, it is only a limited list of the opportunities and advantages that myHF Area offers to its clients. Every person – does not matter rookie or experienced one – can feel various advantages.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is a practical tool that provides up-to-date information on upcoming events in the financial sector. Data from the Economic News Calendar helps a trader to study the situation in the Forex market and build his or her trading plans on this basis. Economic Calendar contains all significant events in the economic sphere: new company reports, price indices, and financial indicators, the latest inflation and unemployment figures, dates and times of speeches by the heads of the leading departments of the financial industry, as well as other important information that will be useful to a trader when working on Forex.

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a modern hosting technology that combines the power of a dedicated server with flexibility and ease of management. The closest analog of a VPS is a standard dedicated server located at the hosting provider’s technological site and connected to the Ethernet switch port. As part of the VPS tariff, the user is provided with a virtual dedicated server located on a separate physical machine, there is access to the system at the root level, which provides the ability to install any programs and change the server settings.

Autochartist Tool

Autochartist is a trading assistant that scans online trading information and alerts you to trading opportunities. This is not a trading system, but a program that systematically notifies you about the possibility of making a deal.

Autochartist also sends you trading signals every 15 minutes. You can use these signals to analyze the market cycle. Autochartist will notify you of further pattern formation. These signals are called re-alerts (continuing alerts). If the formation of the pattern is no longer confirmed by the program, no further signals will be sent. In every way, the Autochartist tool is extremely useful for traders and myHF Area provides this brilliant opportunity for traders.

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Pros & Cons of myHF Area

When we are talking about myHF offered by HotForex broker there are certain advantages and disadvantages that we should take into consideration in order to have more comprehensive insight into the account. Below we will discuss some pros and cons of myHF Area.


Of course, we decided to review myHF Area because of its advantages. The feature offers a wide variety of options that will delight every trader especially the ones who are making their first steps in the FX industry. These advantages include Automated Deposits/Withdrawals, Contests, and Bonuses, Educational materials.

Automated Deposits/Withdrawals

With myHF you can perform fully automated, instant deposits and withdrawals. This is a really useful feature. Some traders do not want to spend time making deposits and withdrawals by themselves. The automatization of different processes helps traders to direct their time on something more specific that will be advantageous during trading.

Contests and Bonuses

Not only can you have access to different types of features, but there is also an opportunity to take part in different promotions. You can basically get rewards from the selection of Trading Contests and running Bonus programs. Bonuses and contests are something that a slew of traders are exploring deeply and myHF Area has this feature available.

Educational Material

The success in Forex trading is directly proportional to education. If you want to earn a lot of money and succeed in trading, reading different material and tutorials is essential and pivotal for long-term success. With myHF Area you can easily access educational material and check the events.

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There is no something in life that only has positive sides. Everything even though it might be perfect and flawless has certain weaknesses. myHF Area is no exception. The environment, while having numerous pros, comes with certain disadvantages as well which we will review below. There are not too many, but still, it is necessary to consider them.

Loading Time

This one is particularly visible on mobile devices. While desktop computers and laptops have no problems with loading the feature, some mobile phones can struggle with the application and basically cause problems – especially if you are using older phones. Therefore it is a good idea to use newer models of mobile phones to get the best possible experience with myHF Area.

FAQ on myHF Area

Who is myHF Area designed for?

myHF area is designed for both new and experienced traders. However, the latter will find more benefits in this feature, as they have more experience in this field and will have a deeper insight into the details that myHF Area offers to the clients. The developers have put a lot of energy into making the app what it is.

What’s the minimum deposit for myHF Area?

The minimum deposit for myHF Area is $5. However, keep in mind that there are different types of accounts available on the website and each of them has various requirements for opening the account. There could be a minimum deposit of $250 or less. Hence, it is advisable to check the details beforehand.

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