US Unemployment Claims Come in as Expected

Alan Penny

2 January 2020

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During the early hours Thursday, the Americans released the Unemployment Claims figure for the week. This is a bit of a sneak peek as to where the jobs figure could land going forward. While a much anticipated figure, it comes out weekly so there is a lot of noise with this figure. It has been extraordinarily stable as of late, and that is good for the United States. It gives investors the ability to see a bit of certainty in a world that hasn’t exactly shown a lot of it during the last couple of years.

The announcement

The Unemployment Claims for the previous week was 222,000 as anticipated. The previous week was not revised and came out with the same figure. This is extraordinarily stable and shows that the employment situation in the United States is as stable as it can be. The fewer people who apply for unemployment insurance, the better off the economy is going to be. It shows just how many jobs are available for Americans. This suggests that the economy is humming right along and that it is going to continue to drive money into the United States.

This suggests that the economy is humming right along and that it is going to continue to drive money into the United States

The Non-Farm Payroll figures come out next Friday, due to the holidays. This is the closest thing to an employment figure that people can trade on. It should show that things are still going fairly well in the USA. This has a major knock-on effect as well, as the consumer is the biggest part of the United States economy. It is very likely that people will look at the idea of employed Americans as being able to consume. Therefore this should drive up the value of assets in the United States itself.

The gist of the announcement

The main gist of the announcement is that all things are going straight along the lines for the the United States. This should add more fuel to the fire when it comes to the stock markets gaining over the longer term. However, the US dollar has softened a bit. It is at extreme highs so it’s hard to predict the continuation of the situation.

This should continue to work in favor of the US, right along with the weakness in places like the European Union.

Keep an eye on this figure as some of the recent economic figures coming out the United States show it being a bit soft as of late. The “Phase 1 deal” between the United States and China should be signed in the next couple of weeks. This could also help with employment. The main question in America isn’t so much as whether or not there are enough jobs, but whether or not there are enough people to fill those jobs.

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