What is XM TV and Should You Watch It?

Alan Penny

31 May 2021

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XM TV features

What is XM TV and Should You Watch It?

XM TV is the name of an educational platform that XM forex broker has created in order to give information about different aspects of trading. Educational initiatives are popular among any sufficient and respecting brokerage firms however XM Forex broker has taken this to a whole new level. The content on XM TV is more than just a compilation of articles and videos, it’s a fully immersive learning experience provided by a regulated broker firm with years of experience in the industry.

XM Forex Broker is owned and operated by XM Global Limited and Financial Instruments Limited. The site has multiple qualifications. The firm is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Both companies are members of the Trading Point Group which is a very trustworthy international financial institution. It was founded in 2009 and has made an impact over the last decade by venturing into uncharted territory, they have always been at the forefront of change and innovation.


XM TV vs Other FX Education

XM TV is mostly designed to educate traders about more complex trading strategies and tools compared to a more beginner’s type of courses that can be found anywhere else. Many scam brokers use the term educational material very vaguely and use it as a false signifier of legitimacy by providing the bare minimum. This is not the case for XM TV. Not only it is multifunctional but also incredibly accessible as the forex broker actively uses all media channels. They have utilized the power of the digital world. Every course is also available on their verified youtube channel that has garnered over 46 million views since its creation.

The available video courses on the site are always about specific topics. However, there are Lecturers that simply talk about the newest trends in the trading world. New strategies and how to apply them. It’s important to be up to date on these topics as the industry is incredibly fast-paced and the trading landscape is constantly changing and shifting. In times like these, information is crucial.

When it comes to uploading frequency, it seems that XM TV is constantly being updated. Around 2-3 videos every single day.

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What You Will Learn on XM TV

The content on the XM TV site and their additional media channels are practically endless. The educational initiative was started in 2013 so there’s an extensive library of videos available that are on a multiplicity of topics. To demonstrate this we will give you the names of the news video titles as a form of an example. The news video on the platform tackles the matter of inflation fears, where Maria Pashiardes discusses and debunks different myths and connotations about this very topic. It’s important to emphasize that this type of video is common on the site and is incredibly helpful and informative.

There are three distinct categories on the XM TV platform that one can filter the available content with. In this regard, there is much diversity among the topics.

  • Forex news
  • Technical analysis
  • Forex outlook

News Analysis

XM provides daily updates on market movements in the FX market and analyzes them for potential trade positions for their traders. This is a great way to keep the trader engaged and informed about various news sources, specifically about their legitimacy. The way XM TV approaches the process of delivering the news is a breath of fresh air. They have hired some of the most qualified specialists with experiences in both financial and journalistic pursuits. Being up to date on news on a daily basis is important in any industry let alone one concerning finance.

Technical Analysis

Instead of just explaining how different tools work, XM TV mostly focuses on using those tools on real-time data and coming up with a trading strategy. Such type of content is also added every day. This is a distinct category that is present on every media channel of the platform. The term technical analysis refers to a discipline within the trading community that is aimed to provide price trends and patterns on charts that can be used to test investments and recognise trading opportunities.

Identifying short, medium, and long-term patterns, pinpointing possible potential problem areas where integration indicates that supply and demand were equally balanced in the past, and estimating price targets are all part of price chart analysis.The use of desktop chart reading software significantly improves chart reading success.The use of statistical analysis to construct oscillating indicators that display. Overbought/oversold conditions, momentum speed and direction, and the comparing one item’s output to that of another or to that of the market

One of the many benefits of technical analysis is that’s it’s methods can be applied almost indistinguishably in any industry, regardless of location. Currency, commodities, shares, interest rates, and equities can all be analyzed using the same methods. They are equally successful in Japan and Europe, as well as in developed and emerging markets.

The only barriers to a universal implementation of strategies and processes are data availability and reliability. Business success, on the other hand, has a more nefarious stumbling block to tackle. Despite all of the knowledge provided by price time series analysis, crowd behavior, as seen in panics and periods of exhilaration, can distort not only expectations of a fair value for marketplaces, but also fair price levels.

Both types of research depend heavily on historical data, so when market hysteria occurs, normal assumptions based on past events can be thrown off. Even worse, when it comes to making investment decisions, personal mental and emotional weakness is a problem. The study of mass and personal market behaviour and management is a branch of data analysis, though there are signs of poaching from numerical analysts in this field, as with so much of technical analysis’ methodology.

Forex Outlook

Every week, XM sums up the market’s performance and sets expectations for the week ahead. By watching this, traders can learn how experts base their assumptions. This is a great way to see what strides have been made in the industry and really compare the intricacies of the forex trading environment. This type of forecast is very popular among the viewers of the channel and videos. Regte are many interesting weekly updates. There’s even a specific playlist made for this interesting category that encompasses over 200 different videos on variety of topics like currency indexes , rising volatility and many more.

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Pros & Cons of XM TV

No initiative is without its faults. We think that an interesting precedent has a place in the industry as the videos on Xm TV are frequently updated and have a cross demographic appeal to it. We have yet to see a platform so knowledgeable and willing to share their information to the world as much as XM TV has over the course of eight years.


The pros of the system include some interesting things that one has gotten wrong in the past. Knowledge is power and this is evident in the advantages that this platform provides for its consumers. We can wholeheartedly say that there are many pros that the educational initiative has , there’s really nothing on this scale that can compare to what XM TV has managed to do within its existence.

Archive of Videos

Information can last a lifetime and the same can be said about the video archive of the p;latform the XM TV youtube channel has 50,000 subscribers and has garnered over 46 million views, Clearly they have made a substantial impact. The channel was made in 2013, we have already discussed the fact that XM TV is very consistent when it comes to content manufacturing. Therefore there’s thousands of videos on virtually every topic one can think of.

A playlist

A distinctive feature of the XM youtube channel is the great thematic playlist that is made by XM TV. These playlist can range from news to analytical videos and many more. There are additional types of videos available on the site , like the TV appearances that success;lful traders make. This is a great way to celebrate the thematic diversity that is present on the platform.


We have already discussed the top three categories by which the available content on XM TV is organized. Additionally there are many tutorial videos once you visit the site. This is a relatively new initiative on the platform and they are incredibly helpful. For a novice trader using the trading software can be a challenge and this is why these types of videos are important and very popular among the consumers.


We have discussed many aspects of the XM TV platform. We have come to a conclusion that the educational initiative of the platform is a success however it is not a story of instant gratification and fame among the traders. Slowly but surely the platform has become somewhat reputable and it is definitely one of the most informative and trustworthy platforms around. However we do think that small details are important to and can be improved upon.

Minimalistic Design

We think that the site has a great layout and is very functional but when one gets to the XM TV section of the platform all of those characteristics are no longer true about the site, In fact this section of the platform is too minimalistic in its design and acts as a glorified hyperlink to the impeccable youtube channel where all of the video content is stored. We think more written content on the actual XM site can be just as beneficial to the consumer.

Captions For Videos

When diving through the plethora of videos on the channel qwe have discovered the fact that many of the older videos don’t have captions which can be quite crucial for some traders. Imagine finding the perfect source of information via video on the archive of the XM TV channel and then you find out that the video doesn’t have a caption which you need to understand the video , as XM is an international brand. Clearly this is a disadvantage for some people and a small problem that can be easily solved.

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Is XM TV broadcast live?

No , XM TV does not broadcast live even though youtube does have that option. The name is a novelty in reality. The actual video content on the site is incredibly scripted, researched and planned.

Who are the lecturers on XM TV?

Peter McGuire is one of the lecturers in the in demand series available on the site titled “TV appearances”. He often makes appearances on the channel and is a fan favourite. There are 538 videos where Peter discusses many different topics.

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