FXTM ECN Accounts

According to our FXTM ECN Account review, Each of FXTM’s live trading accounts has its own set of terms and conditions, which are customized to various types of traders based on their specific requirements, investment objectives, and financial context. We’re sure you’ll find an account that fits you, regardless of your level of expertise or business preferences.

They have demo accounts in Standard, Cent, ECN, and ECN Zero formats, which are ideal for experimenting with various tactics and practicing under real market conditions. These demo accounts are sponsored with virtual money, allowing you to practice your skills without risking any of your own money.

What is ECN

FXTM ECN Account can be a confusing title at first but in reality, it’s quite simple as it is an abbreviation for electronic communication networks. A digital interface that connects buyers and sellers in the financial markets who want to exchange securities. ECNs enable brokerages and investors in various geographic areas to trade without the involvement of a third party, providing investors with privacy.

Is it easier to use ECN or STP? In liquid market environments, ECN accounts can deliver tighter spreads and a lower average cost of trading, but STP brokers can offer equal ease and cost of execution without the drawback of a dealing desk.

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FXTM ECN Account Features

A broker can only be as good as the services and products it provides. With the FXTM ECN account features, there’s much to be discussed. Like the unlimited number of orders, one can make and certain minimal depositing amounts. It’s noteworthy to mention the fact that the step lot for all ECN accounts is the same with it being 0.01

Stocks Account

With the FXTM Stocks account, you can buy, sell, and keep stocks from major international companies. With no commission costs and no dealing fees, you can diversify your portfolio by investing in the stock market. One can get the most out of one’s savings, with the Stocks account because they also provide a real-time trade execution.

Choose to trade as little as one share or construct an entire stock portfolio on popular and top-rated trading platforms like FXTM ECN MT4 and MetaTrader, with a minimum deposit of just a hundred US dollars. The number of orders is unlimited. However, in regards to pending orders, there is a certain amount that one can’t overstep which is 50.

 ECN Account

A lot of traders are interested in maximizing their profits. The best bid and ask rates are possible. Prices are instantly consolidated, resulting in smooth execution.

During periods of strong market uncertainty, the ECN offers deep liquidity from various suppliers, resulting in very low spreads. Full transparency is ensured because the broker links the orders directly to other market participants, preventing price manipulation. All FXTM ECN account users have access to the same feed, and all have access to price history.

There are no re-quotes and No Dealing Desk technology, which can harm your trading results. Without the aid of traders, the trader deals directly with the interbank market. It’s noteworthy to mention the fact that with this account type Trading can be done outside of regular market hours. The commission is two dollars per lot.

ECN Zero Account

One can reap all the benefits of a traditional ECN account with no commission when it comes to an FXTM ECN zero account. A demo version of this account type is available which allows the traders to strategize beforehand and see the possible outcomes of their trading philosophy and methodology.

  • Trading Platforms FXTM ECN MT4 and MT5
  • Stop Out 50%
  • Swap-Free MT4: MT5:
  • There are no Limits & Stop Levels

The margin call for this account type is 80% and the stop out is 50%. The minimum volume is 0.01 if we measure it in a lot per trade system. The maximum amount of volume in lots per trade is 100. The number of orders is unlimited. As for pending orders the maximum amount is 300. The currencies one can use with this account are USD, GBP, EUR, and NGN.

FXTM Pro Account

Trading executives, retail traders, and hedge fund managers will benefit from the FXTM ECN Pro account, which is made to fit their needs and desires. You will get the most out of your plan if you have the best trading conditions. There will be no requotes, compromises, or table-accordion committees.

The leverage ratio for this type of account is not fixed. It is in a floating position between 1:200 to 1:25. There is no limit on the amount of money you can deposit, however, there is a minimum depositing amount which is $25,000. There are no commissions with the FXTM Pro account. The spreads start from zero. The margin call is 80% and the stop out is 50%. You can use this account without interest rate if you decide to use FXTM ECN MT4, the same benefit is not available for MT5 users. The maximum volume in lots per trade is 0.01. The maximum amount is 250. The number of orders is unlimited and for pending orders, one can’t make any more than 300 orders.

Professional traders would profit from the deep liquidity FXTM provides directly from their top-notch suppliers, which includes spreads as low as 0 pips, no last look pricing with no requotes, and the freedom to use any trading strategy one likes.

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ECN Compared to Standard Accounts

A standard account is one with a fixed distribution as a general rule. Any place you enter has a counterparty, who is the broker. Although a spread of two pips on the EUR/USD pair is usually more costly than an ECN, it can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to news events.

There are key differences between FXTM ECN and ECN Zero. The disadvantage is that if you are a regular trader, you can end up paying an additional 1.5 pips per deal. People are unconcerned about the cost of execution, which can be fatal in the long run if not avoided. However, if you are more likely to have a spot on for a few days or weeks, neither option would make much of a difference at this stage because there isn’t a lot of money at stake.

A true ECN account matches orders and executes them as required, charging only commission and no premium on the raw spread, while a standard account is typically handled by a market-making broker who artificially charges a premium spread to benefit from execution.

A true FXTM ECN account is a pure order-matching execution scheme in which the account provider charges a premium as a fee per trade rather than artificially inflating the raw spread that occurs naturally during the order-matching process.

Is FXTM ECN Accounts Worth It?

Investing in an FXTM ECN account is worth your time and capital as it offers a multitude of benefits. FXTM ECN accounts are great because they offer efficiency and functionality.

To answer this question, consider how much a fixed spread costs about what a floating spread with the commission would cost.

To better grasp the concept let’s discuss an example of a hypothetical situation in our FXTM ECN Account review, where one has a fixed spread. A ten thousand unit exchange on the USD/GBP would cost you one dollar per pip. If the spread is always 2 pips it will always cost you two dollars to open and close your position. A variable spread without a commission can be a possibility. With brokers who have the setups on STP processors. The discussed variable spread that doesn’t have any commission in this scenario could go as low as one pip on some distinct currency pairs. But we do have to take into consideration the low liquidity period when the spread could jump higher. Multiple other social-economical factors can also play a huge role while you may be using an FXTM ECN Account.

What we are trying to show you is that the trading experience must figure out how much the spread will cost you while processing the trade.

In contrast, a fee for each trade will save you a lot of money on the spread, but it also adds to the cost.

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  1. What is an FXTM ECN Account? 
    ECN is an abbreviation of “Electronic Communication Network.” Traders may use interbank trading rates to gain direct access to other market participants. Market makers’ orders are essentially published by the system to third parties and individual traders.
    1. What is the FXTM ECN Zero account? 
      FXTM ECN zero account pretty much has the same qualities and benefits as the regular ECN account but few minuscule differences can be quite important to certain types of traders. The diversity of options is one of the key advantages of this brokerage. The big distinction is the fact that the spread is much higher with it being 1.5 and there are no commissions.
      1. How can I open ECN Account?
        You would open an ECN account as you would with any other account type on any other site. Firstly you need to go through the signup process and then select the account type that is most suitable for you. After doing so you can make your first deposit and start your trading experience.


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